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  1. The Italians had a good anti-aircraft gun, the 90/53 HA-AA gun, which was mounted on a truck and could serve as an interesting collector AA vehicle. Personally I would like to see a British Z-rocket AA weapon, but I don't think it was self-propelled. If someone can find a British 1942 Self propelled AA gun, I would be very happy
  2. Yeah, the 88mm is one of the few things that can knock out a Valentine, the Panzer 4 F2's 75mm gun could too. Luckily it can only hit an AT gun with Solid Shot AP or ACNR so in a the gun is somewhat safe. Of course every other tank can fire HE and sometimes canister shot, so an AT gun can still be hit hard. Personally I would like to see someone tank down a plane with Canister rounds.
  3. The only reason I can think of for the survival of the tank is if it hit in the rear of the tank and the engine absorbs the shrapnel or if it over-penetrates the turret but with all the shots, a good number wouldn't do that.
  4. I wish we were able to watch a replay of the shell penetration a certain time after you leave the server in order to see what happened with the rounds, it would help to work out bugs with the pen mechanics. I like that it's vague in battle, but I would also like to see how you got killed.
  5. It does, but a Panzer 4 can pen almost anything on the allied lineup, so retreating is beneficial once in a while, and besides, you always want the first shot. Those 88mm saved the axis in those first years, the war could have gone much differently if they hadn't developed a AP shell for it.
  6. True, a built up area would have to have lots of destructible objects, so North Africa would be better for air support. The North African Deserts would make it easier for AT guns and aircraft to find and shoot you, but it would be easier on graphics cards and servers, and there is no problems with invisible trees. I do hope they figure out how to model launching smoke though, because there is little natural cover in North Africa.
  7. I like your post, and it should be checked out, but this is the wrong way to fix it. 5 HE shells to the side or front armor wouldn't hurt it to badly, but those are solid, direct hits. 5 AP rounds in the same place wouldn't do a whole lot, but it would insta-kill a Sherman with this suggestion. Overall, the ballistic modeling should be looked at, but it should not be fixed like this.
  8. Not really, there is a good amount of activity. It's a good sim, I enjoy it a lot.
  9. If it was real, maybe. I don't know a lot about the AFVs on Malta, and while the close island confines might make for an interesting conflict, I don't know how the Germans would put AFVs on Malta, I would assume that an invasion of Malta would consist of a Naval Invasion (Possibly covered by the Italian navy) and paratroopers, but I know that the British would fight tooth and nail to defend the island. It would be an interesting naval battle, but who knows what would be the end result. It would be an interesting idea for a Ju-52 campaign, doing resupply missions for Afrika Corps, dropping para
  10. I think a lot of people would agree with you, Normandy is most voted for right now, I expected that to be honest, these results are exactly what I expected they would be.
  11. I too would love to see the M3 Lee/Grant in game
  12. I'd assume that it would, it can handle multiple gunner stations in planes, and it wouldn't be too different from the radio station we have now.
  13. I feel bad for the the crews who had to man the tanks with 2 pounders, no HE to fire against the German AT guns. At least Valentines, Matildas, and Churchills could generally survive anything other than field artillery and 88 mm flack.
  14. Definitely some interesting options, Char B1, Somua S 35, R 35, Char D2, and maybe the Char 2C as a stand-alone or something because a tank that only had 10 examples produced would be weird. Also it is a WWI era battleship in terms of size. Being the commander would be insane though, you have to aim the gun and spot targets. Early Barbarossa would likely have: KV-2, KV-1, T-34, T-70, T-60, T-50, T-28, T-35. Early war would have interesting designs from before they really knew what would be effective Overall I'm more interested in the North African
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