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  1. Hi GridiroN, thanks a lot. I mean when I can't see them that at least 50% of the time, it seems, I spot them quite literally when they are close aboard sneaking up on me from behind...the point is they are already behind and I'm at a disadvantage. So they are going low and I can't see them against the ground and they slip by and turn upwards. The broader point is how difficult it is to see these little specks and I'm flying on a high definition monitor. So clearly my situational awareness is not so good and I need practise. I do have a Nvidia GPU...two of em actually. Ok, I will play around and upload something and you can pick it to pieces. Sorry...give constructive feedback. Apoll
  2. Ah! Just realised it's YOU in the video, GridiroN. Re previous post, delete 'he' and replace with 'you'. Apoll
  3. Hey GridiroN, thanks very much. I analysed this vid. Things I noticed was the amount of separation he took after the merge, the lack of obvious turning (ie, he kept whenever possible the aircraft straight, presumably to keep the speed up), the sitting at high altitude and diving down and back up again, and finally, the fact that he never turned with the enemy and if a shot was not ideal, he aborted and climbed back up. I guess I try to do the same but I notice, compared to this guy, I turn much more, I don't have anywhere near the same separation and I guess I make mistakes of following the enemy in a turn too much. I also have difficulty keeping eyes on the target; this guy seems not to have the same issue. I wonder why? He is also much more patient. All good things to emulate. Part of my problem is that at least 50% of the time, I don't see the enemy, meaning I am not spotting them at a reasonable distance. Not sure what I can do about that. The other thing that always seems to get me is the fact that every time I try to climb away, the enemy seems to turn on my tail and actually match my climb and catches me as I'm climbing and turning by this time because I just don't want to be a target drone for them! Not sure what I'm doing wrong here. Finally one last thing: I noticed chatter going on in the background. Is this teamspeak? I admit that I have yet to jump into that particular pool, as I'm just feeling my way on multiplayer and lack a bit of confidence to use teamspeak. But I guess I am going to have to overcome that shyness and start using it as I can immediately see the potential advantage of communicating in real time and thus coordinating. You agree? Does one just jump on teamspeak as you join a server? Is there any protocols involved? Conventions? Do you, for example, intro yourself? Grateful views. Apoll
  4. Ah! Of course Herr Hartmann. I would consider $45 well spent if it meant I actually presented more of a challenge to those pesky, talented Ruskies in their Tie fighter-like Yaks.
  5. Hey GridiroN, I guess I never thought about it. Naively, I assume the G-2 would be a superior platform than the F-4 as it was a later model and thus incorporated improvements. But not so? Hmm. Will give the F-4 a go from now on and see what happens, as I need every bit of assistance I can get. That comment, GridiroN, about climbing too steeply is interesting. Yes, I do seem to be climbing steeply...but not excessively. I keep hearing about the climb advantage of the German fighters over the Ruskies, but have yet to see it clearly. Maybe that's it: too steeply. I will flatten it out and do some experimenting and I will not a damn about being shot down. Thanks GridiroN, much appreciated. Saw you on the Wings of Liberty server yesterday when I was being a sponge for the Ruskies. Will hail you next time and see if you want to do a hop toghether. Apoll
  6. PMs sent. Thanks to HerrMurf and Tripwire. Am also reading GridiroN's similar post below this one. Apoll
  7. Opps...hit post before ready...to continue... 1) In a BF109G-2, in a merge or starting as dogfight, what speed should I never let it drop below? 400? 500? The G-2 should be faster than the Russian fighters, right? Then why can't I shake then when I try to run? 2) When I see the profiler of a Russian plane closing in from behind, which I do about 50% of the time, what should be the IA (immediate action)? Should I...drop the nose and build up speed (which doesn't seem to work no matter how fast I go...the Russian fighter is always just behind me ready to pepper me)? Should I stay at same level and watch? Should I begin a slow turn climb? Once a Russian fighter is on my tail, I always get shot down...no matter how fast or how much I climb. What am I doing wrong here? 3) The BF 109G-2 fighter is an energy fighter, right? So don't go low and slow and try to turn with the Russkies at all. I get that. BUT....when I dive and then zoom up again, it seems the Russian fighters are able to keep up with me. Is it because I let my speed drop below 400? Anything else that people have in the way of advice would be great. I was initially quite heavy on the stick...I am trying now to be much smoother and not to panic when I see a Russkie closing in. Is this the right attitude? One more thing: spotting the Russian planes seems overly and incredibly hard. They just merge into the ground and the next thing I know, they are close behind and peppering me...again. What can I do to spot the enemy first? What tips do people have? Finally, any good youtube vids on fighting the BF109G-2 energy fighter? Grateful advice, as it is getting rather frustrating being the Russian fighter's friend by getting shot down all the time. Apoll BTW, can't shoot for crap. What vcan I do to improve my ability to hit a fast moving spot in the shy? How have you guns improved your shooting ability? Grateful advice on this too.
  8. Ok, I'm trying, I really am: I climb for altitude...and stay there. I try to keep my speed up...I try to keep a good look out. But time and time again against Russian fighters, no matter what i do, they always seem to be able to out run me...out turn me (expected), pout shoot me...out climb me. I am clearly flying all wrong. Some questions in the interests of trying to improve what is a consistently poor performance on my part (and I'm sure it isn't the plane..): 1)
  9. Yea, looks like it will be fine re able to play the HE-111 from the get go. This thread no longer is relevant. Self deleting it.... Apoll
  10. Well Zak...doing my bit to ensure there will be another version; spreading the word in my little pond as much as I can about how impressed I was with the HE-111 in early access. But surely there will be a third version; if those (now) notorious locked HE-111 and PE-2 pictures in the above much discussed and fumed over picture do not belong to a beta, early version of the campaign, and do represent at least what some purchasers of the game will face on D Day (launch day), BUT NOT current or future purchasers of the standard or premium editions, then there has to be a third version (it's not current standard/premium purchasers, nor future standard/premium purchasers...that only leaves a third version WITH lockables...). If any of that makes sense? Anyway, I get the message I think; I will not be subject to having to jump through hoops to access my favourite: the HE-111. I think that's right...and if so, I'm happy with that. I do wish the devs had gone a slightly different path re a more historical and hard core approach to the SP campaign, but it still looks like a good experience, and I have faith that sound smart modded out there will rise to the challenge and give us a joined up SP campaign experience like Pat Wilson has done with RoF. In my view, his campaign generator gas completely transformed the RoF experience for me. I think thus will also happen eventually to BoS. Apoll out!
  11. Mikey420 et alia, check my post in the Dev Note 79 trying to pin Jason down once and for all on just what is locked, what isn't, and to whom these 'locks' apply. I'm finding it all a bit confusing...but I think I'm ok as an early access purchaser...but not 100 percent sure. Apoll
  12. "You do not understand the context of this screenshot. It does not apply to those who have already purchased and will purchase the Standard and Premium Editions. Jason" Ok Jason...let us be clear..I'm referring solely to the ASAP experience in campaigns: 1) I have purchased the Standard edition early access: so I will have immediate access to ALL planes from the get go? Won't have to fly the Stuka or the ME 109 to build up experience points before I can fly the HE-111 on bombing missions? If so...that's great. 2) I will, however, have to fly missions in presumably designated planes and missions in order to get access to further weapons AND skins upgrades? So at least some skins and weapon options WILL BE locked from the start, even if I am an early access standard edition purchaser? And I will be channelled into certain mission time to build up the necessary points to access more sophisticated weapon packs and skins? Right? 3) If, as I quote you above, the pictures of the locked HE-111 and PE-2 DO NOT apply to those who have, and who will, purchased the two versions of the game, the WHO do they apply to? Post official launch purchasers of the game? Anyone who purchases the game AFTER it has launched, WILL be locked out of certain aircraft until they 'jump through a few hoops' and earn the necessary experience points? Is that right? If so, I am glad I an early access, and I would not like it one bit that I could not fly any plane right from the start. But that's just my personal preference; it will surely by a contested view and others will feel different. Just trying to get it straight in my own head... Thanks Jason for your efforts to explain this all out to people. I for one reckon you and your team have produced a very promising game; I love flying the HE-111 and the sensation of flight is superb in my humble opinion. Apoll Ah! Hate spell check on my IPad! I meant the SP experience in my above message.... Apoll
  13. Ah SYN mike77, that's bad enough in my books. I do want to use the plane of my choice in SP campaign from the get go. Oh well...hope the reaction from the community prompts a rethink on the part of the devs. Still a great simulation in my books.... Apoll
  14. Well SYN mike 77, the campaign SP experience and the unlock system IS the point; no one's complaining much about the MP and QMB bits, since, as you point out, that will not be subject to the daft unlock system (I think...). The SP campaign WILL be; that's the whole point of the complaints, and I for one think it is I'll advised. I don't want to have to go through several planes just to get to my favourite: the HE-111. Apoll
  15. Good points a Rivet. I agree with you. Why on earth they thought it a good idea from the get go, I don't really understand. I only hope they see the reaction, and it causes them to reconsider. Apoll
  16. I think people have a right to voice reasonable concerns; if people are concerned about the unlocking system, then I believe it is appropriate that they can have a forum to voice those misgivings. Of course, they should do so in a reasonable and mature fashion, and if possible, suggest alternatives. Using invective or insults, naturally, does no one any good. One thing that I have noticed about these developers is that they do provide a forum for direct input from buyers, and they do seem keen on engaging with issues raised. This is all for the good. I for one have raised my concerns about the unlocking system, and I hope others do as well, and then I will leave it for the consideration of the devs. Apoll
  17. Unlocking planes does not apply to founders? Is that right? Can someone confirm that? Great if so.... Apoll
  18. You are right, Finkeren. I'm coming to this late, and I guess it is what it is. It I'd still a fantastic game from my perspective. I just really want to fly bombers; I only got the standard edition, and if it means I can go straight to the He-111, then if there is am upgrade option, I will upgrade. Do u know if one can upgrade from standard to the higher edition? Apoll
  19. Re latest Developers' update: did I hear correctly? Will have to fly 109 et al before I get enough 'points' to unlock the He-111? Tell me that is not correct... Because I DON'T want to fly fighters, or be forced to accumulate silly points or whatever to get to fly my favourite: the He-111. I want to fly it right from the get go, and frankly, I bought early access largely to fly the He-111. Developers: I suggest you DO NOT go down this path. It is, IMHO, too gamey. I want to fly the He-111 from the first. For your serious consideration. Apoll
  20. Hi. I have another suggestion: I hope the eventual radio Comms with the AI is well done, and not just an after thought bolted on to give a semblance of a Comms environment. What do I mean well done? This: 1) plenty of options dealing with wing mates and your flight on formations, attack options, return yo based options, form il options etc; 2) there is an ability to interact with ground control, both on missions and when coming back into land; and 3) three voices, especially the German ones, sound really weird and strange: the German guy sounds like he had been at an all night Oktoberfest party, quaffing beers and shouting till genus hoarse. Which us exactly how it sounds to me. For what it s worth, I think those voices need to be seriously redone by a normal person speaking German (as you can hear in the fee authentic WW2 recordings of German ground control talking to fighters vectoring them onto USA bomber streams. They are speaking at a normal volume and quite distinctly; they certainly are not shouting themselves hoarse into the microphone. Thank you. Apoll out Ps to my last: I REALLY hate automatic spell check on IPads!!
  21. Aussie He-111 pilot here. Canberra based. Apoll
  22. Ok...today I decided to take a break from long complex cross country flights and do a bit of attack practice around the local airfield in my trusty He-111. I decided to give those lazy gunners, who usually sit at 5000 metres reading girlie magazines and trashing their hard working pilot/bombardier, some much needed time cultivating their aim on road convoys. Which meant I needed to get down at tree top height. So...I lined up on the runway in fair to middling weather conditions: not great, as squalls were coming through fairly regularly, hampering vision, and the wind sock was pretty much straight out. Going to be bumpy. And it was as I climbed off to the west with my two 1800 SC bombs attached (mistake). The bird was a pig, slipping all over the sky and buffeted by turbulence as I slowly climbed to 1000 metres to make my first attack. I turned back east; you cannot lose concentration for a moment in this thing, and in this landscape, or you will become badly disorientated, especially down low. There was an artillery park off to the right distance by a copse of trees, and I pointed my nose roughly in the direction, hit the auto pilot, and jumped into the bombsight view to set up the attack. Let me tell you...at 300 kts at 1000 metres, you don't have much time to sight and get set up and I rushed through the setup in time to drop onto a couple of specks in the distance. The sight was swinging wildly as I tried, and over compensated, to put the cross hairs on the target. All too soon, the auto points touched, and I felt the bomber jolt as the two heavy bombs fell free. I watched...and watched...and finally a dirty brown/black massive explosion blossomed out...near the guns but still far enough away to make their demise doubtful. In this weather, rushed and not properly set up, it was always going to be a long shot. And it was. Takeaway lesson: give yourself plenty of time to run in and spot the target and set up. Anything else is going to be a flunked shot. Oh well...now, let's give those gunners a work out and I headed down a road at tree top level just off to one side...on which an enemy convoy was supposedly travelling. The road led south and I followed its twists and turns. It was hairy...it was nasty...it was fast. The snow rushed by between my feet; I could see the texture of the snow as I rushed across it! Little cracks and dips and indentations in the land. Now and then a tree. The weather kept flinging squalls at the aircraft, obscuring my vision, and the turbulence at 300 kts was awful: the old He-111 kept bucking and swinging and I struggled to keep a straight and level course. I gave the attack commands to my gunners but still no enemy, as the road unwound below the glazed front between my rudder pedals. This was hard. Then, I suddenly saw on a curve ahead a line of moving...what looked like tricks. I knew we had found the sought after enemy, as the front cannon gunner, lying prone in the nose, suddenly came to life, and popped up and aimed the cannon. He got a couple of shots off as we roared over the convoy and I heard the rear ventral gunner firing. Then it was over and I stood the wing on its end trying to tear the bucking aircraft back up the road. It didn't like bring treated like a fighter and the nose dipped in protest. I yanked the noise back up...come up you !@$/!!, and found myself climbing fast...too fast. Low and slow just over the enemy convoy. In this scenario, at barely 400 metres and wallowing like an old tart over the enemy, there can only be one result: the inevitable happened. The first burst of ground fire took off my starboard tail plane. The second smoked my port engine. The third wounded my ventral gunner, and aerated my right wing. The awful banging went on for ages, and I saw tracer skirt the sides and front. Looked like little pulses of light, except they made a terribly jarring sound when they hit the aircraft, and the controls jolted. Looking now like a block of flying Swiss cheese, with engine revs fluctuating wildly on the left engine, and the machine swinging to the left, I jammed right rudder as far as it could go, feathered the now useless left prop, and noted with alarm that the oil temperature on the left engine was almost off the scale..in the wrong direction. This was going to turn rapidly into a fire, and I immediately started looking for my airfield which I knew was somewhere close. Know what I said about paying attention always to your location? Well, I hadn't in that little burst of excitement, and I could see squat. No airfield anywhere. I felt an actual spasm of anger and disbelief: Oh come on!! Another squall was bearing down on me as I struggled to regain some altitude to spy the missing field. No such luck. The nose shuddered and the plane wallowed as I fought the nose, then it dived away to the left, heading rapidly for the now alarmingly close snowy ground. It looks beautiful up high; down close it just looks hard. I had to land, and land fast, or the ruddy thing was going to land itself, and probably not in a way I would probably appreciate. So I spotted a reasonably flat bit of snow...just like all the other snow..and control crashed my way into a small copse of trees. I totalled my old He-111 but at least I wasn't wasn't judged dead by the simulation. I live again! What a ride! The weather had not helped. But most of all, I had rushed things, and tried to get into action too quickly. Then I tried to treat the bomber like a fighter; tearing down a road looking for the enemy at tree top height was okay, but not extending and taking my time to reverse and come back was not. I had also taken the AAA for granted; those Ruskies could hit a Gallah at ten paces! Wrong! Most of all, I realised - after I calmed down a bit - that I actually needed to treat my virtual life seriously, and not be reckless with it. Or I was simply going to get shot down all the time, and that is certainly no fun. I resolved to do better tomorrow. This time, I will take it easy...extend properly after an attack...come in from a different angle each time! And treat my bomber as it should be. Won't stop being unlucky, or that piece of unexpected ground fire...but at least I will give myself and my virtual crew the best chance of coming back in one piece. And I will not forget to always keep my situational and geographical bearings, even during the attack. Not doing that today was a large part of having to set down on a frozen, less than ideal piece of ground. We live and learn. (Ps: love the bad weather in this sim...hope it is retained and improved. So atmospheric and the simulated air feels gritty and real.) Apoll out...
  23. TOGPharoah, you are absolutely right. I've yet to do the tine over distance thing, and that I am finding is important in the difficult terrain of snow for as far as the eye can see. I am lazy; rather use pilotage and mag bearings to get me within eyeshot of the waypoint. In need to incorporate the tine/distance calculations...I'll have a shot at that today then. Apoll out
  24. Thanks Uriah. Did another one today more than 300 km round trip. Route worked out on printed map with pencil, compass and ruler and added mag variation to go to compass heading in aircraft. Works well...as long as you pay attention. Drop bombs on one of the airfields I used as a waypoint for practise. Going yo take a bit to get used to that bombsight. Did the last leg down low at tree top height and much more difficult to navigate. Spent the last bit before landing going up a road at tree top height mschine gunning convoys. Even fir a short tine, I lost my bearings, and in that snowy lanscape, very easy to become disorientated. Had to climb to find my airfield. Good trip. Getting there... Apoll
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