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  1. Yeah, considering the cost its a letdown. I just bought it to support the devs, but it feels more like a tech demo than a sim. Given that Infantry was integral to tank operations, the total lack of anti-tank activity, ditches, IEDs, molotov's.... its just a teaser.
  2. I've had all the IL2 versions since the beginning, and have all but Normandy now. I got some VR goggles and played both Great Battles and Tank Crew in VR. I went to play the "normal" version and it wouldn't go full screen. I tried changing resolution, selecting and deselecting full screen and restarting etc, rebooting and trying it all again etc. It plays fine, but only in a window even with full screen checked. Anything I should look for? I don't know if its anything related to VR, but its the only thing I think I've changed lately. If I change to native resolution, it works fine and is of co
  3. havent done crew commands yet. that will help, just odd the AI is so dumb.
  4. Very well done. Just played that mission in VR for the first time...
  5. Pretty cool, but controls were funny. Interior look around and through the vision ports was super cool except gunner close up view. I noticed stuff I hadn't before though like no recoil except the gunbarrel; I would have thought there'd be some motion and AI driver will drive straight up to enemy tanks which is crazy. Isnt there any sense to the AI or does it just blindly follow waypoints?
  6. Make mine a Jagdpanther... Dunno why, just thought it was the coolest tank since childhood
  7. Thanks... Tried out the mission builder, and works good. Given that tanks were really an extension of infantry, need more people out there!
  8. I'm sure I just missed it somewhere, but when I launch the game, can I have it default to one or the other side? I tend to play one side for a while, and want the game to default to that side as "blue". Is there somewhere to set that? Thanks.
  9. I've had it for a long time. Its really awesome, but still feels like an alpha to me. AI is useless, and it may just be my lack of education on how to do, but given there's a whole crew, I'd like the crew to run the whole mission. Travel, setup for shots whatever.. Then I can hop from station to station to take over when I want to, or just play one role and let the game do all the other roles. I also don't know how to see what killed me when I die.. always a mystery - I'd like a replay function from any camera angle to show what happened - like most racing sims provide. Also kinda bummed no Ja
  10. Thanks for info... This is the FW190A5. Not clear on the consensus opinion.
  11. Not sure what I did here, but switched on mods (which I have done before) and it sends me to a log in page, I put in my login, then it hangs. This is odd. Never had it challenge me for a login before. I just put the loose mods in data - do I have to use JGSME for mods? it was just skins and whatnot, nothing elaborate. TIA.
  12. It had an engine fire, so I throttled back and nosed down to put out the fire, but no change. Is this not modelled? Would be cool to have if not.
  13. I didn't realize it worked at all. How does that work when you are on the gun sight? I imagine no effect? Only when in crew or commander position?
  14. So my Tiger is taking machine gun fire. For kicks, I hit it with the 88. Nothing. Hmm. Hit it again. Nothing. Tried the bow mount MG, and emptied a mag at point blank. Nothing. So I run the nest over and the guys bail out, but don't "die" and my tank gets disabled by the sandbags. Infantry 1, Tiger 0! This game sure has a long way to go. The AI is really terrible and it never feels like battling armies, just tanks waiting around for you to go solo kill them. Still kinda fun though and I hope they continue to develop it meaningfully so someday it will be worth what it cost
  15. I know lots of people that speak Japanese but not well enough to ask them about translating WWII stuff!
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