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  1. Me too. Looking at the log file its got this in it: luascripts/worldobjects/bots/botpilot_pe2.txt: Invalid arguments number (1 instead of 2) of var: ejectdelay
  2. Hopefully a simple one... Brief description: Game won't play in full screen Detailed description, conditions: Full screen checked, won't play in full screen if resolution selected is less than the full panel resolution (5k panel, trying to run at 1/2 that). Seems like it doesn't change the desktop resolution at all. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Win10, most current build, 4 gig AMD vid, 4gig i7 24gig memory
  3. Great mod, and what I wanted from the start of the original IL2... Wonder if I'm doing something wrong as the pilot's hands don't follow the throttle or stick. I presume that's the animation fix files, but don't they go in the same place in the data folder? Thx
  4. Sweet! Something I've wanted since IL2 first came out years ago... Not like in a real plane you can't see your body!
  5. Hmmm I'd like a scale, and scale length stick (Gunfighter Pro), but not for big bux. their products are oddly positioned. The base stick is well priced, the next one up too big a jump and this one?.... To me, a pro stick should be just that. no twist rudder, no extra buttons etc... just the stick, expecting the throttle to be separate and the pedals to be separate....
  6. I did the free upgrade some time ago, and now its asking for activation.... maybe not free after all?
  7. Cool stuff.. glad to find this thread. KG12 stick is something I've wanted a long time... I'd want the "gunfighter" with the extension tho. I had extended my X45 years ago as I like the stick to move with the same motions the real thing would and gives finer control. looking on amazon, the few user reviews of the gladiator didn't look too hot....
  8. Aw, come on.. they are still fun... I'd have one if reasonably priced... I ran Mid-Ohio for decades... you anywhere near there?
  9. lol.. Lots of Macs are used for gaming.. They just run under boot camp because there isn't Mac ports... All the old "macs can't be expanded, not good gaming machines etc." is just rubbish. I pay under boot camp at full 5K resolution and maxxed out Graphics.. Can your PC do that?, 4.0 i7, 4gig video card 32gig memory etc.. runs everything on plenty fast. I don't need to ever expand it. In 5-8 years when it feels slower I'll get a new one. Just like the last 5 times. Mac people spend more.. I'd prefer to run things native, but there's always bootcamp... Now that good CAD runs on Mac, and my 3d Printing stuff does too, I'm almost ready to get rid of all things PC.
  10. That just helped me on a number of games on Windows 10 I was struggling with! (Got new computer with 5120x2880 res)... Thanks!!
  11. I like it and bought it just to support the developers; I don't actually play it. I'm waiting until playability catches up a bit with IL2, then I'll try it again.
  12. Looks great, but a long way to go until its as fun as IL2 (modded).... I don't really play it much as is.
  13. Shouldn't have been a surprise by now that the sim market is small, demanding and extremely critical - that's why there aren't 100 flight sims already and you have the market almost to yourself. That said, This game is all "potential" to me right now, with the arcade progression on top of top quality mechanics. Also, I'm with OR on this one: " Our customers also do not want to necessarily see a human body in our cockpits as they demanded" - this customer does!
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