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  1. ...and you don't need to use Steam to run it either if you use Open Composite software https://gitlab.com/znixian/OpenOVR/blob/master/README.md
  2. The current VR hardware doesn't support SLI unfortunately
  3. Yep, Open composite is a great way to go with the Rift. The latest Rift software has an option to not start Oculus home when you put on the Headset
  4. I'm not familiar with the Ryzen 5 CPU, so others may be able to give better advice than I can. I can, however recommend the Rift S as a very capable VR headset at a good price, giving sharp detailed visuals in IL-2. All instrument and panel text is clearly readable at normal pilot seating position. I get good frame rates with my rig (details below), so you have some comparison there.
  5. If you can give us more info about your rig and if you have a budget in mind, folks will be able to give you more useful advice Cheers Dave
  6. What a load of biased tosh! My poor little Rift S looks way sharper and detailed than the Reverb views shown in that video.
  7. For me it was an impressive increase in sharpness and detail..definitely a 'wow' moment. I find the headset is more comfortable too. Just needed to add some Koss KSC75 Clip-On Stereo Headphones for when I need more dynamic sound.
  8. ...this is for the Oculus Quest (the stand alone headset). You don't need a phone to set up the Rift S.
  9. You won't need Steam at all. Just find where your IL2 exe is installed in the Steam directory and create a shortcut.
  10. I just launch IL2 from a desktop shortcut before putting on my Rift, that works for me.
  11. Using Open Composite for some time here too. However, since yesterday's big update my FPS has taken a bit of a dive Quick mission 4 on 4 dogfight before update 70-80 fps consistent. After update 50-60 fps. Hopefully this will be ironed out in the final release.
  12. Noticing an FPS drop too. I fly VR and before the update in a 4 on 4 quick mission I was getting a nice steady 70 - 80 fps. Now I'm around 50 - 60 fps. As you say, lets hope the final release sorts it out. Fab update tho!
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