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  1. 71st Squad Eastern , central and west , also have England pilots. www.il2aceshigh.com ps please read code of conduct, this is very important to The Might 71st CO 71st_AH_XE90
  2. I must say 4./JG52 are a good bunch of pilots. They have helped the 71st adjust into BOS. If you fly AXIS you can't go wrong with 4./JG52. Now if i can get out of there gun sites lol. CO 71st_AH_XE90
  3. VR squad , I was with AH and RS in il2 1946 XE90
  4. Nice training video Jordan , love it!
  5. ~S~ My last post on this! All agree Mr X is not a cheat this what i am reading on this poll , so gents let move on and get a flying! Check 6 CO 71st_AH_XE90
  6. If you get vulched on a base more than once, time to move to another base. And mastiff i have seen in the last few day German Bombers and Fighters hit our bases with limited effect on them.from Flak . maybe be like CLOD we need more defense aa guns , just a thought.
  7. Nope, I agree with Gruber. Mr X situation awareness is above others and gunning skills. Over the years i have shot Mr X and he has shot me , he has shot me more of course lol. Just because you get shot down does not mean the pilot that shot you down is a cheat. If you can prove a cheat show it, if not keep it to yourself. CO 71st_AH_XE90
  8. Very nice work 71st_AH_p3zman, Love watching the video very well done . Looking for more in the future ~S CO 71st_AH_XE90
  9. Check to see if your 970 driver is up to date, Match you resolution and refresh rate in game and desktop. Lower your refresh rate down in game and desktop . I just went to a 120 refresh rate with a Samsung 4k TV and had to lower the refresh rate. Hope this Helps! I use a 970 CO 71st_AH_XE90 www.il2aceshigh.com
  10. Very nice Sir, thanks for the video
  11. ~S~ I tested this last night with a squad mate, and we could not duplicate this issue Mastiff is having. I am thinking maybe another issue.
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