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  1. The Steam forum thread where the solo play is panned is here: (Look for the two posts by "kainaren" towards the end of the thread.) https://steamcommunity.com/app/307960/discussions/0/3069740688716927179/
  2. Yeah but I heard over in Steam forums that this game is crap for solo play and it is only good in multiplayer. I play only single player so I won't be getting this game.
  3. I understand that logic but my weekly coffee and beer might be worth more to me.
  4. no. because it is a DLC and I don't want the base game. Besides, the two together are about 4 times my limit in the price I'll pay for any game. I'll wait for a sale on this website.
  5. Has anybody played this game? If so how does it compare? Steel Armor: Blaze of War
  6. I've never seen that. Steam expects the customer to go to the base game and then the forum.
  7. Well Tank Crew is a DLC on Steam and Steam DLCs never have forums. You have to go to the base game to see the forum and the base game "IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad" does have a forum. But still, I never new that Tank Crew could be purchased here as a standalone.
  8. Thanks. I saw that. But I think I joined too late. There is no promo code in my profile under Promo Codes. I was hanging around Steam for the last few months deciding if I wanted to by Tank Crew as a DLC (along with the base game that I didn't want. And together...way too expensive). If I had known that Tank Crew was available on this website as a standalone I would have bought it here a long time ago. I guess I missed out.
  9. Is there anywhere or any way I can get one for Tank Crew?
  10. Yeah. I need a PDF manual as I can't take my tower PC to the washroom with me as I like to read when I'm on the toilet.
  11. Is there one. Preferably in PDF format.
  12. I know that Tank Crew has been discounted on Steam but I prefer the non-Steam version which can be played standalone. Has the version being sold on this website ever been discounted?
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