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  1. I've addressed that issue on Engelskirchen (not deployed on server). I imagine the other map he mentions is the Prokhorovka one.
  2. Yes being able to camp both spawns is a major problem, addressable by adding some buildings. I'm not sure of what we can do to remove it completely. Maybe an invincible AI tank?
  3. Yes I will add some cover for the german spawns on that map. But unfortunately for now spawn camping is part of the meta game...
  4. My belief is that APHE deals too much damage to the crew in this game. It wouldn't change the statistics though.
  5. I have the same problem which is when I try to join the server, the loading screen gets to the end but then I go back to the main menu. A server restart helped last time, but this time there are players connected.
  6. Hello, I realised the stutters are still there after vehicules exit the city, so my point isn't relevant. If you want a mission with heavy stuttering, there is that koln level that is running on the advance and secure server. If you join allies as tanks you should definitely see heavy stuttering. On that attached file, moving the buildings away don't seem to have an effect. aas_koln_winter_us_v13.zip
  7. Do you guys experience stuttering on this server? I guess not since it doesn't have moving AI land vehicules. But I'm just checking my theory.
  8. Stuttering happens no matter what the player is looking at, if there are AI vehicules driving through a city (they bump into buildings, eachother etc). Well after further testing (deleting AI), I couldn't confirm it was the AI. Neither it is the buildings (I deleted the buildings).
  9. Hello, I made a mission with planes and tanks designed to be multiplayer (rheinland). When the AI tanks pass through a city, the stutters appear. They are independent from the player's position. Even if the player is in a forest in a tank he will have stutters. As soon as the AI tanks exit the city, stutters disapear. In this city, tanks have a tendency to bump into eachother or into buildings (not enough path nodes). Well after further testing (deleting AI), I couldn't confirm it was the AI. Neither it is the buildings (I deleted the buildings).
  10. I have 400h on graviteam tactics mius front (considered as one of the most realistic tank games). Tanks have APHE rounds there but as you mentioned explosions are relatively rare. It often takes multiple hits to take a tank out of action, not a single APHE hit like in this game. I'm not an expert in shell physics but I'd imagine the state in which the APHE round is when it penetrates must reduce the 'grenade effet' that it has on a paper. Probably the blast energy can escape through cracks in the shell without necessarily having to fragment stuff.
  11. It looks like su152 HE rounds are stopped by the foliage of trees? It would be nice to be able to blow trees up with HE.
  12. Well even though in theory you know where you spawn, on certain spawn it's still very difficult to find any landmark to navigate to the objective, so you are technically lost at the second you spawn. For example certain textures on the ground look like road but they aren't when you get close, some tree lines are not shown on the map. Some buildings as well. You spawn and you are immediately confused as to where to go because things don't look like the 2d map. If you try to navigate by going in one direction then stopping at a landmark on the 2d map to go in another , you might fail
  13. It's way more balanced than what you are used to play.
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