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  1. Except that it is nothing like that, not sure why those that play offline think they are in some way superior and more true to history than onliners? I mean you are playing against AI, in what way is that historical, at least online there are humans against you, yes some are knobs but that's the thing with humanity it takes all sorts, I'm sure in the real war many pilots in the various squadrons had to put up with "a dick-fest of clowns and griefers trying to show off their manly vigour", that I'm afraid is reality, not sterile AI that always make the same moves and never vulch as they are to likely to crash into the ground at the first opportunity. I always think of those that only play offline as a bunch of anorak wearers too fearful of being beaten to have the courage to show themselves online, but I'm not going to say that hear as I'm sure you are all fine chaps with justifiable reasons not too play online Im only joking about the anoraks etc, play it how you like, one mans trash is another mans treasure and all that BS
  2. Yes it is all great learning in DCS my favourite is the Huey but then you realise there is no suitable map etc which sure as hell dulls the fun, they really need to get their act together map wise a Vietnam map with accompanying vehicles targets etc would be great, I just got bored landing the Huey here and there same with the P51 etc.
  3. Wow an Aussie Government department making a screw up I can't belive it The really interesting point was the following comment by the author, "The hugely popular IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad", is this right is there any news on sales? If people think it is hugely popular they will snap it up, much like the Goat simulator and FSX on Steam, hopefully for the Devs he got that bit of the article right.
  4. If your referring to my comments I made no such complaint, I know ROF was a disaster in its first year but I still didn't have to unlock anything in sp mode, I just waited for MP mode to be released, I bought BOS early as I did ROF and for the extra cost was rewarded I thought with certain planes and load outs, I used them regularly until someone amongst the devs decided I had to now unlock them. Sorry but I'm fairly busy and don't have the time or desire to do that especially in sp mode, if you do that's fine I'm not complaining about the sim itself which was coming along great then someone decided to add the IMO ridiculous unlock feature and they have turned what was heading towards being a popular sim into what we now have. I'll get back into it once the mission builder and dserver is released but for someone living down under there are no local servers at the moment so ping is not great and our time zones mean not many are on when we play so I just can't be bothered with the effort of the unlocks at the moment, the game itself though seems to have a lot of promise but the Devs at some stage need to decide if they want sales or to remain stubborn about certain features, pity really because I was enjoying the pre release a lot and as you state it was in a lot better shape than ROF at release.
  5. I have to say the one thing that keeps me from flying BOS is the unlocks, well no dserver as yet doesn't help either, but when I have some time to fly I think ROF or BOS and owing to the feeling of annoyance I still get that I am forced to unlock something I have paid for, I choose ROF every time, at least in that structure I made the choice as to which planes I bought and when (I have them all and most add ons), I am a bit stubborn when it comes to things like this, someone really needs to wake up and drop the unlocks and just accept that it was a bad idea. It really is a shame as BOS shows a lot of promise but it is now into the months since I have fired it up, I keep checking here in the hope that things have changed but so far no luck.
  6. Just a thought when and if the Ju52 ever becomes flyable maybe one of the things that could be transported to the troops is a goat. Honestly you have to laugh that someone has made some money out of a goat simulator, now that is thinking outside the box.
  7. Not according to news reports today, I'm in Australia so can;t confirm but it seems Putin has vetoed holidays this year owing to the Russian economy, hope not for all the Russian workers sakes. Great work by 777, 1c and their associates this last couple of weeks, the ROF updates seems to have generated interest again I couldn't believe there were a few hard copies available for Christmas in our local EB games store and a pretty decent update for BOS as well, all we need is the Dserver and mission maker and we might start seeing some IL-2 FB type co-op battles, cant wait. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all
  8. Just a question would it be possible to have the game running on a PC but outputting to the 1440x2560 screen on the note4?
  9. I play on the Euro servers from Australia ping often between 300 and 400 and it plays fine no warping from me or others and it is the same for me with ROF, only issue I get is I have to be careful when someone is on my 6 it sometimes looks like you are not lined up to be shot when you are in reality but I get my fair share of kills in ROF and have never had a complaint back from the other players about me warping etc.
  10. I've had Track IR5 for a few years but I had to firstly download he latest TIR5 software then go into the software and select it to update game profiles then select BOS form there, all works fine then.
  11. No mention of crosswinds, are they still on sale? I have Simpeds with Leo bodner mod, but would still like some Crosswinds when I have a spare $500 au
  12. Think about it, 1946 how many years after the original IL2 was that released? You are comparing things from a sim that had fully matured to a first up effort from a brand new sim, some of your comments are quite rude after all the maker of this campaign has put a lot more work into it, than you have into your posts. Your not being a non conformist you are simply conforming to the behaviour of others as rude as yourself.
  13. s apart from choice usually being a good thing, I cant see any great reason.
  14. You nailed it for me, it was all going along swimmingly then they chopped our graphics options, then enforced unlocks upon us, I have hardly played since, but will pick it up again when we get a dserver and maybe the devs wake up and stop treating us like children, I want choice in my graphics setting, choice as to whether I have to grind in single player and choice in the way I play, I cant believe we paid for early acess and the skins that came with it but even these arent available without more grind, some really bad choices by someone in this team imo. You should try the servers in Australia and Asia, currently non existent until we get a sniff at the dserver, just a reminder devs there is a Southern Hemisphere.
  15. good ping does not necessarily give good experience unfortunately, we in Australia often have this issue then again I can play ROF on euro servers without many problems, the usual one you getr is being hit in a turn fight when it looks as if you are clear, we have to just get used to it. Dserver will help with this then we may see some servers on our side of the world, annoying that none were set up for the Asia region really.
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