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  1. Hi SYN_Vander, Let me try to explain it in a different way. I believe that the easy mission generator is really an excellent tool which makes flying a mission a joy. It has a lot of different options like patrol the front, bombing, ground attack, etc. Which is wonderful! In most missions it takes half an hour or more to spot & engage enemy airplanes, start a ground attack or bombing. That is a bit long. It would be really great to have an option to be able to engage enemy planes or start a ground attack, etc after just let's say for example 2 minutes flying. The easy mission generator would transform into a quick mission generator if the time between an "Air start" and the "air/ground attack" could be reduced to a couple of minutes. The Easy mission generator could benefit from some additional features like: -My flight/Flight 1 with a selectable altitude. Flight 2 also with a selectable altitude which can be different from Flight 1. -Dogfight area selectable. Over Allied hold or Axis hold ground. Best regards.
  2. Hi SYN_Vander, A “single Mission" with the scenario "Dogfight" please. That would include the following: -An airstart for both sides. -Both sides are close to each other. For example 10km head on or 5km aside of each other, Pursuit 1 or 2 km or Escape 1 or 2 km. -It might be very interesting if it was possible to set the altitude separately for each side or set a height advantange/disadvantange/even height in meters. It would look like something below: Game Type: "Single Mission" You will fly for: "Axis or Allies" Scenario: "Dogfight" ( Next to existing Random / Patrol front/ Bombing/ Ground Attack) Blue or Red Flight with X aircraft of type X will "dogfight" Head on(10km) or Aside (5km) or Escape (2km) or Pursue (2km) escorted by X in Red/Blue flight with mostly X pilots in a group of X. The airfield is X the front lines. The aircraft will start "in the air" Country: X Enemy air activity is X. The AAA is X. Regards.
  3. Hi SYN-Vander, Thanks again for this excellent tool! May I make a suggestion? Would it be possible to make an additional scenario: Single Mission with Dogfight? Some addiotional Ground Attack planes: Bf 109 G-series/K-4 & Fw 190 A-3/D-9? Thanks!
  4. Fantastic Patch! IL2- GB is by far the best WW2 combat flight simulator on the market. I am confident that all minor issues will be sorted out with the time. My congratulations to the dev team!
  5. Type of improvement: Expansion of Quick Mission Builder. Explanation: Implementing different mission types in the QMB like: Dogfight, Escort, Ground attack airfield, Ground attack target of opportunities, Attack of ships, Bombing, Scramble from airfield, etc. Implementing separate altitude for first group and a separate altitude for the second group. The same for the enemy first & second group. In other words, something similar to the QMB Pro in the old IL-2 1946. Benefits: Being able to go straight into action without spending much time as in the normal missions.
  6. My guess: Allies: Spitfire XIV or Hawker Typhoon Axis: Bf109G10 or FW190A9
  7. Hi Vander, That is great news! Thanks a lot for your time and dedication. The option "air start" is really great. Thanks! Best regards,
  8. Thanks for this nice MOD Ptk. 👌
  9. "Version 16 is out." Wow. That is great news. Thanks a lot! "Perhaps it would make more sense than to have an option to airstart near the objective? " That would be fantastic to have this option!
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