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  1. @Ouky1991, Very nice. One 30mm hit one kill. Thank you very much for this Mod.
  2. Thank you very much for this Mod. It sounds way better.
  3. Exactly! Your skins full of weathering and dirtiness make them very realistic! Let the other skinners make their shiny "straight from the factory" skins. Please, keep up the incredible good work you are doing.
  4. Thank you very much for your help. Downloading right now.
  5. Hi Off_Winters, I am afraid that both versions have flowers............... LOW RESOLUTION set of files. http://www.mediafire.com/file/3w24b830vl92v3b/CW_Grass_and_Flowers_Final_BoS_LOW_resolution_25-02-2021.rar/file
  6. Thank you very much mate! Really appreciate it.
  7. I like it! Would it be possible to make a low resolution short grass Mod without flowers please? I noticed that the grass in the video below is really short and with very little flowers 😆
  8. Hi Off_Winters, Really appreciate your Mod. Thanks a lot for your time and help! I am going to test this Mod and see what it does. I will let you know. I guess that the Rtx 2070Super just can't pull that amount of grass(800meter distance). Time for an GPU upgrade, but where to buy?
  9. The HE 162 would be nice and was operational.
  10. Great work on the grass Mod! Thank you very much! Might it be possible to make some lower quality grass textures{still low grass} in order to keeps the Fps almost unaffected? The grass distance in my startup.cfg file is set on 800meters so it doesn't pop up out of nowhere, but it takes a beating on the Fps. So I thought that increasing the grass distance , but lowering the texture quality might bring a nice balance.
  11. Oh yes, make it happen !! The Ta 152C would also fit in fine.
  12. I would like to experiment with the grass distance, but this can be changed in the startup.cfg. Really annoying the grass popping up just in front of you on the runway. I also noticed the shadows of the trees/forest popping up nearby which I find annoying too. I wonder if that could be changed somewhere in Gpreset file?
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