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  1. My guess: Allies: Spitfire XIV or Hawker Typhoon Axis: Bf109G10 or FW190A9
  2. Hi Vander, That is great news! Thanks a lot for your time and dedication. The option "air start" is really great. Thanks! Best regards,
  3. Thanks for this nice MOD Ptk. 👌
  4. "Version 16 is out." Wow. That is great news. Thanks a lot! "Perhaps it would make more sense than to have an option to airstart near the objective? " That would be fantastic to have this option!
  5. Thank you much SYN_Vander for this great mission generator. May I make a suggestion? Would it be possible to add the option : Your airfield is "extremely close to" the front lines for the Single Mission? This would create "instant action" after take off. Thanks again for this great Mod
  6. This Mod looks absolutely amazing!
  7. I changed the mission_text_log = 1 and found the Flightlogs in the folder ( IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles / Data / FlightLog ). Any idea how read the MLG files? I tried it with Notepad and Wordpad, but it is partially unreadable............
  8. Thank You very much LizLemon for this Mod. One question: Would it be possible to create a different download link please? Like Mission4Today , etc?
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