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  1. Great news!!! 8XMSAA, the RTX 3080 might come handy.
  2. @DetCord, Your Luftwaffe Alpha paint layer is a real master piece! The shiny fake paint layer is removed and replaced by a realistic paint layer which looks more like a cheap primer paint. Exactly what they used at the end of WW2. Great work and thanks a lot!
  3. @PatrickAwlson My opponents are always selected on "ace" skill in the QMB. The "ace" AI pilots only shoot at you while flying head-on or at your six. If you don't fire your guns, you will always miss.
  4. Really great work with this update. 55. AI pilots aim at air and ground targets better and the rockets and projectiles won’t fall short of a ground target at the beginning of a burst; It would be nice when the AI pilots make some deflection shots to air targets while dogfighting.
  5. @Schwarzehund. Very nice! thanks a lot!
  6. I really like the new effects, especially the smoke and fire coming form a plane which is going down. Thanks a lot for your time and effort!
  7. @screamingdemon. I got a major drop in fps with the gpreset. Now I only installed cloudsV12.1 and in-game high setting for the clouds. This works fine for me and the sky looks wonderful.
  8. Fantastic work on those clouds! Just a couple of questions: How does the in-game setting clouds quality (Extreme, High, Medium, etc) affect the FPS with this MOD and recommended gpreset installed? Which in-game clouds quality in recommended? Does the recommended gpreset overwrite the in-game cloud quality settings
  9. Brief description: AI firing skills of fighters and bomber gunners in QMB Detailed description, conditions: AI fighter planes don't make deflection shots. They only fire during head-on attacks or when they are at your six. The AI bomber gunners on the other hand are very skilled compared to the AI fighter pilots.
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