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  1. That looks really beautiful!
  2. 13 new airfields on Rheinland map: Le Culot East (Y-10), Kluis (B-91), Mill (B-89), Helmond (B-86), Amsterdam-Schiphol (B-97), Arnhem-Deelen, Soesterberg, Strassfeld, Strassfeld 2 - Odendorf, Hilversum, Diest (B-64) Nivelles (B-75), Bierset–Liege (A-93) Wow, that is really great! Would it be possible to make some additional spawn points in QMB? I would love to start near Amsterdam and have a dogfight over the Ijsselmeer for example. The Arnhem area also saw a lot of action in the air during 1944. AI improvements 10. Ground attack aircraft won't hit the ground when engaging a target with rockets and guns in a tight formation; 11. AI-controlled B-25 starts the engines correctly; 12. AI fighters attempt Immelman maneuver only if they have enough speed; 13. AI fighters open fire more aggressively; 14. AI pilots keep formation on large maps much better; Just had 1 vs 1 dogfight in QMB and it is getting harder than before. Really great work by the devs. On the other hand, attacking a formation of B-25 or sturmoviks still needs some improvements. The AI 109's & 190's with ace skills still attack the bombers from six O'clock and get shot down like sitting ducks. Aren't they supposed to attack the bombers from different positions? For example Head ons and diving from above?
  3. @PatCartier. Very nice skin mate! Thanks a lot.
  4. I use the VKB-T-rudders and they are fantastic. The quality is really impressive, but no toe brakes on it. Planning to get the VKB gunfighter III in the future and that would make a wonderful package together.
  5. @meplanes1969 Wow. Great work! Thanks! I guess that the impact of a real German Mine shells would look like these new effects.
  6. That would be really great! Add some different kind of mission types too!
  7. Ok, random in QMB. Thanks to let me know. That is what I play most of the time.
  8. @rowdyb00t Very nice work this V7 & the overcast, thanks! This is definitely a good improvement over the stock clouds & overcast! Are snow and rain also random with overcast selected?
  9. @Sevenless. Any idea how this is modeled in IL-2Box? It would be nice to now how the MinenGeschoß is used on the Mk108 and Mg151/20.
  10. I would love to see the Fw190A9 in IL2-Box. Could be in Bobp or a new theater or as a collector plane.
  11. @JV69badatflyski. there were more Minnen than Hei in the standard belting anyway, 1tracer, 1Hei and 4MG if i remember correctly...but if you insist on the Hei result: Probably lethal aerodynamically, it's still a one bullet on target, one kill. Exactly!
  12. I would love to see a Bf109G10 in IL-2 Bon or IL2-Bodp. As a collector plane or whatever.
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