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  1. Hows that? i dont get the one sided bit?
  2. Merry Xmas to all you simmers everywhere Cheese
  3. Looking very VERY nice,its shots like that that will make me buy BoM. Thanks. Cheese
  4. OOOhhhh looking lovely,cant wait for the new map etc. All we need know is a beautiful Hurricane to fight the "Emil" one can wish.One day a? Great update thanks Cheese
  5. this going to be a very handy thread,nice one. Cheese
  6. Well look us up if you decide to re-install, there's only one way to fly, and that's online with a load of like minded guys who have a laugh but also take there "Ops" seriously Cheese
  7. Have you tried all the updates? CloD is FAR from perfect but we do have ways around certain "issues" We are waiting for the FMB to be released and a way to host our own server until we make the switch. Cheese
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxJs0-sCoyM&x-yt-ts=1422411861&x-yt-cl=84924572 Currently flying Cliffs of Dover until the FMB/servers becomes available. http://www.tangmerepilots.co.uk/ Flt Sgt Cheese O/C No6 Operational Training Unit The Tangmere Pilots
  9. Awesome,very well done. Cheese
  10. Cheers for that Smink,damn fine idea. Cheese
  11. Totally agree with you Jaydee. Theres many a time I have just wanted to do a check flight,you know just to get up do a couple of circuits etc,then some git shoots you down!!! As annoying it is I suppose there playing there own game.Its a shocker for newbies aswell,remember when all you wanted to do was get airbourne and navigate etc etc. Cheese
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