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  1. 9./JG27golani79

    USB Hubs

    I´m also using a powered USB hub - works without a problem. As you´ve already bought an unpowered one just try it out and see if it works - or as already suggested, use your flight gear on the board itself and low powered stuff on the hub to try if this would work better.
  2. 9./JG27golani79

    What draws you to historical Flight Sims

    Love for history but also creating skins when I find the time and muse (and if they haven´t already been made by some other talented artist here)
  3. 9./JG27golani79

    What is the fastest you can go and lower landing gear?

    The manual for the other sim™ says max airspeed with lowered gear for K-4 is 350 km/h G-4 / G-6 for example are also 350 km/h (page 10) http://109lair.hobbyvista.com/techref/manuals/bf109g4.pdf
  4. 9./JG27golani79

    DCS news

    Normandy was done by a 3rd party developer, who, as far as I know, is currently working on another map and compared to the other maps it doesn´t use SpeedTree technology, which was said, to be one aspect of worse performance. And yes, it feels a bit neglected. Performance is a bit worse for me on Normandy compared to the rest but it still runs decent enough - don´t have VR though. But here is a topic on Reddit on how to get out more frames on Normandy for VR:
  5. 9./JG27golani79

    What will counter the K4 up high?

    Luftwhiner it was ... ?
  6. 9./JG27golani79

    Der DCS Thread

    Porrima Simulations und einmal gab's da noch Bluesky Simulations. Die Website von letzterer ist aber momentan auch down.
  7. 9./JG27golani79

    Der DCS Thread

    Wenn es ein DCS Modul gibt, welches ich bereue, dann ist das die Hawk. Hab die damals halt auch geholt, um VEAO zu supporten .. Für die P-40 hab ich Gott sei Dank nen Refund angefordert, als es die Möglichkeit dazu gab. Insgesamt, auch wenn man die Umstände nicht genau kennt, aber schon ein wenig armselig. Andere 3rd Party Devs schaffen es auch für DCS zu entwickeln. Und VEAO werkelt ja weiter, nur halt unter anderem Namen und für ne andere Sim. Deshalb sind wohl auch einige ziemlich verärgert, was ich durchaus verstehen kann.
  8. 9./JG27golani79

    A noob's questions about the K4

    Regarding your 2nd question. If you go above 1.42ata in the other sim your ata will suddenly rise all the way up to 1.8ata (WEP on the last 5% of throttle range) If you forget to activate MW50 you will damage the engine. In IL-2 I think it is implemented differently as MW50 is activated automatically when going full throttle.
  9. You cant switch it off - the message appears when you get close to the boarder of the map (no matter which direction).
  10. 9./JG27golani79

    DCS news

    F-15 and Su-27 found a new owner - so no longer available.
  11. 9./JG27golani79

    Fly with cockpit open at high altitude?

    You are slowed down and have no protection at all. Not sure though on how great the difference in speed is as I´ve never tested it myself.
  12. 9./JG27golani79

    Bf 109 K-4 and the MW50 tank...

    Small correction - just saw that the gauge will start only to rise above 1.7ata
  13. 9./JG27golani79

    Bf 109 K-4 and the MW50 tank...

    This is the gauge for MW50 - if you go above 1.7ata it should start to rise. Just don´t slam the throttle forward too fast because this was when I got the low pressure warning when trying it out (didn´t have the warning ever before). It went away after a little while though so I think it just needs time to build up.
  14. 9./JG27golani79

    DCS news

    If anyone wants the F-15 or Su-27 I could probably gift them by contacting ED support. Had the standalone modules of these 2 FC3 aircraft but purchased the package later - so if anyone is interested just drop a line.