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  1. Played for an hour yesterday and yes, it seems performance is better in HLL.
  2. How is performance compared to PS? Think I´ll get HLL anyways - just interested.
  3. Very sad to hear this 😥 May you rest in piece - blue skies forever! Condolences to his family and friends!
  4. Eh klar am 13. ... da flieg ich für ein paar Tage nach Israel. Muss ich wohl ein wenig länger warten ^^
  5. Love my MFG Crosswinds - cant go wrong with them!
  6. Best helos in DCS for me are Mi-8 and Huey. Haven't flown the BS that much but the Gazelle I like the least.
  7. Very generous! Po-2 would be nice
  8. bmp images don´t support layers. If you download an already compiled image in a format that doesn´t support layers you need to cut out what you need. The color mode has nothing to do with layers.
  9. It is The Long Dark A survival game and it is a bit on the harder side (haven´t played it for a while now though so I don´t know if it got any easier than in its early stages as I´ve backed it on Kickstarter and got early access)
  10. Was mich interessieren würde - kann Jester nen Blackout haben unabhängig vom Piloten oder hat der die gleiche Toleranz? Weiß da vlt. jemand was?
  11. Denke, es handelt sich hierbei um die Grafik API
  12. Must be satisfying to tell us with every single post ... zZz ... Maybe we should open a DCS Nag topic ...
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