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  1. 9./JG27golani79

    DCS news

    Best helos in DCS for me are Mi-8 and Huey. Haven't flown the BS that much but the Gazelle I like the least.
  2. 9./JG27golani79

    Whiskey & Wings

    Hmm .. 😵
  3. 9./JG27golani79

    My last give away

    Very generous! Po-2 would be nice
  4. 9./JG27golani79

    Nose Art question...

    bmp images don´t support layers. If you download an already compiled image in a format that doesn´t support layers you need to cut out what you need. The color mode has nothing to do with layers.
  5. 9./JG27golani79

    The Game Screenshot Thread

    It is The Long Dark A survival game and it is a bit on the harder side (haven´t played it for a while now though so I don´t know if it got any easier than in its early stages as I´ve backed it on Kickstarter and got early access)
  6. 9./JG27golani79

    War Online:Pacific, new ww2 flight sim

    Looks terrible 🤢
  7. 9./JG27golani79

    Der DCS Thread

    Was mich interessieren würde - kann Jester nen Blackout haben unabhängig vom Piloten oder hat der die gleiche Toleranz? Weiß da vlt. jemand was?
  8. 9./JG27golani79

    Der DCS Thread

    Denke, es handelt sich hierbei um die Grafik API
  9. 9./JG27golani79

    DCS news

    Must be satisfying to tell us with every single post ... zZz ... Maybe we should open a DCS Nag topic ...
  10. 9./JG27golani79

    BF109 K4 Motoren

    Der 605A geht bis 1.8ata und der DC bis 1.98 - hast also mehr Leistung.
  11. 9./JG27golani79

    [Sloved]Oil cooler control (Manual) on Bf109E????

    You can control both - water and oil - in the 109 Emil manually.
  12. 9./JG27golani79

    DCS news

    No one knows yet - but my bet on the next WWII bird would be on the FW 190 A8 followed by the P-47 2019? Not sure .. maybe ..
  13. 9./JG27golani79

    DCS news

    I'm only around DCS since ~4 years but if I am not mistaken, it evolved out of LockOn Flaming Cliffs with the Blackshark and A-10c as later additions. Why throw away Flaming Cliffs? They've updated the modules in regards of flight models and visuals and I think it is an appealing bundle for people who wanna get their feet wet with Jets but think they would be overwhelmed with full fidelity modules. All the other modules were added at a later point were'nt they? MAC is just another upgrade in regards of the flaming cliffs part with additional aircraft from 3rd party and devs. I don't think that existing customers are the target audience - so where is the problem offering another bundle for people new to the genre who might be put off otherwise.
  14. 9./JG27golani79

    DCS news

    Seems to me they are only doing what they already have done with Flaming Cliffs and are expanding it.
  15. 9./JG27golani79

    Der DCS Thread

    Hm .. mag die 101 irgendwie - bin die schon mit dem SFM ganz gerne geflogen und die CC kann dafür, dass sie so "leicht" ist, auch einiges an Kawums mitnehmen 😄 Sie fühlt sich allerdings ein wenig träge bzw. langsam an, aber insgesamt finde ich, ist die 101 wirklich toll und liebevoll umgesetzt. Force Feedback Support kommt lt. Vibora auch noch. @Hawk Debakel Ja ja, .. der Gedanke, die Entwickler zu unterstützen, kann halt auch mal in die Hose gehen. Genauso wie mit Kickstarter Projekten - wenn man sich auf solche Pledges / Preorders einlässt, muss man halt auch damit rechnen, dass man am Ende mit leeren Händen dastehen könnte.