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  1. Wenn du immer noch ohne VR starten möchtest, dann ändere mal deine Startverknüpfung mit der option --force_disable_VR Sieht bei mir so aus: "E:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\DCS.exe" --force_disable_VR
  2. Bin ich auch gespannt - war mal auf Einsatz auch
  3. I´d also be interested if you still need testers. Located in Austria.
  4. Are you running the open beta?
  5. Ah, sorry - bist ja auf Steam unterwegs :doh!: Mein Fehler! Stimmt, da sehe ich auch keinen Hinweis darauf - was aber ein wenig seltsam ist. Vlt. sollte jemand ED darauf hinweisen. Im offiziellen Store gibt es auf dem Kaufbildschirm extra einen Hinweis, dass man die Betaversion benötigt.
  6. Wobei im Kaufschirm aber schon darauf hingewiesen wird (sogar in rot), dass die Open Beta benötigt wird - sowohl bei Flugzeug, als auch bei der Map.
  7. That sucks - maybe there will be a contest for the Jug as well.
  8. Yeah, I was one of the winners who were promised the Channel map 3 of my submissions were selected and are now officialy included with the Anton.
  9. Getting the channel map for free because of the skin contest for the Anton - looking forward to it. Think I´ll get the 47 as well as a new toy
  10. At your given time stamp the P-51 is pulling a much tighter turn opposite to the 109 and therefore probably losing more energy - no wonder the 109 catches up with the 51. Not sure if you mean "109 accelerating in a climb" by that.
  11. For the Tomcat there are instant actions available - yes.
  12. It has been a long time since I got this campaing but yesterday I finally finished it. Thought the new update was a good opportunity to get back in I think it is a nice campaign - more on the beginner side but that was ok for me as I don´t always have that much time to spend onto flightsims. There were 2 or 3 missions which I had to retry but mostly because of my own faults - nothing too hard missionwise in this campaign. The missions are quite atmospheric and well made and mission briefings also give an interesting read. Not sure though if the AI has some hickups from time to time - as there were a few moments where I thought the enemy AI could behave better (for example I was able to chase a swarm of IL-2s back to their airfield and harass them without getting any opposition although there were Yaks stationed at that airfield - also no AA). Overall the campaign was quite entertaining for me - if you are looking for some serious challenge you might be better off with another though (not sure as this was my first campaign I´ve finished). Getting some rest now
  13. No, I haven´t used ReShade or any other mods for IL-2 ever Running a GTX 2070 Super
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