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  1. Why not the Tomcat? A very nice plane and not as complex as the Hornet
  2. Skinner actually is the wrong term for someone who creates textures for CG assets. As skinning in CG describes a process that is needed in rigging. A texture for a character, vehicle or similiar can be or is called a skin when it comes to computer games though. A suitable term for someone who creates skins would be texturer or texture artist.
  3. Got the cable and so far it is working nicely - need to do some tweaking though with settings. Unfortunately I only got around to test another sim because IL-2 refuses to start. Steam VR pops up at but in the background the IL-2 loading screen is stuck - anyone has got any ideas?
  4. Very generous of you - thanks a lot! 9./JG27golani79 + BoN
  5. Die P-47 soll zeitgleich mit der Map released werden und die ist für Quartal 1 2020 angesetzt. Aber, nicht darauf fixieren - wie wir ja wissen, kann sich das ja alles verschieben ^^
  6. Thats strange - generally I find the planes in IL-2 easier and more forgiving to fly. Regarding the trim - you need to take into consideration if the plane has buttons for trim or if it uses the horizontal stabilizer like in the 109 for example. There are 2 options in the controls for it. If you should ever need it again - if you have set up a plane and wanna use the exact same control scheme you can just import it from the other plane in the options. No need to redo all the controls if you wanna use the same ones.
  7. Du findest Steam VR unter Tools in deiner Library:
  8. You wont have to re-purchase the KA50 or the A-10 - there will be a free graphical update and you will be able to use the modules in the future even if there are updated versions with additional weapons / systems. You only have to pay if you wanna use the new weapons / systems.
  9. Voted other: Tried the Rift S but unfotunately it is unsuitable for my IPD - so now I´ve got the Quest but I need to wait for the Link cable to get available here in Europe. Other options were a bit too expensive for me atm as I only start to get into VR I thought about an entry level solution which is given with the Oculus products.
  10. Sounds nice - can´t wait for the cable to be available here in Europe as well ..
  11. Got a bird which should already be familiar to IL-2 pilots. It feels kinda different but in a good way - so much character and unique to fly. A lot of fun - although there isn´t that much content for it at the moment. I am using a user made mission to do some stuff.
  12. Das Kabel kann man bei Bedarf ja mit nem Kabelbinder (Klett) fixieren, dass es nicht direkt vorne runterhängt. Und IPD nicht vergessen bzu checken - bei der Quest kann man die Linsenabstände anpassen, was bei der S nicht möglich ist.
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