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  1. http://www.sowares.com/stalingrad/stalingrad-ende.htm
  2. Why can't I log in with my old pasword? - and the registration says that I am not required to re-register? It is not possible to re-register, no matter what I try!
  3. The t34 are close to impossible to destoy with the german tank gun in the panzer 4. The t34 can be hit 10-15 times and nothing happens. The other way round a single hit from the t34 is enough to kill the german. - It is an uneven match. In real life the germans had the advantage of an effective communication system, but it is not the situation in the game. The t34 also had very bad accomodation and visual problems for the crew, but apparently that is not a big problem in the game either. The t34 also had technical break downs but that is not a problem in the game either. - I think the german side in the game should have a Panther to even. http://militaryhistorynow.com/2015/03/20/tank-clash-the-german-panther-vs-the-soviet-t-34-85/ http://chris-intel-corner.blogspot.dk/2012/07/wwii-myths-t-34-best-tank-of-war.html
  4. A very interesting site T_oll, thanks for sharing. Good photos and texts with many interesting stories: F.x. this one: http://www.forcedlandingcollection.se/LW/LW136-Bf109.html - about Oberfeldwebel Horst Petzschler. I didn't know, that the swedish government handed over german soldiers in Sweden to the russians after the war. What a lousy thing to do, and we haven't heard anything about!
  5. I was also banned yesterday, and I do not know why? Got shot down twice: First in a 110 bombing enemy artillery and then in a 111 shot down by a fighter while bombing enemy airfield. As far as I know all rules of engagement were met in my actions. Game says: Banned for 151:22:18?? What is that? Well,now I know it is hours, minuttes and seconds......... Banned for 7 days for no reason???
  6. Nice film. What type of headtracker Was used by the pilot in the 110 taxiing? Where did you get the skin?
  7. Thanks Tx That did it. - is increase and + is decrease.
  8. Where is the rpm adjusted in the he111? Throttle is on the joystick, but the rpm?? What key?
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