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  1. Phew, what a great job you fellers are doing! I'm just looking through the manual and I've got loads to learn, I would love to be able to develop my own missions, so I'm using this lockdown period to investigate.  The only problem is I'm a total noob. I'd like to thank jimTM for producing the manual in the first place, otherwise I might have to help the wife round the house 😁 

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  2. The changes to pilot physiology sound brilliant and I look forward to watching the fighter jockeys spinning about in confusion.  I am also looking forward to having the body of a 25 year old again-I'm 62.👴  Will the targets render more quickly, say, from 6-7k?  Also, the new planes are mouth-watering, in particular I'm looking forward to the P38.  As for a new collector plane, I would love the B25, but accept it is a bit off at the present, however the Mossie would be a dream, with the 4,000lb cookie please, or even torps for the 88, 111, A20 or IL2.  Anyway, heartfelt thanks for what you're doing.

  3. I'm really enjoying flying on TAW at the moment, so far I've not lost a life, this time round (flying red, high level bombing alone).  Where I struggle is to tell which enemy airfields have live targets on them, I've hit enemy airfields before and got no reward.  I don't fly that many sorties as mine normally last around an hour, but I'd like to make them count.  I apologise in advance for being a bit obtuse by the way, it's genetic.😀

  4. 18 hours ago, 6./ZG26_Gielow said:

    Bye !! 

    A supercilious attitude doesn't become you mate, although it's entirely predictable.  Without dumbclucks like me spending money on this sim it's going to end up like DCS, , so online anyway, mass participation won't happen.  This is in stark contrast to the original il2, which gave nearly 2 decades of fun to thousands online and after which this sim is named, I thought there might have been an intention to evoke those halcyon days, it's beginning to look like I was wrong.

    18 hours ago, LukeFF said:


    You're giving up a whole lot if you find it that hard to either use one of the options that allows for a simplified engine startup or simply just remembering to put mixture and rpm at 100% before engine start.

    It's the trend I'm commenting on.  The goalposts are being moved after the match has begun, whilst I appreciate these changes depend on the servers applying them, it's the servers I like to be on which will apply them.  Having limited time will prevent me from participating when, as I suspect they will, start ups become as full real as possible.  If I've got 2 hours to spend (I'm a bomber pilot, so fly multi-engined aircraft) and spend 15 minutes in procedure before take off, it leaves little time to do the high level, long distance sorties I like.  At the moment I fit in 2 at a visit, this will drop to 1 and also makes my aircraft more vulnerable to a vulch, or attack just beyond flak coverage at the airfield, whilst I'm still climbing, in which case it's start over or leave the server frustrated.

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  5. 7 hours ago, 77.CountZero said:

    Thats how its in CloD, and it gets boring realy fast, if they decide to go for more manual key pressing i hope they have sence and have E as automatic start, and other manual keys (where some other key then E start engine) at same time available on any difficulty, so player then can select if he wonts to do manual start for 467th time, or just use E and wait for automatic, no need for separating this by diff settings so players who like game of pressing keys can play on same server with players who like to just flying game.


    For now what they did is not so dramatic, but i dont like the way it goes, on lagg i need to start with E and go 100% mix and then ~15-25% trottle and it will start, for Spit9 or P-47 i just need to press E and go 100% mix, didnt try rest... why is this adition nessecary i dont know is me moving mix to 100% after pressing E somehow more imerseve then just pressing E, lol no its just one more unneccesary thing i now need to do before i can take of, and when i do 100+ sorties per month ill fast get frustrated with this uneccesary adition, and i have no options as server is deciding what starting method i should use

    Completely agree.  I have limited time to fly, so added complexities which take more time are frustrating as hell.

    2 hours ago, JgonRedcorn said:

    If you don't want to play by the servers rules either join a different server or play by yourself. Shall we make GPS player selected as well? I loath having to actually look at the ground while I fly,  should be able to have GPS on regardless of server settings. See how nonsensical that is? This is the same arguments people the very few made against technochat being serverside which we are still waiting on. "I don't want the server to decide how I play the game". That's crap. If you don't want that then stick to singleplayer.


    I say bring on more complicated engine starts, love the 262 startup.

    All true.  Guess I'll have to ultimately give this sim a miss, leave it to all the geeks out there who like to pretend they are really flying, which of course, they are not.  Never mind, plenty more fish in the sea if that's the way to go.

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  6. 8 hours ago, Melonfish said:

    The 88 is one of the most stable planes on the ground I've ever taxi'd, those differential brakes are fantastic, hell there's no rudder input until you hit around 100kph on her so those brakes are it.

    Are you setup for differential brakes or a single pull stick?


    I've got diff brakes.  I don't use pedals though and I appreciate that's a great drawback.

  7. 8 hours ago, Loki_v2 said:



    I was once a dev on the original IL-2, I built the Pe-2 cockpit. After that I built a Lancaster MK. III in regular and dambuster config to IL-2FB spec. 


    It's currently up on TurboSquid, but I'm happy to provide the model for free, and include the references I gathered from visiting the MK. X in Ottawa to the dev team. At least the textures will surely need an update to modern spec, and it needs LODs and a damage model, but if it helps move IL2 forward I can help do that too. 


    Here is the TS listing 



    I also have a fully built radioman cabin for the Pe-2 that was never used in IL2FB. The gameplay value is.. Limited, but it's an interesting space. Would love to see it implemented. 


    Happy to discuss, if there is interest. 

    That's music to my ears.  Salute.

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