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  1. Have not seen anyone here in ages. But then I was kicked out so I have no idea .... try their Facebook page. Chief
  2. When did IL-2 first come out? But I started with Microsoft Combat series 1, 2, & 3. Chief
  3. I believe I remember you from RoF forums. My advice is to do as mentioned above, buy the game. The time you spend sharing with your son is well worth it as you've mentioned before I think. If you can't afford all three then one will have to do. Seems like a great team/family effort . Chief
  4. Congradulations to all the winners and thanks to busdriver for his generosity. Thankfully my wife bought me mine for Christmas .... now all I got to do is save up for the Bonus aircraft. Chief
  6. Well done .... I've passed this on to my groups .. Chief
  7. Well done .... I enjoyed that .... Subscribed to your channel ... Chief
  8. I'm not that old but I do remember dirt being invented and my cousin inventing the wheel. We all told him it would never go any where .... Chief
  9. A well done video paket with talent and a lot of laughs .... Thanks Chief
  10. I agree with you in that PC Flight Simulators can only go so far towards realism. It's not just sight and sound but feel. An aircraft lets you know if it's stressed or if something has changed. Not just in instrumentation but in sound and feel. You feel it in your body as it creaks, strains, and try's to comply to your controls. I guess this is sort of what they tried to do with force feedback. But that seems to be old news now. Chief
  11. It's a simple waist of ammo, and serves no purpose. Wouldn't do it in real life and certainly wont in a Flight Simulation. Chief
  12. I didn't see your post being answered so I thought I might. Drawing from my own experience in CloD I was flying a 109 one night and got damaged bad enough so that I could not open my canopy. So I would say yes, this is modelled in the game or so it seems. Oleg and his team did a marvelous job trying to bring fourth the NEXT generation flight sim. Perhaps his expectations were too high (not in my opinion) but still CloD is still marvelous. More so with TF. Chief
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