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  1. Not fixed - I have deleted and reinstalled the whole Game. I have selected all the German pilots to be wearing summer flight suit and it only effects the pilot if I am flying - all other German crew and pilots in AI aircraft are wearing officers uniform with a Knights Cross. Not sure what to do next
  2. yeah - did that (always have done since the early days of CLOD) so that wasn't the culprit - something went wrong with the one of my earlier updates on steam I reckon as ive had the problem a while...
  3. Thank you - this allowed me to track down the problem - I had to replace my 1CSoftclub folder and then check file integrity in steam - I must have has a corrupt folder as I only had single choices for each nationality but I had the TF choices of new uniforms. Now I can select German A through D. Cheers - I though I was going mad!
  4. Before I do a reinstall is anyone else having this problem?
  5. I have noticed that all of the German AI bomber crews seem to default to the officer uniform - i.e. they all have Knights Crosses. This does impact on immersion as its just odd. Is there anyway to change this? I have added Useoldhumans=yes to my Confsuser.ini but this has no effect (maybe i have added it in the wrong place). It does not impact the player uniform which changes in line with what i select in the pilot configuration menu - just the AI. Any help gratefully received.
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