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  1. You feel success to come home with 1 or 2 victories and in one piece - I come home with 7 victories at a time in GB in single player!
  2. one more one more
  3. Not sure it works but a lot of other features so - check here: https://www.aircombatgroup.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=8373
  4. Yep bomber version for those low level late 42 early 43 raids being chased by FW190A Snappers - the channel map is well suited if it could be pushed just a tad eastwards into Belgium and Holland! Then add some Rockets for the Beau A a bit more ordinance - 90lb incendiaries and we are away!
  5. Glad its not just me - yes confirmed - normal flight waypoints only
  6. Its any of the missions with HE111- including the quick missions (Bomber intercept channel for example) or one of the quick missions for Tobruk with HE111s in it. Switch to autopilot, go to external view and switch to the HE111s and give it 30 seconds. They will slowly start to swing from side to side and it will gain in momentum until some will start to collide. Doesn't happen with any other german bombers. Mission 2 of Rats campaign as well - literally any HE111 mission for me at least Not sure how to attach a mission file?
  7. Post recent patch still seems to be an issue - wondering if its just me? You have to leave a formation of HE111s for 30 seconds or so into any mission and they will begin to weave and the weave becomes more and more accentuated. just a bump as its a big immersion killer offline
  8. I remember biking around London trying to fin somewhere to buy IL2 - and finding it at HMV on the kings road in Chelsea - all gone now! Many happy memories of SWOTL!
  9. Since the last few patches I have noticed the HE111 has a problem in formations - the aircraft start to oscillate and eventually crash into each other. I have logged a bug in the bug tracker. No issues with Ju 88 or Dorniers. I have tried multiple single and quick missions and build my own - just level flight, Vic formation and they start to Dance. Is it just me, is it the effect I have on those big beauties?
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