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  1. Thanks - I edited waypoints in FMB and its much more stable now
  2. Playing more of the Rats campaigns and doing intercepts on JU88s and Ju87s. When intercepted the bombers all start doing barrel rolls whilst returning very accurate fire from gunners. I remember this was a problem a few years ago in Blitz but was ironed out. It seems to be back. It kind of ruins the immersion despite it being a very good defensive move. So just now i had a formation of 9 JU88s all Barrel rolling and corkscrewing around each other until inevitably two collided. Plus the gunners don't seem to be impacted by the violent manoeuvring. Is this a previously squashed bug with the AI that has returned in the last two patches? Having said that it doesn'tnt seem to occur in all missions - I am guessing it may be linked to Waypoint actions in the mission. Not sure. I notice it seems to be on homeward bound leg of bombers route - usually where there is an a reduction in altitude between waypoints - otherwise they are using a normalfly action.. Possibly the AI is trying to maintain a set speed while diving and being under attack?
  3. Jolly good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHQ-e60yIWo
  4. Its pretty good already - great to see its even better going forward!
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