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  1. I just noticed that Numpad 1 and 3 provide very nice snap views to rear. However, I don't know if those will work in VR.
  2. I just returned my Rift S as the Oculus support team was unable to find a fix for the 'USB Disconnected' error after every reboot. Looking at the forums, I wasn't alone. I am looking at a Reverb G2 instead.
  3. Solved it myself: the answer is to use the system-wide install, then it all works great, audio included, without any opencomposite.ini file at all. With it working by default, you can then add an opencomposite.ini file with an entry such as 'supersamplingRatio=1.1' if you wish.
  4. Does anyone know how to make the audio switch from Windows default to headset on game start? With 'enableAudio=False' it doesn't switch, and if you enter anything else (True, On, etc) then IL2 wont start at all.
  5. Can I just say THANKS for hosting a 'Training and Dogfight' server in addition to the main? Was really struggling in the main as my setup wasnt great and its been years since I IL2'd. An hour in the training and dogfight server had me getting sorted and it was a blast. I'll probably live there for a few days until my spotting improves beyond 5km
  6. I don't agree. In cockpit, flying as a military pilot, I found that under ideal conditions you could see fighter-sized aircraft at over 10 miles. The acuity of the eye is way better than the best flatscreen. The range at which we can see contacts in game in VR is terrible by comparison: I'm losing visibility of contacts I'm chasing at under 10km (est). Sorry for resurrecting old thread.... what I was wondering was if this new setting had any bearing on on how the game renders aircraft in VR?
  7. Based on my experience in Combatbox today I need a snap view out front too - planes are just disappearing when a few km away.
  8. I support this suggestion. As a new VR pilot with years of IL2/trackIR experience way back, VR is very limited in lookout, and the FOV (my Rift S has just 90 degrees) makes it near impossible to look over shoulder - no peripheral vision. Two 'snap views' that could be assigned to HOTAS buttons would be a game changer. Copy the VRNeckSafer thread, but I use OpenComposite.
  9. I recall years ago when the IL2FB game was first being modded that there was a lot of debate over effectiveness of the 50 cal. The modpack team I was working with tweaked the 50 cals to address this. I was one of the testers that flew many, many repetitions of a 'P51 vs 30 single engine fighter' single missions where the 30 'opponents' were friendlies, just to see how many 50 cal rounds on average it took to bring one down. So we would run a few of these and the modders would look at the data and tweak the 50 cal, then we'd run it again, until the team thought the 50 cal was balanced. The Mk10
  10. I'm using a Rift S, the 90 degree FOV is pretty narrow and making it hard to look over shoulder. I lose 100% of my multiplayer dogfights due to losing sight of the bandit. Still, its a great experience, and I wouldn't go back to TrackIR after this.
  11. I haven't played IL2 for almost 8 years, and never in VR before. I'm liking this server, great missions, it all looks amazing on my Rift S. Only slight problem I'm having is that every single sortie ends with me dying in a burst of fire from an opponent I never knew was there. This is so much harder in VR than in TrackIR.
  12. I'm a convert to opencomposite. To get mine to work, I downloaded the 64-bit dll, created an "opencomposite.ini" file with one line: "enableAudio=False", and put both in the [Il-2 BoX]\bin\game directory. (I renamed the original dll to preserve it just in case). I then ran the game in non-VR mode, selected Enable VR in the graphics menu, restarted the game, and it all worked except sound was now in my speakers not the headset. Changing the ini file to enableAudio=True didnt work at all (game didnt run) but selecting the Rift in the Windows Sound menu did. V
  13. Just the thread I was looking for. Finding it extremely hard to compete in Luftwaffe ac using VR. Now I know why.
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