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  1. Same here i own flying circus already and i bought every single thing in ROF including: cosmetics, every single plane, maps, mods, scarfs, streams and Ilya Morumets when it was supposed to be a stand alone title and i've also gifted the iron cross edition to a friend. EDIT: Ok nevermind found the promo code on my ROF profile, but i've bought flying circus premium already, so it's too late for a discount 😭
  2. Ciao ragazzi questo bug è stato aggiustato con la patch di oggi
  3. The issues related to WMR are related to Steam VR at the moment, it isn't nothing related to the game itself, i see lot of these posts even on other game's forums, you WMR guys must keep in mind that WMR support in Steam VR it's still in beta
  4. You guys are making an amazing job with this game, after career and all of the other stuff has been added to the game i quit DCS for playing just IL2 Sturmovik series
  5. When i try to start BOM open beta campaign a pop up tells me to buy the game.....
  6. This made me laugh due to the fact that in DCS servers nowadays nothing have changed since the times of LOMAC, you can still see these kind of situations
  7. I'm pretty sure the WT crew composed by its very different bestiary, will leave at a certain point after the hype factor, going back to WT, because there are lot of things to unlock in that game while in this sim there's no tech tree or supercannonammolaserguidedww2shellsultrasuperexplosivehyperpotential2500mmcalMG, so you might not be so worried, just be patient and the time will pull back things to normality, we will be happy and 777 is happy 'cause they sold lot of copies of the game, and peace to the whole world.
  8. Well battle of Stalingrad no RAF or USAF involved, Battle of Moscow no RAF or USAF involved but maybe you've just got "the idea" of the next IL2 Sturmovik episode, How about of IL2 Sturmovik Battle for Normandy (Summer 44) at least German Planes are already in. Why not i would prepurchase right now such title
  9. thank you very much for this suggestion but this isn't working for me, i've also tryed to reset all controls to default but still nothing Obviously yes
  10. Under the keymapping options: (Main Control) there are the last 2 options in the bottom of the list; (vehicle acceleration/brake) and ( vehicle turn) which i have remapped on throttle and pedals for turning and advance/reverse (Weapons Controls) => (Fire Turret Guns) remapped on my main joystick fire button and it works (Weapons Controls) => (Gunsight range adjustment) remapped on my main joystick POV button and it works (Weapons Controls) => (Select Ammunition) remapped on one of my main joystick buttons and it works the same keys i'm using for plane commands to open/close canopy and engine on/off are working on my throttle command pad buttons and everything is working without a 3rd party tool. the only thing that i can't remap is the turret movement, that i want to be mapped on the joystick and not on the mouse, 'cause i don't wanna leave my flight station, when i want to have a break from flying and get the control of some tanks any clue about this? thanx in advance
  11. Summer map is coming this week, holy cat i just can't wait, i'm waiting for summer maps since BoS release, and now i must wait for only a week, holy dog
  12. Wow devs you left me breathless, i can't wait for bombing some player's tank in MP, they'll be very scared hearing my stuka siren while i'll attack them
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