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  1. I see a Wurger, i click Like
  2. Sorry, totally forgot that on the east front, there were just some millions of love spreading care bears riding unicorns that just needed a heart shaped arrow to stop them leaving the hitlerjugend able to stop the rainbow spreading all by themselves and the LW had the sole goal to stop the continuous flow of bombers from London to Berlin, not that weren't any ground troops and tanks on the west front, nope, just bombers everywhere from hambourg to munich 24h a day. <sarc>
  3. Mike, From 2001 there was an issue with the 20HE effects in il2 series, i remember having pumped all the mgFF ammo into a Razorback and that thing continued to fly, ok it was in il-2-46 but neverless the same issue happend until last year here, the 20mm HE had less effect than an AP! So now the roles are inverted since few months but i'm sure that won't last long, they will take the issue into their hands. The DM is more complicated to represent than the FM. Actually, Kurfust is right here, the 0.50 make nice clean holes...when fired from 90° When fired with a slope, the exit hole isn
  4. Nice try at keeping the web legend alive, just like the mk108 in the 262 build in for the bombers... The A8 is a natural evolution of the airframe, using the pushed to the limits D-engine. The A8 wasn't build because of the bombers, but some weaponery was adapted to the airframe to tackle the bombers issue. The A8 was built to fullfill the whole range of roles the luftwaffe needed and was the most versatile airframe from WWII. It could be tuned to pilots or missions requirements and needs, that's why you see some with ETC's and prop weights, others not( meaning the rear tank is remove
  5. 1* Nope, that won't happen, just because there is no DM-code build into ms2020. 2* It's not because you ('ll) have some "military" stuff build into it at some point you'll be able to do combat, (see point 1) Will you be able to sink the aircraft carrier? will you be able to bomb a house/bunker/whatever building? Nope, you won't because ms 2020 uses data interpretation and not defined 3d objects like combat sims (be it main public sims like il2-series/dcs or military dedicated like Bohemai's simulations ...) To make dammage you need 3d objects not extruded textures from sat pictures.
  6. Hi Milo, don't play with words, Soc= Struck of Charge what means airframe destroyed, unusable due to contact with enemy munitions, involuntary contact with the ground, sudden loss of needed parts like wings for example, due to pilot actions who thought it was a good idea of putting the nose into the ground because it's spring and he wanted to help prepare the ground for the local farmer, because the pilot was a noob , because 2 hot headed pilots wanted to play chicken and suddenly both the airframes melted with each other....we can go a long time this way Once an airframe is SoC, it doesn
  7. SQ: Number of airframes assigned to squadrons MU: Number of airframes in Maintenance or in Awaiting Delivery (Data not fine-tuned as for the Mk14) MED: Number of airframes assigned/send to MTO SOC: Number of airframes destroyed/out of order. Otherwise, the French coast in 42 wasn't the same as in 44.....as the airfields on both sides, jusy saying, as i'm maping 200 airfields on the french side, i got an idea of what it was like
  8. The spit 9M61 do not really fit the time frame of the map, it's a 42 airplane, not a 44. (see graph) as for the 9 with M63, more than 95% of them were send to the mto, so once again , not a normandy plane.
  9. You took the wrong comment, the right one is: 30mm HE without tracer to Spitfire wing - "lethal" https://imgur.com/gallery/HkGqW But actually whatever comment you take from the above mentionned link, none of the spits serving as target survived the tests, and this was without any kind of aerodynamical-load on the airframes. Until now, playing only offline, never saw a 20mm causing an immediate loss of control, but with the 30mm yes, even if the wing doesn't come off, most spits hit in the wings simply go into an unrecoverable spin. KR
  10. You mean just like DCS was extremely strongly extensively inspired by the Cod Dammage Model? They can't kill dragons , let's not even talk about making them explode or piercing tigers from side to side killing all the crew at once and making the whole tank column explode with 1sec salvo. And No, it's NOT the fault of a defective 109 DM, it's the fault of the .50being porked! PS: 99.99% of airplanes (or other mechanical stuff ) do not explode when being hit, except in hollywood movies and propaganda guncams. PS2: Need some chips with my delicious Belgian beer...
  11. No its not, it's like Zacharias-x said: semantics. It's like the VTEC from Honda and VVTI from Toyota, both do exactly the same thing but use different ways to do it, but the goal is the same: adjusting the valve opening depending on the load. The KG and the MBG do exactly the same: they control and adjust engine/prop parameters depending on pilot imput, actual engine and atmospherical parameters. The goal is to have as little workload for the pilot as possible, this one using just one lever "Slow-Fast", the KG/MBG handling the rest. The ways to handle the parameters may be different,
  12. Indeed Zacharias-X! just semantics, let's grab a virtual glass of brew barley mixed with water... For more info, let's look "on the other side", Very good explanation of the Jumo to be found there: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/dcs-world-war-ii/dcs-fw-190-d-9-dora/112837-jumo-213a-for-dora/page2
  13. Yep, the D9 tested (now in the NASM) had the D13 wings! So, yes, it's certainly a factor in the bad review and if we add that ailerons must be set using specific measurements and methods... That's why the Tamiya D-9 1/48 has wrong wings as tamiya scanned the D-9 present at Nasm...with the wrong wings the exchange of wings was done somewhere at the start of the 2000's , the D-13 at flying heritage received it's wings back from the nasm and gave it's own wrong D9 wings to them. As for the heavy controls, please check the dive test WWIIaircraftperformance.
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