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  1. JV69badatflyski

    Really hoping the Mustang...

    Not true, it's here that the best posts are. Fast it will be, but nimble?...🤣 anyway you forgot to mention the need of .50's ripping Tigers apart.
  2. JV69badatflyski

    TFS Developer Update - Patch v4.54 January 2019

    So like you, they don't play the sim but unlike you, they don't come here with their negativity....
  3. JV69badatflyski

    Luftwaffe aircraft strength prior to Bodenplatte

    Hello, So...here we go again... I think you missed the part where i wrote "on the 10th may45 for the MK14 (not E/FR/FRE)" for whom i added the numbers in the next answer to Milo. My source is the same as yours, the difference is that i put each airframe on a time line and categorized it. You really think an airframe once delivered to operationnal unit was actually continually used? You have to take the picture on a certain date and not making genaralizations that once active, it's active until the 8th may45... My data looks like that: 10 days periods for each airframe, still working on it between tasks at work to get more precise info: Here is your RB140-189 series you took as example, just a snippet. so, were all airframes operational at the same time??? Once done the file will be made available for everyone.
  4. at least 4 entry points (with no metal blend to outside sign of internal explosion) so 4 pgu-13bHei (note the incendiary in the name but no incendiary effect here) that would make like +/-180gr explosive material. Now lets put 180Gr C4 in your car and see the result.
  5. no explosive bullets..... armor piercing. And actually, the car is annihilated to atoms, it will glow fluo green for the next thousend years and be a heat source for the nomads at night....
  6. JV69badatflyski

    TFS Developer Update – Nov/Dec 2018

    Buzz, thanks for the answer, i thought i recognized the area as i fellow tobruk map maker, i'd like to give some "comments" on the area, not to criticize (because that's easy but the art is difficult, a french saying ) but because is saw some points for possible improvements and it's easier to tackle this when in alpha stage then when it's released.... so if you want to hear my thoughts i'll gladly do it via PM .....'cause i so want this map to be as beautiful as possible, it would be like the child of my map made for il2-46
  7. JV69badatflyski

    Luftwaffe aircraft strength prior to Bodenplatte

    Yes milo, but you have to add 58 FR's +11 E's +1 FRE to get the total of all MK14 versions all together, the number i gave are for the MK-14 "standard" only.
  8. JV69badatflyski

    TFS Developer Update – Nov/Dec 2018

    Thanks for the update! in the video, the dogfight above the "brown'ish "textures, is this the Derna area?
  9. JV69badatflyski

    Luftwaffe aircraft strength prior to Bodenplatte

    Don't want to start another mk14 topic but just as example, on the 10th may45 for the MK14 (not E/FR/FRE) There were 189 airframes in maintenance/repair/delivery 100 airframes assigned to squadrons 82 aiframes exported to india since Oct43 103 airframes SoC (struck of charge) since Oct43 Still working on the data to get a better view on the distinction btwn delivery /repair. So , yes there was a 20/25% loss ratio compared to production numbers for the MK14
  10. JV69badatflyski

    Luftwaffe aircraft strength prior to Bodenplatte

    production number tells you just one thing: are there enough available airframes to create an airforce and to compensate the losses. You need pilots, without them those planes doesn't fly. If you look at the spit production, you see that most of the airframes , after being build at factory, were in delivery for 2months (an average), but there were also airframes not being delivered to any kind of squadron, let it be flightschool or active squadron, just sitting in a delivery pool waiting for whatever will happen, some being just scrapped after the war with no flight time at all. +/-900 spits MK14 built, max assigned planes was something like+/-145 ....remove the losses from the general number and you get like 20% of build airfames were actually used. Production numbers shows only the industrial capacity, nothing more.
  11. Indeed, and add to this mix the fact that some planes had exhaust gases pumped into the tanks, putting them in surpression and removing at the same time the air (oxygen) and most of them were also self sealing, to make a tank explode you'll need to tear it apart, making holes big enough so it can't seal and the exhaust gases have no effect allowing enough air to enter the tank and create the explosive mix.
  12. JV69badatflyski

    The gamer vs the sim/history buff P47

    still not understand the fact people are trying to put the Bolt into the "flying concrete" box. You see movies and pictures from RAE MK108tests showing planes without any forces/load applied on them being torn apart by a single bullet and still they try to convince the Bolt was something magical able to sustain more 30mm bullets than a B17. Waiting with anticipation for the Poney's arrival, that will be funny!
  13. JV69badatflyski

    The future of Clod after v5.00, just a few thoughts.

    Not the same spit9, i was talking about the spit9 M61 completely different beast than the one produced from half43 with M63/66. Don't see what a 190a8 has to do with a 190a2/a3 t,here is like more than a 2.5years difference on a time line Players will be back cause it will be something new, something Box can't provide , nor the planes, nor the map. Add a B17 as ai and Dieppe here we go... and there are players that like to have some automatic recovery in their stuka's ans some more advanced DM
  14. JV69badatflyski

    The future of Clod after v5.00, just a few thoughts.

    Thanks Buzz, but really hopes for the wurger asap, what's missing in the game is a better planeset, make the wurger and the spit9 and you'll see people coming back. I heard oleg telling a new airplane needs like 6 months devlopping time because mostly of the dm, but i'm sure you already started working on one....
  15. JV69badatflyski

    Rolling performance

    roll perfs are only one side of the equation, the other one that's also important , even more, is the roll rate acceleration . what's so great about having a great roll rate if you need 4 secondes to get to your max continuous roll? there is a nice video of the P-38 in the cockpit, looks like there is always a lag between the moment the pilot turns the wheel and the moment the plane starts rolling.