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  1. Lol, a bad photoshop job using a badly scaled illustrative image compared to a blueprint . Do the same with blueprints and you'll see the difference in legs(and feet) height between the wurger and the poney.
  2. It's seems to be a trend on sim-games fora's. The wing loading, blabla, turn faster,blabla..... Looks like the concept of first putting the plane into the turn position always seems to be forgotten in all cases, the aileron's task is always put aside. As perfect example: the meteor mkIII: it had a very small turn radius, great, the issue was it needed like 3sec to initiate the turn (roll the aircraft to 90°)... So if you take the turn times from the moment it's in position to turn, it will be much less than if you count the time starting at initializing the turn from horizontal position, making the turn and getting out of the turn to horizontal position. and don't tell me the il2 had the same roll rate IRL as a 109...
  3. About 7.7 Bullets and He-111 Please visit the following forum: https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/testing-effectiveness-of-incendiary-bullets.51930/ It gives an idea of how effective the 7.7 were, at least the incendiary bullets.
  4. Logged in just to say : nice find!!! fitting wel together!
  5. There are priorities as in all projects, you don't paint the wall before it's build. In this case, Tobruk's release is the main priority along with debugging specific points (not necessarily visible bugs) that have been forecasted by the coders. Inserting new stuff always has an influence on already existing stuff and can create some issues with it.(=Delay) And those guy's hands are full at the moment with this task. Never forget TFS is not a full time paid studio like 777. They are all great guys working in the shadows in their free time so this game can continue to live. KR
  6. Please explain what you mean by that. thankyou.
  7. don't know what to think here... so let's see the positive side of it: Nice movie, in 2 minutes we get to see almost everything NOT to Do in an aerial combat. Stick jerking, Energy handling, engine management, target fascination, situation awerness, bad gunnery... It should be shown as example of what not to do
  8. Hi InProgress, If you see some strange spots on the map and encounter some even stranger reactions, please take screenshots (vid's) with the position on the map and use the BugTracker . https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27260&highlight=tracker the BugTracker allow it not to be forgotten, not like a post in the middle of the fload on a forum. Small Texture correction are rather fast to execute when the exact location is known. KR PS: this is not a river, it's a road😀
  9. Check bardia coast in google maps for example ....there are serious cliffs in Libya 😅
  10. hum, ok... the first one is understandable, but what the heck the second point means? sorry, forgot my enigma rolls today
  11. No seriously? on the picture those are not Sabre's?... Thank you so much, i didn't know...just like the fact that the SABRE has nothing to do with the Fury, nothing really, Nada, Schnoll...There is no link in the development between those 2....they are complete different airplanes, just like the B-29 and the Tu-4.
  12. I like white noise, it's relaxing just like a mix of Sulfur,Argon, Calcium and Samarium, you should try, it's live-saving. 'bout the rest, I'm sure you're right, you must be, the after-war propaganda machine is always right, right?! Ps: I don't know what NaCa was testing in it's supersonic 1inch wind tunnel but i can't see them working on aero profiles at this size, mayby some flea-aerodynamics 'cause even a bee was too big for it. Case closed, Back to the magical meredith turbo NoS Rocket effect.
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