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  1. A Great Contender for the Best Comment of the year Award: ...but this is a simulation and when has a simulation ever been about balance? Whatever happened to only working to your advantages and developing tactics to beat the technologically superior foe? Air quackers found it's a guilty little pleasure that i sometimes indulge in. However there is a certain subset of the air quake fans who are just obsessed with balance and this makes me wonder if somewhere way back in France in 1944 there was a german squadron equipped with Anton's and if in that squadron were two pilots who's seeing that other squadrons were equipped with Dora's were so angry at the injustice they refused to fly. Then i imagine the conversation going as follows -"Hans, Johann there's an alarm, get in your aircraft" -"No Herr Oberst Leutenant, we can't fight the spitfire in those and until we get the Dora we'll sit right here by the fire, carefully waxing our new vaginas"
  2. And what will the Lufties do meanwhile you're giving ground support to the magnificient sherman's? having a beer IRL ? Normandy would be plausible in the Prohorkova size not in the size people see it(like 46-CloDo)....because of mentioned points by Inprogress . Having a Normandy map and not being able to simulate even a fraction of the Landing is simply stupid. But i suppose this is simply a request to get the channel map and be able to use the planes in cross-channel operations.... As the pacific can't be handled by the engine correctly (i mean by this the ship's battles) in the actual state, i see Berlin as the next map, all sides would be happy with it as it would be a Hotrod's Festung. It's the front requiring the least work as the airplanes are upgrades of what is available in Bodenplatte.
  3. what you wrote looks like the old "EAW" compaigns if my memory serves well. Eaw was really immersive in those times.
  4. ooh yeah please, a so called fighter with a Lancaster's Roll rate, that would be funny for the lufties Read the whole report, it's worth the 30min of your time :http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/meteor/Meteor-CFE.pdf
  5. Not even able to hold a clean finger four....too much HP certainly...Newbs!
  6. That issue , i think is more financial related that anything else. It will cost less to start from a sound close to the original and rework it than recording the real stuff. Not that others didn't record the real thing(s) : Now imagine the budget to hire the recording crew, accomodations for several days, making an appointment with the museum, pay the museum for the fuel, their time, etc... So, if anyone here has connections with "flying collections" i'd be glad to know how much would it cost for a static recording (and a flying one if available) for just one plane. Pure curiosity... Otherwise, the company that made the sound for WT also sells some of their recordings, so maybe, if someone start a kickstarter for it, it could work https://pole.se/product-category/vehicles/aircraft/
  7. agree with you on that one, but it opens a new dilemma as there are 2 situations: 1° the Raf Command decide to equip certain squads with new Mark type. Who takes the decision? how the whole process is handled from administrative pov to the Factory , the Pool's and the squadrons? 2°Replacement request from Squadron to RAF command because of SoC. What's the flow? Now, is any data available for those situations? if yes, is it possible to link any airframe number to a request number? it's the only way to see the real time needed for each airframe. I based the stats on the most complete data available, it provides a general view, not a perfect view as it would be needed to dig into each squad archives to determine the availablity based on the assigned airframes. As for the time needed from request to delivery, unless someone can provide the docs for ALL airframes, it's impossible to know.... and now waiting for a cherry picked document....
  8. Don't put words in other persons mounths. the 14 was there, flew there, fought there and should be included.That's why i wrote a long time before. No, it took much more than 20days, the average will be calculated once data is finished, removing both extremes. I took the 20 days into calculation because it was the best delivery time. There was enough stock to replace the fallen ones, but in feb45, Tha Raf decided to send most of them to India, for whatever reason. GSU were personnal delivery pools, nothing more. GSU83 linked to Group83, GSU84 linked to Group84....Upgrades and modifs were done in England and mostly at dedicated MU's (from the data used here) Who argued that fact? The goal of those numbers is to demonstrate and kill the Web-Legend that the 14 flew in Hordes, with houndreds of airplanes... actually it was a very small part of all Spitfire, the most numerous were the 9 and the 5. KR
  9. Milo, Not, that's not what i'm saying, i simply see the fact that between production and operationnal status , there was a huge delay. Statistics can be interpreted the way you want, depending of your agenda. Production numbers are nothing of value if the planes aren't send to combat, the same situation as for the spitfire was present in germany, with houndreds/thousends airplanes lying down in delivery pools waiting for action. So when you say that on day X there were only 9 109 available from the 26, well the same certainly happened to the spits... In this case, i'll provide only the assignement numbers, not the AVAILABLE numbers, it's a huge difference! With Could Be, Would Be, Wanna Be, you could speak german now, having a weekly cramp in your right shoulder, NY and Washington Would be a radioactive Wasteland and Adolf WOULD be still alive with a cyborg body riding a T-Rex...
  10. Hi talisman!, maybe you misunderstood or maybe i simply didn't explain the methodology used here for the statistics. let me show you how i work: an example of the DB First: the timeline for each month is split in 3 periods of 10 days (all months have 31 days, was lazy here ) The situation recorded is what was on the 10th/20st/31st of each month. What means IF an airframe was delivered on the 12th but went SoC on the 19th, it will be categorized as SoC and it's active service of 7 days is not counted. Second: AWDL= awaiting delivery to operationnal squad. If an airframe has not been assigned yet, it's considered as AWDL. You may see that when an airframe is been used for testing, it's not considered as delivered but is categorized as TEST, what means it's a non-combat airframe and not counted as ACTIVE what is shown in green and starts with SQ than the squad number. (GSU are also considered as active ) Take a look at at the RB141 for example: when leaving factory, it went directly somewhere to be modified and tested. When the tests were done, it went to a "parking" for 5 periods and then was assigned to SQ-322 and then went SoC. IF, When, there is a date missing in the list between the day it leaved the factory and the assignement to squadron, i took 2 periods (20days), as this was the smallest delay between manufacturing and assignement in the list. The 3 or 4 that went from factory to squad in less than 10days have not been taken into account for the this average. Those 20 days are the most optimistic time! So, like you may see, there is a nice visual representation of the time between leaving the factory and being assigned. What interest me the most is the actual number of assigned (combat active) airframes. The rest is just for pure curiosity. The total numbers of airframes built doesn't mean they all saw service, a lot of them actually didn't and i took in my list ONLY the airframes build BEFORE 10th May45. Wat happens after doesn't interest me at all. Anyway, i still have some issues with some "acronymes", not being sure of what those organisations were, i hope i could send you a pm one of those day hoping you could give me some light about it...
  11. Thanks milo, found something more precise here: http://www.350sqn.be/index.html Seems they went back to England for 2 weeks in45, they needed holidays certainly EDIT:Seems that the RN201 is not listed in the airframes used by the 350sq (see link above), so is the Spit production wrong or are the 350sq records wrong? About the K4 numbers i'll let you argue with Kurfy The MK14 numbers are going well, once finished will be put in PDF available to download. 350SQ Belgian Group Airfield County/Country Date 9 Valley Anglesey 13/11/41 9 Atcham Salop 19/02/42 10 Warmwell Dorset 05/04/42 11 Debden Essex 15/04/42 11 Gravesend Kent 30/06/42 11 Martlesham H. Suffolk 07/07/42 11 Kenley Surrey 16/07/42 11 Redhill Surrey 31/07/42 11 Martlesham H. Suffolk 07/09/42 11 Redhill Surrey 15/09/42 11 Rochford Essex 23/09/42 11 Hornchurch Essex 07/12/42 11 Heston Middlesex 01/03/43 11 Debden Essex 05/03/43 11 Hornchurch Essex 13/03/43 11 Fairlop Essex 15/03/43 13 Acklington Northumberland 23/03/43 13 Ouston Northumberland 08/06/43 13 Acklington Northumberland 20/07/43 12 Digby Lincolnshire 25/08/43 11 West Malling Kent 07/09/43 12 Digby Lincolnshire 19/09/43 11 Hawkinge Kent 01/10/43 11 Rochford Essex 12/10/43 11 Hawkinge Kent 31/10/43 11 Hornchurch Essex 30/12/43 9 Llanbedr Merioneth 08/02/44 11 Hornchurch Essex 19/02/44 11 Hawkinge Kent 10/03/44 14 Peterhead Aberdeenshire 14/03/44 11 Friston Sussex 25/04/44 11 Westhampnett Sussex 03/07/44 11 Hawkinge Kent 08/08/44 83 Lympne Kent 29/09/44 83 Evere Belgium 03/12/44 83 Ophoven Belgium 31/12/44 83 Eindhoven Netherlands 27/01/45 10 Warmwell Dorset 17/03/45 83 Eindhoven Netherlands 03/04/45 83 Twente Netherlands 08/04/45 83 Celle Germany 16/04/45 83 Fassberg Germany 06/05/45
  12. Yes, and was decomissionned. SOC = Struck of charge Milo, do you know where was the 350 around mid Mars45? The average time of delivery from factory to Squad in 45 was 4periods (40days) but if we take the best most optimistic range of 20days, that's when 350received the frame.
  13. RN201:MK-14E build in feb45, put in a warehouse for3 years, send to Belgiam-AF End 48', crachlanded Feb1950....a perfect exeample of an airframe not having see the WWII, like most of the MK14's...
  14. Thank you , but i'm aware of the changes made and we may say that the only thing they did was adding weight to stiff it. Reinforced fuselage by adding spars, escomatable rearwheel, larger tanks and wing tanks. Switching dials and levers their place in the cockpit doesn't change a thing about the weight. The pilots still didn't have the ergonomy of a 190's cockpit...far from there. I know, worked on a MK14 in Brussels. Never drop something in a spit cockpit or you'll loose it forever.... I also put the worlds "shorlty explained" followed by the sarcastic explanation, just in case you missed it. But still, i do not see any numbers/figures from your part. Rollrate curve? Stick forces? On my side, i stay with the fact that the 14 is just an overhyped hotrod used in very small numbers proportionally to other spit's Marks and even worse if proportionally to the whole Fighter command.And no it wasn't even close to the maneuvrability of the mk5ccc The numbers of mk14 operationnal assignements can be found here on the forum somewhere if you want to see how much airframes were in what squadron . BUT: i do not say it hasn't its place in the game, for now it's just missing, i'm sure it will come and will be glad to fly it. In case you wonder what it is, a definition in the english dictionary: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/sarcastic
  15. That it flew into the 50's has nothing to do with the technological marvel the spit was (because it wasn't a marvel at all already in43) it has to do with economics and the knowledge delay the english aeromanufacturers had on high speed aerodynamics. GB was broken and couldn't allow to put enough money into new designs, it had to work with what was available, the spit still being there, new high speed wings, contra-prop and hop, a new faster airplane, but even in this config, could it compete with the 44's schwalbe and it's autodestructive burners? Nope.... Until German highspeed tunnels tests have been analyzed, tested and confirmed, GB wasn't able to produce any high speed airplane usable as a weapon (don't go the meteor flying brick way here...). As for the tempest: heavy weaponery is ordonance, it has enough power to destroy and disrupt. that's not the 2 .50 that could do something, but the 4 20mm were enough to provide serious damage on static and moving targets, especially if you have like 4 or 5x the ammo quantity the spit had. The tempest was simply a better plane for the needs of the time. The spit has nice curves and is nice to look at , but at war, if an ugly plane do what the HQ recquires, the ugly plane is simply better. (Beauty is subjective )
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