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  1. Actually the game of you can/can't use the "EN" happenned like3 times in44, you just posted 1 of them. But you know what? The Crews didn' t care, just like they didn't care they weren't allowed to remove the external guns starting with the A6 series (strictly verbotten by FW, see manual), or remove the ETC501 , or remove the rear tank, or mounting an bf-109 Erla tank holder , or remove the mg131 or even pushing the801d to1.8ata. Those guys did what was needed to maximize their chances of survival. in 44 a german airframe had an average life of 20hours, those were tools to get a job done, loosing one was'nt dramatic, ther were hundreds new waiting to be picked, adapted to unit's needs, do the job and being thrown away. Wash, rince, repeat.
  2. Hi. Create a separate joystick profile for the spit -hurri. Load this profile when flying those birds. Keep your actual for the 109 and even better save it as "109 profile".
  3. Please Verify the bombers aren't overloaded , they act strange when their weight is above max load as AI is strying to keep the planes within the assigned parameters in the mission. Remove some fuel if you want to keep the whole bombload. There is more than enough. ...and otherwise, like buzz said...
  4. The one source that got banned , but has access to a tremendous quantity of "Focke-wulf meetings minutes" and other FW originals docs that we won't see elsewhere. This info was posted , included the scans of docs in german, on the private White1Fundation forum a very long time ago(15years+?). There was a very long explanation of the wurger's boost history, included all the tech info and graphs.Very informative. But being banned, the source won't be able to share it with us...
  5. because it wasn't reserved for the U17....unless 2JG54 flew only with U17's... Ernholte-stuff was tested operationaly by them , and it's not a dedicated jabo squad 😉 the modification for the emergency injection was a simple piece of kit to be assembled on site by grease monkeys and also applicable on old A4's. I don't see the JG54 Big chiefs allowing the removal of the system once the 3months testing was done, because (use German wing kommander's heavy voice)"ach nein, zu kan't have it, those are nicht U-17"...so yes, it's a total biais. All versions should have it, until the arrival of the higher fuel pumps and the bypass allowing the 1.65 on both supercharger levels. So, Still a Wurger lover after those 16years??? 😋
  6. Great Pattle! That's the plane and the cammo that comes in my mind when there is talk about MTO❤️
  7. Apples and oranges.....The tech used in FS2020 can ONLY be applied to modern (ACTUAL) era. The tech is based on high resolution sat pictures (up to 10cm/pix) with automatic objects extrusion (like google maps). What means unless if you have High Res Satellite pictures of the planet between 1939 and 1945, this engine can't be used for WWII. If you use it, you'll have to remove one of it's primary "innovation", the objects extrusions, having to place objects manually like it's done in Cod/BoX/46. another point, and what is essentially the most important point : FS series do not have such a position precision like the one in combat sims as FS do not have to compute the trajectory of a 2cm object (like a bullet) and the result of it's traject intersection with another object depending on dozen of parameters. Balistics are not to be underestimated as a load in a combat sim. On a Planetary engine, you come across the double float position error what means the error in calculation get bigger when the distance between the player and the object get bigger. PS: Objects in FS do Not have any collision boxes what means that even a modern combat sim won't be able to use this engine as in the word combat you have "destruction" hidden 😁
  8. MP, even if i also would like to see something like the PacificTheatre coming alive in Cod, you have to remember the difficulty to obtain documents TFS could base the work on. There is not only the performance documents that's an issue, the technical documents are also hard to find.Jason Williams has a very valid point about that. You know (i hope you still remember) how the 3D models are made for CoD, all the structure parts, all the mechanical parts, all the sytem parts have to be created, not only to be used by the player but also for the DM. You know how the CoD's DM works. All systems and all strcutural parts are build in the aircraft model. There is no "virtual" mechanisme in Cod, if something can be broken, it's created in 3D and system management for the player. The DM goes far beyond what the other combat sim's do. Now, this won't be such an issue for a Zero or any american plane, but it will be for almost any other Japanese plane. what means that you'll get just one Japanese plane and few americans? Would it be fun to have the pacific without the Val/kate and other japanese stuff? For me not, a personal opinion. For my part, and it's a second personal opinion, i'd like to see some further devloppement of the european theatre and the med theatre with some obscure planes like the italians, the french, the polish and especially i'd like to fly the wurger, typhoon with it's crappy engine, a nachtjager, a flyingboat, a Lanc or a B-17 in the CoD game engine before having to fly above the pacific's endless water...but that's just my opinion/hope/dream... ps: sorry for breaking the ambiance...
  9. The right malta map would be like 500 on 800km's , the better malta map would be 600 on 900. The italy invasion map would need the same size. And because of the different terrains types, you'd need a lot of textures, a big lot of them! and guess what, in contrary to the general idea: a desert area is much harder to make than something like the ETO, especially because there is nothing, you have to make the desert feel right, not an easy task.
  10. I think all the guys from the JG51 and JG 54 would completely disagree with you...😅 https://www.luftwaffe.cz/
  11. What do you mean by presets? if you mean something already pre programmed, that would be hard to do anyway, as the users have different sets of "joysticks" and other personal made HW. BUT, the strength of Clod is the possibility of giving each plane it's own settings and "call" this setting when needed. It's a painstacking process but worth to do. You just have to visualize what commands are needed for what plane. Start with something simple like the 109E4, add the basic controls and then do a fast mission and see what's missing, then add it. Save the profile as "BF109". then Take The spit (or the hurri) , do a fast mission again, see what's missing, add it to the bf109 profile and save it under "Spitfire" That's how i do, i start with the 109 because it's the airplane with the least of controls.i use it as the "base" . Or you take the command list on a paper sheet, pre-filter what you will need for what plane and this way you won't need to check your commands in a fast mission. Don't forget to Backup your Commands profiles in a New folder that can't be overwritten by steam.
  12. you're free to show the whole world your art... critics are easy, art is difficult...unless you have a banana and some duck tape😋
  13. do like the imaginary kill on a papegai dora....😁 for the rest, nice artwork👍
  14. Topographical maps from thirties/forties are available online, covering the whole rheinland map in scale 1/25K. All the data is already available, even the forest type.
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