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  1. It wasn't the goal to dispute the results, it's just the context of the numbers that triggered me. It had nothing to do with stories or game experience or whatever, but because i found the situation, the context of the fuel weight, abnormal. I actually never flew the 109 in BoX...not enough free time so when able to boot the game, i use my favorite plane, the Anton. But will try the F4, as i have some experience with it in CoD, just to compare. Even if i still find the context slightly hair-stretched, i see your point and understand now what you ment with the calculation.
  2. Hi! sorry to jump into your great discussion (really, no sarc here) but i was triggered by ZachariasX 's post with Holtzauge Graph. Could someone explain what good it is to compare planes with the same amount of fuel? In this Case (Graph) we're in a Sci-Fi Harry potter magical situation: The K4 sit on the ground, fully loaded, engine cut The D9 just took off without an enough warmed up engine and it's bounced just after take off. The 51 is at it's best situation having used about just more than 50% of it's fuel. Even if i do like Holtzauge graph's, this one looks like number gr
  3. I have the same stuff No such restriction in the A3 manual. it just says: keep an eye on the cylinderhead temp. Ps: correcting above statement: the overheating issue was found between the summer and autumn 41 on the A1 version , thus with the C1 engine. But it's not the place here to discuss this topic: we can continue in PM or on the "other private forum" anyway, i liked your balls chasing the spit that wanted to shoot you knowing you had a fuel leak and the gliding appreach was cool, but a flight instructor would remove your licence if you did it this way irl
  4. Hmmmmmm all D's were derated for the first 10 hours of use, and also in flugschule. There were issue with overheating and piston rods at the begin in42 but nothing to do with the "derating" that was there for the grind-in period. This internet myth about the 1.35 seems to be hard to remove, it's there since 2001 and oleg's good old times
  5. It's maybe big, but it's still cast iron and cast iron (or cast alu) is still brittle. (Go to a demolition carpark with a 1kg Hammer and hit an engine block, you'll see what i mean) A 37mm tungstene AP would not have any issues passing through it even when hit with a relatively small incidence.
  6. that's few parameters of the whole equation, you may add the cylinders temp and overhead temp. each cylinder has it's own calculations. so in cod, you can actually push your engine more than the recommended settings if you keep your engine temps within the limits. there is no egg timer in cod. the pilot has to look after his engine so, the necessity to know your instruments, being able to read them with a glance and interpret the data depending on the situation. i can't even count the number of engines i blew up just because of overrev, it's much more than the ones i blew up because of bad
  7. From memory. 15min for the engine swap+prop on the 190 with a crew of 4 and the crane. No mention the plane was fully ready, just the time for the power-egg swap. I think this is from the BWM Manual, should check again.
  8. I see a Wurger, i click Like
  9. Sorry, totally forgot that on the east front, there were just some millions of love spreading care bears riding unicorns that just needed a heart shaped arrow to stop them leaving the hitlerjugend able to stop the rainbow spreading all by themselves and the LW had the sole goal to stop the continuous flow of bombers from London to Berlin, not that weren't any ground troops and tanks on the west front, nope, just bombers everywhere from hambourg to munich 24h a day. <sarc>
  10. Mike, From 2001 there was an issue with the 20HE effects in il2 series, i remember having pumped all the mgFF ammo into a Razorback and that thing continued to fly, ok it was in il-2-46 but neverless the same issue happend until last year here, the 20mm HE had less effect than an AP! So now the roles are inverted since few months but i'm sure that won't last long, they will take the issue into their hands. The DM is more complicated to represent than the FM. Actually, Kurfust is right here, the 0.50 make nice clean holes...when fired from 90° When fired with a slope, the exit hole isn
  11. Nice try at keeping the web legend alive, just like the mk108 in the 262 build in for the bombers... The A8 is a natural evolution of the airframe, using the pushed to the limits D-engine. The A8 wasn't build because of the bombers, but some weaponery was adapted to the airframe to tackle the bombers issue. The A8 was built to fullfill the whole range of roles the luftwaffe needed and was the most versatile airframe from WWII. It could be tuned to pilots or missions requirements and needs, that's why you see some with ETC's and prop weights, others not( meaning the rear tank is remove
  12. 1* Nope, that won't happen, just because there is no DM-code build into ms2020. 2* It's not because you ('ll) have some "military" stuff build into it at some point you'll be able to do combat, (see point 1) Will you be able to sink the aircraft carrier? will you be able to bomb a house/bunker/whatever building? Nope, you won't because ms 2020 uses data interpretation and not defined 3d objects like combat sims (be it main public sims like il2-series/dcs or military dedicated like Bohemai's simulations ...) To make dammage you need 3d objects not extruded textures from sat pictures.
  13. Hi Milo, don't play with words, Soc= Struck of Charge what means airframe destroyed, unusable due to contact with enemy munitions, involuntary contact with the ground, sudden loss of needed parts like wings for example, due to pilot actions who thought it was a good idea of putting the nose into the ground because it's spring and he wanted to help prepare the ground for the local farmer, because the pilot was a noob , because 2 hot headed pilots wanted to play chicken and suddenly both the airframes melted with each other....we can go a long time this way Once an airframe is SoC, it doesn
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