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  1. Thanks for this info, you made my day! Just the same story as with the Horten's Book, missed it at the release, price went up to several hundreds and then i bought the reprint this year for 35€ on Amazon Now the same with the ME-262 Vol-1 and i'll be happy!
  2. there were more Minnen than Hei in the standard belting anyway, 1tracer, 1Hei and 4MG if i remember correctly... but if you insist on the Hei result: Probably lethal aerodynamically, it's still a one bullet on target, one kill. Please visit this topic for more results of MK108 testing: i don't even understand how one could argue this, it's beyond terrestrial comprehension, it's like a sci-fi movie
  3. Close that book and never open it again. The 12 was the worst spit ever build.
  4. Hi Guys, It wasn't my goal to make a flamed discussion, just wanted to point out the fact the MK14's submarks were irrelevant in the game and iRL, compared to the "simple" MK14, that even if it's proportional numbers to other airplane types were low, it saw plenty of action so she would make a nice addition as a collector. EAF_19Marsh, you came out with the counting theory, and it's good and rather logic, but it you seems to want to apply it to the 152, if so it will end with a much higher ratio than the MK14 submarks, just because of total airplanes on LW side especially if we talk about spring45. Numbers and statistics are a double edge sword. That's why i took the raw numbers for the MK14, you can't turn them the way you want: it was assigned or in repair or in waiting delivery or exported or SoC, no twisting possible possible of the kind "yeah but it was in repair, maybe it could be send to combat if needed, blablabla"...Nope, it was in repair, unavailable. point. For my part, even if i like the 152's Shape, i don't like fly the bird, i have my own favorite hotrod for fast action scenario's : and it's total production numbers are even higher than the MK14 as those numbers are until the V-day, not like the MK14's FW-190 A-9! PS: and why don't i like the MK14??? Because like 25years ago, when working on the Cockpit of the 14 in Brussel's museum, i dropped a screw, and even with the seat out of the plane, i wasn't able to find that screw, i've search the whole fuselage from cockpit to tail without effect. i'm sure this screw is still inside moving from one corner to the other when they move the plane.
  5. Indeed, a very good summary , i will remember it next time there is a talk about german numbers and will even quote you, no more numbers twisting possible if answers can't be delivered on the questions above anyway, for the FR-E, the case is really simple: -aircraft produced (before 8may45) :4 -aircraft delivered (before 8may45):1 (15april45) 414sq -aircraft reported on strength operationnal unit: 1 or less - % of types in the specific map area: if we take the low number of 1000 fighters on the continent: 0.001% -aircraft on unit strength in the specific map area :1 or less -aircraft availability in specific map area : 1 or less -aircraft likely to be operational over the specific area : 4 if we count all the production airframes until 8thMay45. The 14E, it's question about a production size of 46 airframes with the max assigned of 21 (assigned doesn't mean operational)(12 of them being lost(all causes)) The FR14 it's about +/-250 produced airfames with the max assigned being 58 on period 1st-10th may45 Those 3Marks won't give a PLUS for the game as they have been assigned when the war was already over, the battles being on the "east side" of berlin when those marks started operational duty. But yes i'd like to see the hotrod Mk14!
  6. A MK-14 ok A MK-14E ok even if it's numbers were really low, like really really really really low.... A FR-14 ok , even if it's numbers were really low, like really really low.... A FR-14E...Nope as there was only ONE that was assigned to a squadron(414) in the WWII timeframe. 😁
  7. Check the vid from 1m30 KR
  8. Lol, a bad photoshop job using a badly scaled illustrative image compared to a blueprint . Do the same with blueprints and you'll see the difference in legs(and feet) height between the wurger and the poney.
  9. It's seems to be a trend on sim-games fora's. The wing loading, blabla, turn faster,blabla..... Looks like the concept of first putting the plane into the turn position always seems to be forgotten in all cases, the aileron's task is always put aside. As perfect example: the meteor mkIII: it had a very small turn radius, great, the issue was it needed like 3sec to initiate the turn (roll the aircraft to 90°)... So if you take the turn times from the moment it's in position to turn, it will be much less than if you count the time starting at initializing the turn from horizontal position, making the turn and getting out of the turn to horizontal position. and don't tell me the il2 had the same roll rate IRL as a 109...
  10. About 7.7 Bullets and He-111 Please visit the following forum: https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/testing-effectiveness-of-incendiary-bullets.51930/ It gives an idea of how effective the 7.7 were, at least the incendiary bullets.
  11. Logged in just to say : nice find!!! fitting wel together!
  12. There are priorities as in all projects, you don't paint the wall before it's build. In this case, Tobruk's release is the main priority along with debugging specific points (not necessarily visible bugs) that have been forecasted by the coders. Inserting new stuff always has an influence on already existing stuff and can create some issues with it.(=Delay) And those guy's hands are full at the moment with this task. Never forget TFS is not a full time paid studio like 777. They are all great guys working in the shadows in their free time so this game can continue to live. KR
  13. Please explain what you mean by that. thankyou.
  14. don't know what to think here... so let's see the positive side of it: Nice movie, in 2 minutes we get to see almost everything NOT to Do in an aerial combat. Stick jerking, Energy handling, engine management, target fascination, situation awerness, bad gunnery... It should be shown as example of what not to do
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