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  1. Thats fair play prances, but the decision of FC Vol 1 and Vol 2 ETC strategy was made long before this, you can be sure, someone somewhere knows where the FC series is going by now ... or if its not, why hide that strategy from us, why keep us clinging on with hope? Its borderline cruel ... I read these forums every day looking for answers, see so many other simmers too with hopes dashed for the best WW1 Aviation sim ever, but its never really come to fruition ... and that's sad Yes, thanks to Pat Wilson ... you are an absolute superstar sir, thank you, but 777 should not be relying on you to produce content for free, all we have is a VR quake sandbox and from what I've seen first hand, it really is just air quake with voice comms. If 777 can't or won't tell us ... or just can not even trust us with hints the way Microsoft reborn can do with MS2020 can, well, that's their business I suppose, but honestly guys ... my passion was for a proper WW1 simulation, not this, its just the bare bones upgrade from ROF for the VR fly guys. At least a year from now to see how FC does pfrances? are you really serious about that? Please.
  2. Absolutely, why should FC Vol 1 and 2 be forever shrouded in mystery? Jason, just let us know please, there is nothing worse than clinging on ... see all that other modules under my avatar ... I hardly play them, its for support. I'm here for WW1 Thanks for support FC'rs ... i think basically we are all as frustrated as each other with not knowing? I'm off to check out WOFF again 👍
  3. 20. False claims on future or past decisions and plans of the developers, which are not backed by hyperlinks or other facts are prohibited. Violations of this rule will result in the following: First offense - 7 days ban on entry We've lost a lot since moving from ROF to FC. I get it, its all about VR air quake for the regulars here and you like to use voice comms too .... I've seen it first hand, heard it too. Just look at the topics here ... and they all support voice comms it seems on the various air quake servers. Usual guys that know the servers, know the voice channels too, what sort of fun is that? Lets face it Folks, 777 never really committed to this module in the way they committed to others, it was full price and has the least content of any them, it leans on third party guys to provide it and I think that's not the best way to go forward I know I'll get chased away again from here by the usual fan boy regulars ... but I would just like to say, upon departure ... I like WW1 aviation just as much if not more than you all too. Jason and or 777 need to step up to the plate soon and let us WW1 guys know what future plans are, FC vol 2 or not? ... this is all so very very disappointing. Thank you very much . Oh, and I will not be buying more from 777, including this new theatre until they can at least confirm or deny their intentions for Flying Circus. I have my limits.
  4. Love to do scale modelling, sometimes I like to model the Aircraft in flight simulations I enjoy ... its all part of the experience, all part of the study, all part of the understanding that sometimes helps me deeper enjoy a good Flight Sim. Done that for Falcon 4 and 3 n before, but for here, this is the Trumpeter 1/32 IL2 kit built up ... Now, Trumpeter from China seem to have A and B teams, some are accurate, some are not ... I think this is an A team kit, its pretty much spot on. Have switched to 1/48 for Aircraft now, mostly for space, but have a fondness for this model and this Aircraft and the original Sim too of course. OOPs, meant to post in Model Pilot thread where the other scale models reside, please move if possible, my mistake
  5. Just an observation guys before the loyal fans here come out with the pitchforks ... apart from the map, we are now up to speed for all Flying Circus Vol 1 aircraft ever will be for long term developer commitment, if you look at the forum infrastructure, then look at the Great Battles one, lots of sub forums ,,, this is their concentration of work, none here on Flying Circus, none on Tank Crew dedicated forum there here either, its if they don't really care about us ... hate to say it, but where is the love for Flying Circus in particular? Its not in the new 2 seater AI Gunning, in fact all the AI from Flying Circus AI is totally abysmal, it really is :( The Map too, its only potential saving grace, its crazy how long this is taking and all we've seen is just a few city scape scenes, many enthusiasts have asked about 3 D trenches, that should be possible, but guys in here are all ready pepping up to defend the devs if that does not happen ... this is almost 2020, it happens in lots of games and sims, it really does ... why do we we create arguments amongst each other when legitimate complaints are raised? Why cant we work together as fellow flight simmers to help prod the producers in the right direction sometimes? Nobody has been in to say ... hey Guys, sorry for your concerns, but, here is XYZ of how we intend to go forth with Flying Circus, we hear your concerns about the AI and more, there has been nothing like that, same for the map concerns ... the map i hate to say was same team who did a bad map for DCS and wont be hired there again. We've just been totally ignored and left to argue amongst our selves :( Its very strange, but what can you do? For what its worth I think the AI in Flying Circus is ludicrous, not just the 2 seater rear gunners and for the many reasons the good enthusiasts here have described, but also the AI even before the 2 seaters ... Its just so repetitive, so simplistic, so predictable ... some of you guys must have tried Wings over Flanders Field ... OK, the graphics are nowhere as sexy as Flying Circus. but OMG the AI enemy is light years ahead, it really is. I hate fall outs, don't want banned, but as you can see, a legit customer with my purchases who just wants a bit more transparency with where we are going for Flying Circus in particular.
  6. I give up, really do ... OK and with insults that seem to be allowed in a one way sling shot fight here for any criticism of any kind ... you guys win, never seen so much forum bullying in all my life, if its not praise praise praise, its begone begone begone. What do you hope to achieve with that? My criticism was constructive and for the want of the betterment of this series, was met with fanatical forum bullys who have been allowed to get away with this behaviour for far too long. any criticism they see as not at the Gameplay itself where I've been aiming at, but at the developers ... well hey ho, its not a religion to be defended at all costs, ... where does it say we must grovel ... gimme a break for heavens sake, if it hurts the devs feelings to see something negative and constructive, too bad. My heart was in the right place. That is all.
  7. This is the promo of Howard Hughes WW1 movie. This would have had as much impact of Cameron's Titanic back then in the 30's. Lady's and gentlemen I present Howard Hughes ... Hells Angels
  8. And of Course, Sir Peter Jackson was responsible for this
  9. I totally give up, no doubt Jason will be along soon to promise and confirm again the very vague ambiguous road map of FC1 that clearly or less clearly states we get more content if FC1 sells well. Thats the bottom line. Its all I've promoted FFS. I mentioned from the beginning, Build it and they will come, therefore ... put more into FC1 and it will sell more and put money in the bank for FC2 ... nobody's listening though, its all about lets have a go at someone new they deem is attacking the dev company they love and provide forums for Entirely not the case ... really give up with some of you Hey, Guys, see those icons in my avatar to the left of this post ... I'm a Flight Sim enthusiast too and entitled to my opinion, have bought all the other stuff bar Tank thing in order for this company to succeed ... all I would like to see is as much to be ploughed into FC 1/2 as those projects has. Not maybe stuff. Thats all.
  10. Have at it, made my points and it seems none have been considered, might as well give up on this franchise altogether. I mean really, when loads of the regulars do not seem to care about where FC is going (half the recent guys in this debate) Its time to bail and sit back and watch what they do best, argue amongst themselves about futile arguments, on this topic and multitudes of others. Over and out ... will check back when there is no FC2 ... maybe
  11. Where did you get this info from? Why the fan boy rhetoric, Andy? OK lets assume no more FC, no more FC2, they are not going to change as you presume, and that therefore must mean no FC2 ...You dont seem to care, its more about ... hey I'm a supporter of these guys ... do you actually play any of their stuff? FC especially, don't think I've ever seen you online? Crikey man, where does your loyalty lie With the playing Sim and its future or a company?
  12. And you dont care, you and Robin boy would like this this to drag on for an endless futile debate, that usually happens on such forums as these. Scraps ensue, nothing gets done. I've moved on from this, have just made some observations, couple of you guys have so much time invested in this forums chat and post count ego's you want to see me begone or something? or drag it down to an argument for your own petty hobby of troll and hopefully get me banned or something, bring it to level of Admin intervention and then point at me ... I've made very reasonable points. Leave the usual forum bullying aside for a moment and lets please discuss the future of FC from IL2 team. I'm here because I hope to see Fc1 and 2 become a success, that is all, have been attacked by a couple, but accepted by the majority, lets just appreciate we would all like like this series to succeed without attacking each other ... PLEASE.
  13. Thanks feathered, gonna check it out, apart from my previously posted WnW kits, this has arrived today, The WnW Dolphin.
  14. You state the obvious Yes Yes Yes, but can you not see where I'm coming from?, why does it have to be an argument with some folk, why cant it be a discussion, please read my post again to see my concerns. And once again, keeping everything crossed FC1 sells well enough in order we can just get the opportunity to buy FC2 with more content in the future ... that's all i really want and hope for as an enthusiast of this genre. I'll be 60 on Sunday mate, bought more early access than you might imagine, in all cases and especially for a genre like this, have offered my feedback, thats all this is, just feedback and perhaps some hopes too. Chill out.
  15. Its a fact really, any war movie folk like us are passionate about is usually a load of guff and nowadays CGI fests too, we are the minority, the general public are the paying crowd for such movies and they want puerile CGI and romance, from any genre Red baron 2008 was grim, and I tried to watch it all the way till end, maybe I will one day, switch off my accuracy head and just try to find something else about it that's good ... wish me luck. I have Blue Max on disc, Dawn Patrol, have a copy of Howard Hughes "Hells Angels" ... Perhaps Zeppelin (1971) might be a good atmospheric watch, any other good WW1 aviation movies? Given that Peter Jackson founded his high fidelity WW1 plastic scale construction kit series Wingnut Wings and loves the era, maybe he will one day give us the WW1 movie we all seek?
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