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  1. Everybody seems to be flying spits atm 😂
  2. Addressing your issue with grey splodges: Could you screenshot that? Haven't seen such a thing. Planes stay intact: can't confirm. i've shot off wings, tails, got my elevators shot off, tail wheel off, ... i could continue The last issue: What you are describing sounds like deflection shooting. Which is needed to hit a target that is moving at an off vector, even when convergence and range is optimal. Or is it something different you're describing?
  3. Cool, i really like the diy-Panel! Inspiring
  4. I did some testing with the Spitfires and it's insane. As Griff stated there is no way to stop the turn when rolling out. Edit: After some more testing i found out that you have to counter the slightest nose tilt by SLAMMING the brake in the other direction. And i mean full pressure. If you're just a bit too late, even full brake won't save you, there's nothing you can do to prevent spinning. I have no idea how "realistic" this behaviour is, just noting my observations.
  5. I kind of get the point, but i think mission variety would be much easier to implement and had a greater effect on gameplay. I'd like the missions themselves to be more dynamic: Random encounters, new information about targets, more mission types, etc. The career is great fun, but i can get a bit repetitive.
  6. That one earned me the iron cross 😂
  7. Yeah, it's strange that you can drive around with full brakes and low rpm in some planes
  8. What plane are you refering to? While i also think that the brakes are too weak in many cases, i never experienced crash on landing because of that.
  9. Wow, the paratrooper model looks insanely good. I happily bought Kuban at full price recently, and after i finish the Sea Dragon campaign i will definately buy Moscow, which is still missing. In case it hits sale before i think i won't even wait that long, lol 😄 Tank Crew is on my list too, but tbh i will not be grabbing it at full price, which is mainly because of the lack of infantry. Anyhow, there is so much support and love put into this sim that i hope we will see great content like this in the future and i will invest in it where i can.
  10. Thanks for your answer! My language is set to german.
  11. I finished it today and landed a totally wrecked fw-190 with no sight cause of oil leaks and nearly unconscious. It was the perfect ending for this awesome campaign, just fitted so well with the narrative 🥰 I will definately replay it. Thank you for this great experience!
  12. One question: I have no Mission Briefing in the campaign. Is this intended? How do i figure out what to do? Radio leaves me wondering a bit tbh 😄
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