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  1. This was the sortie of the Air Operations Center involving the Dedicated Bombing Squadron, the 6th Fighter Group and X51! The Plan was to attack the the rear depot on the finnish server loose deuce with x9 He-111s and plenty of 109 escort. If you or your squadron want to be part of huge operations like this join the discord (https://discord.gg/2uSMTuqbCE) and keep any eye on the transmissions center text channel! Timestamps for action from my side are 29:45m, 33m and 48m.
  2. please bring it to every plane in the game with any skin as fast as possible
  3. Considering the fucked up LoD distance for many objects and not being able to level bomb properly above 4000m, THIS indeed, is a very good question to ask. Some Objects really are fine to bigger bombs they will destroy anything in their blast radius, but MOST are not. And what happened in the picture above i posted just happens too frequently... There is definitely some issue with how the damage is calculated, however the biggest issue in my opinion is that there is no threshold at X durability where buildings can't be killed by canons. I think that way too many objects were slapped with a
  4. I never had this happen to me and i fly most plane types quite regularly...
  5. So i managed to find a lua script that enables me to use all of my OFF-Switch position as an extra dx input which is great if you want them to work as an off/on switch for nav lights for example. All good so far, i bind them all ingame (the game recognizes the switches being moved and assigns the bind to the plane function) but then going ingame and spawning a plane absolutely nothing works... Anyone knows why and how to fix it?
  6. at first i chuckled but now i am wondering if youre serious
  7. aaah yes of course that must be the reason not some fishy spaghetti code and [edited] durability value for buildings 😄 /s
  8. Picture number 1: The Bomb CLEARLY detonates just left (or above) of the 4x3 building square, if anything dies it should be the the top ones right next to it because THEY are CLOSEST to impact point right? What happened instead? Picture 2: The 2 CENTER buildings died (indicated by fire) which are BEHIND the top ones and should receive LESS damage. Yet people are here telling me the bomb damage is fine as it is. Even if it was then this behaviour makes NO sense AT all. It's really triggering getting told that everything works just fine by people who probably don't even bomb themselve
  9. SC1000 detonated which i suppose are around 20-25meters distance completely obliterating a brickwall building
  10. the damage right now of HE canons is very high, and doesen't require any further buffs. Planes are burning in 1 pass in multiplayer
  11. I feel you so much man, exactly the points you listed are what people use to try and defend this issue. If somebody claims that any building other than a fortified concrete bunker will withstand a blast of ANY kind of bomb in this game within its literal CRATER I sincerely wish you that one of those bombs lands within 15m of your house . Most people who defend this issue simply don't like not being right and try find any argument no matter how irrelevant to discredit your literal objective facts.
  12. So how exactly do you explain this screenshot if EVERYTHING is working as intended? At least acknowledge that theres a problem... Maybe 50-100kg are more efficient with accuracy bombing, but a building not dying inside ANY bomb's blast crater is plain out unrealistic and a BUG.
  13. 2 500Kg Bomb killed NO buildings at all even though 4 of them are right inside the blast crater! (the 1 dead died to a 50kg direct hit afterwards lol) Sorry but this is not a problem of the server i am playing on either. People who still defend that a building will WITHSTAND a blast of a bomb within its crater are beyond me.
  14. well they need to acknowledge that they either need to nerf canons in general or fix their hit reg
  15. they always, ALWAYS get pilot kills in the first burst. If the pilot isnt dead everything that can be on fire is on fire or a broken wing. unrealistic as hell
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