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  1. As a relatively inexperienced sim pilot who owns BoS and BoM, I've found the Bf-110, Ju-87 and Il-2 the easiest aircraft to learn to fly (and land).
  2. Thanks Klaus, that's a really good explanation! You've really helped my understanding and I'm probably going to bookmark your post for future reference
  3. Sounds great! The career mode sounds like a big improvement for the SP side of things
  4. Thanks istruba and Jirokoh! Pitch trim is one of the things I have been using and it does make a big difference. One question - how much do you use yaw trim, if at all?
  5. Indeed, dare I say one of the easiest?
  6. Thanks No43_Handsome, that's quite a list of references to dip into! indiaciki, good point about wind & turbulence. I'll definitely practice more patterns (that's how I first learned to land)
  7. I've only had a couple of flights so far, but it seems to be a very nice aircraft to fly. Good level speed but slow in the climb, quite slow to roll, good firepower and bomb load, and fairly forgiving in takeoff and landing.
  8. Thanks von_Tom and andyw248! I don't have curves set up for my pedals, and I'll admit that I probably don't use them as much as I should for coordinated turns and fine aiming. I will definitely have a look at their sensitivity - the point about resistance makes perfect sense. The point about speed is also useful, and I'll bear that in mind when I'm setting up for an attack.
  9. I hope we both pick up some useful information! Thanks, much appreciated! Thanks for the tip. I'm more concerned with improving my basic flying skills than my combat skills at present (combat will come later once I've got a better foundation). I haven't messed around too much with the axis settings - both pitch and roll are on 0% with a small central deadzone at present. I'll give your suggestion a try next time I fly out
  10. As per the thread title, I'm currently working on becoming a better virtual pilot. The two main areas I'm trying to improve are my landings, and my in-flight stability and steady aim. I'm going OK with the landings - I can successfully (if not prettily) land the aircraft I regularly fly, and daily practice is yielding a gradual improvement in my confidence and ability. The second area (stability) is a bit more difficult to nail down, and while practice has improved things to some degree, I still find maintaining a stable heading and aim quite difficult to achieve at times. I mostly fly ground-attack (bombing and strafing) or interception missions. The aircraft I have spent the most time in are the Ju-87 and the Il-2, both of which are generally very stable and a lot of fun. I do fly all the other aircraft from time to time. Some of these (e.g. the Fw-190) I find extremely tough to keep steady. For reference, I'm using a Saitek X-65F stick+throttle, combined with CH Pro pedals. For the time being I'm sticking to single-player PVE in campaign/quick missions in normal mode, to reduce the number of things I have to think about while I practise. What I would like to ask the more experience pilots in this community is, what general tips or advice can you give me to help improve in this area? If you have any plane-specific advice I'd also be grateful, as I'm trying to expand the lineup of aircraft I can competently fly. Ideally I would like to reach the position where I can competently takeoff, maintain sufficiently steady flight/aim and then land, in any of the currently lineup of fighters and attack aircraft. I realise this is a going to take quite some time! Please note that this isn't a complaint or discussion about accuracy of flight models or physics simulation, just a request for assistance
  11. Great DD, thanks for the update 1. Bf110 looks ands sounds fantastic. Can't wait to sit in the cockpit myself! 3. Not bothered about mouse-control as it won't affect me at all. I can see how it's a good thing for the developers and the sim to widen the potential audience. 2. Addition of tanks is great, but if you're going to do it at all, please don't forget us single-players. We'd like to drive them and have missions/campaigns for them as well
  12. Some very interesting ideas in this thread! I think, personally, I'd to see somewhere with a coast and a bit of ocean, so there's options for some proper naval aviation and potentially some naval aircraft and torpedos. I'd also like to see somewhere with some more hilly or mountainous terrain. Other than that... I have no particular preference for which theater or which part of world war 2 we see next.
  13. Wonderful news! I'm looking forward to both aircraft, the 110 most of all
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