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  1. yea shore !! i can see what can do !! glad you like it:) i will post them here when they are ready steady for ya!!
  2. not again!! The bus is waiting for you on the airfield private!! Well the engine aint there!! its "Fake News" but i did a Moore banged up lady already!! let me present!!!! The Pacific wreck. i can upload it on request,if anybody actually wants to fly in this scrapheap.
  3. Attention stand at ease Luitenant!!! you are now back after one week suspension after your last catastrophic flight where you menage to bust up your plane pretty good, there still marks on the runway after that bumpy landing. and to quote your mechanics own words " put that maniac in a bus! and let him stay there for the rest of his life!! " however !! we will in lack of other more competent pilots in this dusty outpost ! let you have another chance at it. but you will have to make do whit your wreck t old bird until spare-parts will arrive. Dissmiss!! to Busted old bird http://www.mediafire.com/file/xim4zj4f54bai2b/CTBB`s+P-39+aircobra+Mechanic+mayhem.rar
  4. Salute commrades!! some ruski skins for the p-39 1st Major Fjodor Vasilinskis pesonal favorite 2nd the Rugged beauty Enyoy!!!! http://www.mediafire.com/file/hoscmal20uii3ea/CTBB`s+P-39+aircobra+Skins.rar
  5. sorry havent make any videos,but if you use JSGME its easy to install and uninstall if you dont like it:)
  6. yea pretty mutch !! its just a cheap trick, but im no moder in that sense, i only have many many ideas. but if you use JSMGE its easy to switch on and off if you get in the mood for some glen miller in the evening sky`s:)
  7. Test this out see how it fits whit the skin!
  8. well why not? its cracy havoctime!!! cant touch this! and i like it!! crap okey i will correct that!! actually i began making these before the skin temples was out so i had to use the russian brown version and coudent remove the red star marks which is on all sides!!
  9. Allrightythen!! its crazy Havoctime ladys!! been up to my knees in scraping and painting these babies and now there nearly done!! one! the Photo Fanny" have already left the paint-hall and is ready for commission test flight, so if your´e up for it its all yours!! http://www.mediafire.com/file/220xsw7hvh036hz/a20b+Photo+Fanny.rar the rest however is still scheduled to get there markings and final layers of chiine! Yea and also im going to post a new Radio mod for American bomber crew later today !!
  10. Well its time!!! its time to to take off in big style!! to the rocksteady beats of oldshool movie classic Tunes. so! whitout no further adieu!! http://www.mediafire.com/file/01was7xlm457eyl/Cpt+Blueballs+Music+in+Flight+mod+1%2C0.rar WHAT iT DOES _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. plays song on takeoff plays song when issue command 1. order attack nearest air target (Build up tention tune) 2. Cover me (things are going our way!! ) 3. Follow me do as i do (intense air combat music) 4 left formation (only for Russians) "power ballade" 5 order formation column (Plays a soft compforthing tune) last!! take it easy out there in bat country..
  11. im in the making of newer better versions specially for the English American and German radio chatter!! first im trying to remove all annoying repeating call signs scale it down a little at least. then adding a whole newly sampled sounds. like bomber guncrew chat allso been making a music in flight mod some nice tunes on leaving airfield and songs for immerse dogfights. so now you can take your Junker 52 up thru a snowy dark landscape full of paratroopers to the mighty tune of Where Eagles dare well pretty much so anyways!!
  12. there you go mate a British version Cheerio old chap!! http://www.mediafire.com/file/ieuw1sefu5ez5ey/radio+mod+for+il2+England.rar
  13. it replace the russian radio chatter whit american ones. its not perfect yet still some sounds thats missing!! be sure to backupp the original rus folder ore even better use JSGME..
  14. aahh got you !! a simple human mistake there! i will correct amidiate!! and to the british verion,allready made that! and a german russian & finnish one:) can post it to but not today!
  15. Stand at ease Ladys Today the 27th of mars 2018 a day that will live in infany!! today you will resevee your bren new radio equipment from c.t.b.b`s Electronic aviation inc. brace your`e self dont panic!! its not that complicated ! just hold a firm grip at your equipment pray yourè prayer tighten your bottock`s and speak your mind!! in the microphone that is!. okey Here is a new US BOMBER CREW RADIO to use just for bombers its in the making still so i will update it from time to time. Please give me feedback on miss placed sounds and new ideas i have only tested it in Quick mission so need info how it works in general!! good luck and dont mess up!! pick up your new Equipment at U.S Bomber Crew http://www.mediafire.com/file/in4kqrgqlksfj9m/CtBB´s+radio+mod+for+il2+U.S.A+v2%2C3+Bomber.rar (BONUS) U.S music in flight http://www.mediafire.com/file/u89opn2l16yxd8j/Inflight+Music+mod+U.S.rar U.S http://www.mediafire.com/file/lhfl52hobczgog8/radio+mod+for+il2+U.S.A+v2%2C2.rar U.K http://www.mediafire.com/file/ieuw1sefu5ez5ey/radio+mod+for+il2+England.rar Finland (Suomi) http://www.mediafire.com/file/8rpd25xpmny138m/Radio+mod+finnish+pilots.rar German & England music in Flight http://www.mediafire.com/file/01was7xlm457eyl/Cpt+Blueballs+Music+in+Flight+mod+1%2C0.rar This is not entirely my own making its a mix mag of old il-2 1946 mods and other sounds!. i have just composing it to work in il-2 bos bom &bok take it ore leave it!! PS!! backup your orginal files ore use JSGME to install.
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