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  1. Is there any improvements when it comes to AI for TC? I gave up waiting for this for a long time as single player was no fun, and I've now come back to see if anything changed over the last 6-12 months :)
  2. If you purely enjoy MP gaming with no AI then yes, otherwise I disagree. If you like anything of SP I suggest to give up. We are still waiting for critical changes for the AI and with no ability to create missions in SP. No news from the devs on this for months which is disappointing.
  3. ...and how about the actual 'elephant' in the room - AI and pathfinding for TC? Any updates on this?
  4. link to where he said this?
  5. Six years later and still nothing.... I can only speculate what that means when Jason says they will continue to support TC after it gets released... nothing concrete; Not a single word as to whether they will address any of the things that the community has raised.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately I've yet to see anybody respond to even specific threads about issues for TC. It does feel sometimes as if TC is the 'poor cousin' to the plane modules
  7. Why not post technical issues here when they are assumed to be related to the patches? I keep writing about TC issues here in the hope that one day we might get a response. I've used the TC sub forum here (as has many other community members), I tried the Russian patch thread and after asking to move AI talk to another sub thread I wrote over there and stil never any response to whether AI in TC will be looked at any further. So yeah... still hoping
  8. I reckon the graphics engine for IL2 is a legacy engine and not based on anything like Unreal/unity/... So yes there are definitively well recognised ways for speeding up vegetations out there that looks fantastic but whether it can be applied so easily here is a good question. I agree that today the grass rendering is very limited - and this is especially a shame when it comes to TC and you can see the grass/bushes stops so quickly and all you see is a murky rendered flat texture
  9. anything that can move around, has animations and don't go through trees and houses would be fantastic 😆
  10. Pathfinding and AI is not working well. It would be great if somebody from 1C would one day reply to all the people in the forums discussing this aspect of TC. Are there any intention to look at these things or is TC only meant to be used for MP? Please...
  11. Interesting! I love hearing all these particular details of the various vehicles from ww2 to get more of an appreciation of them and how/why they are modelled in a certain way. (BTW, I never heard about the flubber thing before too )
  12. I hope improved path finding and AI will considered at some point TC. $80 USD for a module that is focusing almost purely on MP seems pretty high. I fully understand there is a need for ROI but as a customer that enjoy SP and struggle to find servers in Australia with TC it's expensive.
  13. Hopefully a "TC - SP special edition" would be great to add maybe career, fix the AI, path finding, etc.
  14. Totally agree. This tank is so rare it is hard to see it being a 'natural' fit into most battles across the IL2 maps.
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