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  1. Shadow, I would love it mate... I currently can't play because I keep getting booted off the servers for having a too high ping. I'm country W.A with no NBN yet so I struggle to get a game. I've tried WoL, still says too high. Not to mention the time difference.
  2. Symtex, I had a similar problem and found that checking the "Full screen" box fixed it.... it's not checked by default. Sorry mate, all I can think of.
  3. Hi Symtex, this one had me stumped too because it was working up until the last patch.... but one of the cleverer blokes on here figured it out. Download "Opentrack" if you don't have it. Launch Opentrack (don't worry about setting it up, just launch it and click start) Launch BoS Alt+Tab out of Bos and close Opentrack Launch FacetrackNoIR and set it up. Click back into BoS and you will find that it is working. Something to do with the protocol not loading so you have to force it with Opentrack and then it stays working when you switch to Facetrack..... Hope that makes sense and helps... It works on mine.
  4. Nice one Barbarossa! worked for me. It's a bit of a pain in the arse, but at least it works!
  5. You are a legend BlackHellHound, thank you. This fix also works with FaceTrackNoIR by the way.
  6. Panthercules, you are a genius sir! I hadn't started in normal mode before so the "Auto-radiators" key wouldn't work... and it was stuck on. I fired it up in normal mode, switched the auto-radiators off, then fired it up in expert mode and I had control of my radiators. Thanks mate, that was getting really frustrating!
  7. Nope... the game still refuses to give me control of my radiators, both oil and water.... oh, and mixture too....... I'm sure I'm just making some Noob error, because everyone else seems to be having no problems, but I just can't figure out what.
  8. I'm having the same problem dB.... no matter which buttons I map I can't seem to get control of my radiators, with the obvious result that the engines on my He 111 explode after about twenty minutes of flight. All other controls working fine. I'll try copying Kodiak's settings posted above.
  9. Albino, I'm in WA and I haven't had any of the issues you're describing. My pings on the EU servers are over 300 so I probably sling shot a bit to the others, but from my view in the cockpit everything looks and feels normal. Something in your network settings maybe? Sorry mate, I'm a total noob to this game so I can't offer much.....
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