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  1. I invite you to a long ride in Po2 (but how could it be otherwise with this plane?) over the hilly plains of Stalingrad. Put on your muffles, tighten your scarf around your neck and enjoy the scenery. After all, who knows what might happen?
  2. >>> What is Tobii Eye Tracking 4C (aka TBE4C) Here the web site (the new generation is Tobii Eye Tracking 5) : https://gaming.tobii.com >>>What can I expect from TBE4C in IL2 BOS ? You will have a 3 DOF controller. No translation, no up / down, no zoom as Track IR. But you can use the hot keys END - DEL, PAGE UP PAGE DOWN, INSER HOME to do the same. As TRACK IR TBE4C manages head tracking but also eye tracking. That is the main difference. And absolute nothing on your head. >>> How to make TBE4C work with IL2 BOS (and other games) ? You need to download Tobii Game Hub which will manage the interface between the games and TBE4C. You can only play in "joystick" mode in IL2 BOS. IMPORTANT NOTE VJoy is no longer needed >>> Quick Settings To make it simple 3 parameters will allow you to adjust the behavior of TBE4C : 1- In TBE4C for the gaze: Speed and Inflection point 2 -In TBE4C Head Tracking 3- In BOS the sensitivity of the HEAD PILOT vertical and horizontal parameters Let's look at this in detail. >>> Gaze Tracking Settings Here is the interface of Tobii Eye Tracking : And here are my settings: Responsivness 100 % ( by default it was 30 %). This setting influences all other settings in Gaze Settings. Same settings for head tracking. Next are details : The two settings you need to play with to make your experience comfortable are the two yellow and orange settings. >> Orange = Speed Easy to understand The higher this setting, the faster the camera will follow your gaze. >> Yellow Parameter that is paramount when zooming in. It's a dead zone that determines the threshold at which the camera will start to follow your gaze. Without it it will be impossible for you to stare. And that's it! Let's move on to head tracking >>> Head Tracking in Direct Mode and Responsiveness set at 100 %. Very easy : >>> Settings in IL2 BOS As for the axes of your joystick you can adjust the sensitivity of the vertical and horizontal axes. This can allow you to adjust the response of TBE4C even more finely. >>>Last settings : shortcut keys to start/stop TBE4C and view centering. >>> Trouble shootings with Turrets in planes and tanks When TBE4C is running the turrets no longer respond to the mouse. I solved this problem by adding in BOS a key (mapped on my joystick) that I hold down to be able to move the view with the mouse. Maybe there's a better solution? >>> TBE4C and light : I find TBE4C not very sensitive to the light environment. I use it under the same conditions as ED Tracker (which is completely insensitive to light). What TBE4C does not like : -complete absence of light -a lighting that's too asymmetrical. Let me explain. I have a window on my right (90-degree exactly). When the sun hits the window directly and I turn my head to this side TBE tends to stall, i.e. it fails to reach the extreme position on this side. Just pull the semi-transparent curtains to attenuate the excess light and everything goes back to normal. >>> After one year of use what is my opinion on TBE4C? I was using Ed Tracker Wireless Pro which works without IR LEDs thanks to gyroscopes. Light-insensitive and no stalling when picking up your pencil that fell on the ground! But it broke down and while waiting for it to be repaired I tried TBE4C... which I still use even though my Ed Tracker is back from repair. Why ? It's purely subjective but I find the experience more immersive. At first what is confusing is the combination of eye and head movements. But you get used to it very quickly. However I will not recommend TBE version 4C (maybe version 5 is faster as announced) to pure hunters because the latency to turn one's gaze in extreme positions is slower than with Ed Tracker and I assume also with Track IR. As I only fly by ground attack, it doesn't bother me in the least. I also use TBE in DCS which recognizes it natively. As a result I didn't have to make any settings. Even better in DCS the translation when you look behind is managed automatically. I also use TBE for its integration with Windows. For example : -with facial recognition system for identification. TBE also knows how to put your PC to sleep when you leave or wake it up when you approach it (before you even sit down!). -to select an item from an extensive menu with a single glance. -you can also select the software with a simple glance among several already open that you want with the key combination ALT + TAB that you keep pressed. -TBE 4C instantaneously moves the mouse cursor to the precise place you are looking at. Ok it's not necessary but it's fun! In the end TBE 4C is an original experience of which I particularly appreciate the freedom: no wire, nothing to connect before launching IL2 BOS, good immersion in the game. But the experience could be different for someone else.
  3. I used VJoy but now i use only Tobii Eye Game Hub and it is working fine !
  4. Thank you very munch. This is going to be a great help to my aging memory...
  5. Few missions are running on the "Prokorovka" (Tank Crew) map. Phoenix (Habu) has created a mission on this beautiful map with very special features that you can discover by reading the briefing at the beginning of the video. But in summary the player can autonomously and directly in game : -add AI groups -delete them if necessary -restart the mission. This last possibility obviously requires a minimum of respect for the players already present on the mission. A request on the chat is welcome, but do I need to specify it? We don't see it on the video to preserve the effect of surprise but I can assure you that there are a lot of units on the ground! Thanks to the Check-six team for hosting the mission (and a few others) in free access. Have a good flight
  6. Thank you for all your advice. My choice will be to fly only on servers that accept technochat because that's how I get the most pleasure out of this simulator that I love. End of the debate for me. Good flight all.
  7. To get a better idea of what this means for us bomber pilots try the Pe2 ser35.
  8. For even more realism I propose: - to suppress autopilot except in planes that actually had one... -to suppress the zoom because to my knowledge the pilots didn't have binoculars.
  9. If it could come true as you describe it... In fact I tell myself that what bothers me the most in this suppression of technochat is that it takes away the possibility to decide by myself if I want to use it or not according to my mood of the moment. A little more freedom that flies away!
  10. Yes, but how do you deal with those who don't have one? I don't fly with those at all anymore? Very noticeable on the ground. But in flight I break a window to put my head outside? True. The engine breaks down without any warning signs. 1/2 turn = 10 % are you using the technochat ? For Russian planes, you pay attention to the temperature gauges over what the levers are doing. If you're getting good performance and the temp gauges are within the acceptable range, then you're good to go. Really you can do that in combat ? My problem with the deleted technochat is simple: when I come home from work tired and want to relax while flying I don't want to destroy my plane on takeoff because I would have put the trim all the way up by mistake. This doesn't mean that at other times I wouldn't enjoy flying in hard core mode. I just want to know what I'm getting into. An automatic icon (like the one on the joystick) indicating which difficulty option a server uses seems to me a minimum to keep the game user-friendly.
  11. I totally agree with that. And I absolutely want to know before joining a server whether technochat is allowed or not. According to the planes I'm perfectly capable of flying without and with others it's impossible. May I remind you that most German aircraft have automatic engine management? No management of the mixture, of the rpm, of the radiators. Where's the equity in that case?
  12. Des A20B sous pavillon américain, britannique et russe mais ...des pilotes français ! Dommage que j'ai oublié de transmettre par chat le délai de largage pour les bombes. Ce sera pour la prochaine fois. Merci à jeanpitfrenchy and co de nous avoir accompagnés !
  13. a fun flight in Ju52 on the Finnish VirtualPilots Dynamic War server.
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