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  1. Thank you very munch. This is going to be a great help to my aging memory...
  2. Few missions are running on the "Prokorovka" (Tank Crew) map. Phoenix (Habu) has created a mission on this beautiful map with very special features that you can discover by reading the briefing at the beginning of the video. But in summary the player can autonomously and directly in game : -add AI groups -delete them if necessary -restart the mission. This last possibility obviously requires a minimum of respect for the players already present on the mission. A request on the chat is welcome, but do I need to specify it? We don't see it on the video to preserve the effect of surprise but I can assure you that there are a lot of units on the ground! Thanks to the Check-six team for hosting the mission (and a few others) in free access. Have a good flight
  3. Thank you for all your advice. My choice will be to fly only on servers that accept technochat because that's how I get the most pleasure out of this simulator that I love. End of the debate for me. Good flight all.
  4. To get a better idea of what this means for us bomber pilots try the Pe2 ser35.
  5. For even more realism I propose: - to suppress autopilot except in planes that actually had one... -to suppress the zoom because to my knowledge the pilots didn't have binoculars.
  6. If it could come true as you describe it... In fact I tell myself that what bothers me the most in this suppression of technochat is that it takes away the possibility to decide by myself if I want to use it or not according to my mood of the moment. A little more freedom that flies away!
  7. Yes, but how do you deal with those who don't have one? I don't fly with those at all anymore? Very noticeable on the ground. But in flight I break a window to put my head outside? True. The engine breaks down without any warning signs. 1/2 turn = 10 % are you using the technochat ? For Russian planes, you pay attention to the temperature gauges over what the levers are doing. If you're getting good performance and the temp gauges are within the acceptable range, then you're good to go. Really you can do that in combat ? My problem with the deleted technochat is simple: when I come home from work tired and want to relax while flying I don't want to destroy my plane on takeoff because I would have put the trim all the way up by mistake. This doesn't mean that at other times I wouldn't enjoy flying in hard core mode. I just want to know what I'm getting into. An automatic icon (like the one on the joystick) indicating which difficulty option a server uses seems to me a minimum to keep the game user-friendly.
  8. I totally agree with that. And I absolutely want to know before joining a server whether technochat is allowed or not. According to the planes I'm perfectly capable of flying without and with others it's impossible. May I remind you that most German aircraft have automatic engine management? No management of the mixture, of the rpm, of the radiators. Where's the equity in that case?
  9. Des A20B sous pavillon américain, britannique et russe mais ...des pilotes français ! Dommage que j'ai oublié de transmettre par chat le délai de largage pour les bombes. Ce sera pour la prochaine fois. Merci à jeanpitfrenchy and co de nous avoir accompagnés !
  10. a fun flight in Ju52 on the Finnish VirtualPilots Dynamic War server.
  11. Les site de la CAF en français : https://www.caffrenchwing.fr et en anglais ici : https://commemorativeairforce.org/home
  12. See here for the CAF : https://www.caffrenchwing.fr/presentation-2/ in french and in english there https://commemorativeairforce.org/home
  13. Le lien fonctionne à nouveau mais le téléchargement est parfois long. Après tu peux aussi aller t'inscrire chez les IRRE, qui sont forts sympathiques au demeurant, et accéder ainsi en direct aux liens dans la section Guides, Mods et Outils. ...et voler avec eux !
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