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  1. Skins A20B by CCG_Pips :https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/35661-ccg_pips-4k-skin-packs-home/
  2. I totally agree with Thirteen. A BIG THANK YOU Tip !
  3. I forward the request to the artist himself.😊 It was all but a easy return. Nice quiet village in the background.
  4. The mechanics will have to work overtime.🤑
  5. I see that ...nice girl and and beautiful armor!
  6. Is this a post-war camouflage? The first one and the last one are just amazing
  7. Nice effort. A single hangar would be an almost impossible challenge. So lining up three hangars is the challenge of the century.
  8. I've never tried it either. And I never had the idea before I saw your video. I agree with you that this is probably not possible. But Lord Kelvin said that heavier-than-air planes would never fly, so why not? To be continued ...
  9. i wonder wether if you can do the same flight with a ...Ju52 ? Included the roll of course! 😂
  10. Très belle ta compil Simpel ! Jolie musique et les commentaires live vont bien ensemble. Parfait
  11. Finnish Virtual Pilots Dynamic War Stalingrad summer. I was alone but confident in the success of my mission to bombard an artillery position. it all starts in the best way But quickly the weather turns to a storm More like a cyclone that scatters me like a puzzle.
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