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  1. There is an explanation for this anomaly : a little mistake in the mission settings. The vehicles were in block status with a very high durability. So these objects were almost indestructible. We checked at the end of the mission. Despite my poor English I hope my explanations are understandable.
  2. >Video in French but don't panic there are only two sentences. 1-Title : Raid on Pitomnik 2-At the end : Thanks to Normandie Niemen Virtuel for the mission. That's all! >Coop mission and escort provided by Normandie Niemen Virtuel. http://www.normandieniemen.com/?width=1280 >Server Vercingetorix managed by Habu >Ground attack Cercle de Combat Gaulois http://skinsmenhirs.forumactif.org Sturmovik skins by Obelix http://skinsmenhirs.forumactif.org or see French Skinneurs section in french forum https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/13609-skins-wip-et-rc/ >Music : Two Steps from Hell, albums Miracles and Battlecry (see details in video description). We had fun so we are happy to share this moment with you. My bad i didn't get NNV skins. Shame on me.
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/da3flp9kne3md58/Gunnery Manual%231 ver.1.1.pdf?dl=0 Thanks a lot !
  4. Thank you ever so much for providing these fun missions. I hope you will have as much fun in your new interest that we had to fly on your server. Merci !
  5. Anyway we had a lot of fun yesterday with other french pilots over Dzhubga : OBT squad, Pips, 13Nrv yogi and me !
  6. My screen above is from Il2 Mission Planner Map not IL2 BOS map. I took it yesterday while flying on Coconut Serveur Expert
  7. Hello ! I found a missing town on Kuban map at 1218. Here are the pics : I don't know if someone else reported it. A tiny bug on a wonderful tool.
  8. I have an issue in real life. I will not be abble to fly next FNBF. So i free my Pe2/A20 slot. I am very disappointed. I was so proud to fly with DBS pilots. Why life is so cruel ? Next time i hope. Have fun gents.
  9. Carleo french manual update with bookmarks https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D8818977_82798700_7039436
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