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  1. -LaFrench-bexhausted

    BOM Cockpits and Operation Quick Guide

    Great idea to add the default binding keys. Thank you very much!
  2. -LaFrench-bexhausted

    Pip's 4K skins

    Quelques screens pris au décollage dès potron minet ...
  3. -LaFrench-bexhausted

    Wind Compensation Calculator

    Stunning! Now it's really a perfect tool. Thank you very much!
  4. -LaFrench-bexhausted

    Wind Compensation Calculator

    TAS of course ! As [DBS]El_Marta i would prefer km/h. It is easy to calculate the time to target knowing the distance between two points (this thanks to Il2 Mission Planner by 19//curiousGamblerr). If my ground speed is 300 km / h then I fly 60/300 = 1/5 = 1 mn / 5 km (I'm lucky no digits after the comma). It is an approximation, but it is enough. Why not add two buttons, one in m/s and another in km / h? So i totally agree with you we don't need a travel time button yes
  5. -LaFrench-bexhausted

    Wind Compensation Calculator

    Thank you very much for sharing this fantastic tool, much easier to use than a spreadsheet. If I can afford some suggestions (they are not criticisms): -compensation result: keep the sign. In the example it would be - 6.83. Because the manual calculation is : desired heading - (compensation) = 135 - (- 6.83) = 135 + 6.83 = 141.83. It's not important it's just a detail. -The button "TURN TO THE": is useless since we have the true course to follow. I would replace this button with another result: "GROUND SPEED". Knowing this speed makes it possible to calculate the travel time to the next waypoint, which is very useful for bombers. GROUND SPEED = IAS - WIND SPEED x COS (DESIRED HEADING - WIND DIRECTION). The angle is measured in radians, speed in m/s. As it stands, this tool is already very practical. Again thank for your work.
  6. -LaFrench-bexhausted

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Nice pics all. It's a great pleasure reading your AAR. If i could have some time to fly with you all ...
  7. -LaFrench-bexhausted

    Failed to update

    It is working for me too now.
  8. -LaFrench-bexhausted

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Reservoir : lot of fun ! Thanks Tip. Combined army Il2 Pe2 :
  9. -LaFrench-bexhausted

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Good job !
  10. -LaFrench-bexhausted

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    thanks 216th_Retnek ! But i think Golgoth is really a perfect leader and especially for multilanguage squad ! "we get those hangars of the first sortie recorded with the statistic results! No importance. We do not fly just to fulfill our objectives but especially to have the pleasure of flying with friendly people, drop our bombs and come back alive! All objects on a target are not necessarily taken into account in the stats (it would require too much resources). It's sometimes frustrating but it's known to all of us. So we will have the pleasure to return to this goal!
  11. -LaFrench-bexhausted

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Good. Where is our leader? To make it easier for us he put the smoke. Thank you Golgoth! RTB Spending his fuel without counting our leader will be forced to land on an airfiled abandoned. Nobody was injured. See you soon !
  12. -LaFrench-bexhausted

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Good mission with fun ! 216th-Retnek: sorry for my very bad english. Luckily you only had to hear it for the last 40 kilometers of the first mission! Flying in formation with you and IRRE Golgoth (leader). Action !
  13. -LaFrench-bexhausted

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

  14. -LaFrench-bexhausted


    Si cela peut t'aider il y a ici un excellent guide cockpit / opérations (WIP) https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/30773-bom-cockpits-and-operation-quick-guide/ A voir si une simple traduction en français des fiches n'accélérerait pas le boulot. A partir du PDF c'est rapide à faire. Dans ce cas on pourrait se répartir les traductions en fonction de la connaissance +/- approfondie des avions que chacun en a. Pour les cockpits c'est facile, pour les conseils de vol c'est plus compliqué, tout le monde ne volant pas de la même façon. Peut-être en lançant un vol en pilote automatique et techno chat pour avoir une base sur laquelle s'appuyer, ensuite chaque pilote arrange ces réglages à sa sauce ? Qu'en penses-tu ? Et les autres qu'en pensez-vous ?