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  1. Thanks, Cynic. Once I get deep enough into the system to capture vid, I'll see about posting one (fingers crossed that by then I'll have solved whatever issue I'm experiencing with the Camel engine!).
  2. Me again...not sure if this fits into the new flyer FAQ or not, but here goes. I have been continuing to practice in both the MP Flugpark Training Server and in SP Quick missions. I've managed to land most aircraft (still haven't gotten down safely with the Spad!). There is something I'm missing about the interface with the Camel. Both in the MP server and in Quick Mission, once I touch down with the Camel, it takes on a life of its own and the engine stops--on its own--without me ever hitting "E" and killing the engine, nor dropping the throttle to "0". If I then hit "E" the te
  3. Incidentally, if you want others to join you in your server, check to see if there's an option for "maximum ping allowed". In RoF this defaults to 0 which means no one apart from you can join. Took me ages to work it out... Good tip! I was thinking that at some point I might invite a friend or two to come online and join into the server--what is a suggested number to enter into the "maximum ping allowed setting" to over ride the 0 default? Best, Ed M
  4. Thanks, Jim: I was just going to follow up about whether there were different server types. That answers that question 👍 Best, Ed
  5. Hello, all, After doing a bit of flying around on the MP the Flugpark practice server, I thought I'd check out the "Create Server" option in the FC Multiplayer interface. I set up a custom dogfight server there (with password-entering the Baupuame Noon 1918 into the Mission Rotation). I was a bit surprised to then be taken directly into the server from the "create server" interface, but I took it in stride and flew around a bit: everything was working pretty much as I had imagined. So far, so good. Now, however, I have some concerns: 1. Ever since creating the server,
  6. Hello, me again. Just loaded FC onto my system and hooked up my Sidewinder 2 Force Feedback Stick (got via ebay). I've got a Track IR on the way. Took a few spins with quick missions, watched some of vids of Thursday night fly ins, skimmed an online version of the IL 2 manual, and have tinkered with settings (by the seat of my pants to get things displayed on the screen, like Hud and whatnot). Hard to remember how much I've forgotten (having flown IL 2 years ago). I do have to say that I've been pleasantly surprised that I'm able to still handle the aircraft: split s, no problem: immelman st
  7. Hello, I used to be a RB 3D flyer for years, with the advanced flight model, glide wrapper, custom skins, all the bells and whistles (was in several squads) until that went kaboom. Switched over to IL 2 when it came out--became comfortable flying a range of aircraft (Russian, German, and US), progressed through several single player campaigns, and was able to hold my own in multiplayer servers. My favorite ride was the FW 190 (which I could even land). However, I was never a fan of the engine management--to say the least; as a matter of fact, I stopped playing multiplayer because of it
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