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  1. If you stop thinking real life ballistics and take this game in to account. A burst of 0.50 disable just about anything. Not enough to instant kill, but if you manage to stay away from the opponent for a while he will eventually go down. One do not need marksmanship to get a few bullets in a german engine
  2. Well I do not oppose better engines. Rather welcome it. In your perspective it is essential. But in order to survive such an attack on a bomber with turret (ai gunners with dual cal 50) With the accuracy one can expect I guess you need to fly high and bounce them from above anyway
  3. Idk. But Mostly I do go in just for one mission or two. Maybe many more does this? And a communication system like this would be nice. mostly I don’t bother to use discord. I would be more active if I flew with a wingman
  4. I dont really care about witch engine it got. Because it really wont help you in any way when flying MP. It have no real use compared to the A 4. It a cool novelty people like me will use and loose their virtual life in. It is no task this can do in this game with our relative small maps that other planes wont do better. I love it.
  5. I buy it since it is cheap, Kind of fed up with flying US glass planes broken to little bits once it got hit by a bullet. I simply do not hink this sim simulate late war in a good way. If there where any people on early war servers I would had a bit more enthusiasm If they could have a plane set that fits in the same time frame. It will never compete with IL 2 as it goes now. GB multiplayer is a joke if you look at numbers. 1 almost full and two not even half full on mp on average
  6. Well by choice you get more But still being supported yes. In a VR user pow. DCS still got much better SP campaigns
  7. It is a smmmmoooooth beautiful VR expirience
  8. I agree, I find the P 38 pretty good until fired upon. It simulate pretty well all characteristics I read about it from a pilots point of view. The way it break up is pretty repeating too. If I was a conspiracy believer, I would have believed that US planes are victims of some racial mocking. Their DM do not hold water. While Russian planes DM is more believable in general. Even with the wings breaking off the IL 2 taken to account
  9. I really really want to like career, I want to fly formation with bombers and ground attackers. I got a lot of duality feelings about MP, mostly frustration. I simply cannot relate to career
  10. That must be a natural born leader / aviator. He shown here in this community a great passion on teaching everybody the in and outs of all planes, I am not surprised, but that does not make it less amazing
  11. Potential..... this is exactly what I felt since the beginning. It could be so much more. You can taste what it could have been. You can physically see the budget line. yet it is the best combat sim out there
  12. I am not a aeronatical engineer. But I do know one thing. P 40, P 39, P 47 engines All known to have massive solid enduring engines. Are acting like made of glass. And it aint right. In special the allison engines when it comes to endurance. the radial of P 47 tolerate less damage than any other engine in game and it was known for the opposite. So what is invented ?
  13. My initial thought, but spending a considerable time down low in a fast fighter shooting at ground target . This is not a life sustainable tactics. In order to have a brake from all that we still sit witha a obsolete *A 20 B with compared to the more agile JU 88 small bomb load
  14. IT is correct as Busdriver say, I just included a survival pack into it. In MP a second pass is usually a suicide attempt most likely to succeed Making a straight dive to a heavily defended area likewise, but more accurate for most people
  15. Well we whom have flown PE 2 since the beginning. Can only say that this part is correct modeled. It fly shit with one engine. Very demanding to land with two. And surprisingly easy to get shot down in. I have tested PE 2 , HE 111 and JU 88 in qmb. With same fighter. The only difference is ai gunners calibre. ai gunners should not be that ready when a plane come into their field of fire. It is like ai already have the aim when you enter their area. Make the engine stream liquid and abort. It is disabeled
  16. When lining up for the dive I always do it 90 degrees to the line I want to fly for bombing. Mostly because the view is better and turn slow the dive a bit. When you dive in a slow turn make sure you do not use rudders the plane need to fly staright. if I want to hit hangar with planes parked in front I aim at front part of hangar. If you use rudder your aim is lying. You skid sideways. This is very important in all types of aerial combat. For shooting rudders are for last correction in shooting. For bombing abort no rudder
  17. If a smart 109 driver comes along and fire a couple of burst on my engines and then dis engage. He have effectively wasted half a hour climbing and ensured that I spend at least half a hour to return. Efficient way to keep a bomber out of action for a hour. If he insist on get a kill. I am in the air again within half a minute. Since I get very reluctant giving a free kill to those annoying swarms of bees, I will do my best returning. And some clever bastards do this.
  18. I am afraid there is no constant without constant speed and altitude. I hit my target best coming in a dive a distance from target level out low and drop the bombs a fair distance from target dependent by speed, but speed is mostly as fast as it ever will go, therefore pretty constant. I must add that after latest spotting system, where low planes are easily spotted, I come in from altitude above 4 K. If you do this enough times in QMB. You will be successful 90% of the times. With two bombs onboard you will hit at least once but mostly with two. I usually drop all my bombs in one pass, because staying there bring enemy. Going high you find a flight path that bring targets in a line ahead Alerted AA has less chance hitting you too, it seems to me they are much more likely to hit you in a direct dive. I fly mostly red , so I have no idea why I tell you this. Never mind what I said. Fly slow and level at 300 meters altitude straight over AA and drop just above it
  19. Why I do not fly fighters: List above ⬆️ I always believed I was not aggressive enough. Turns out I am too aggressive. Disengage 🙄❓If you are on a head on to anyone and fly a plane with guns in front. keep the plane in your crosshair pull the trigger and do not stop until one of three things happen 1. The fire underneath your dashboard make aiming impossible 2. your opponents erupt in a big puff. 3. you smack into him
  20. There are tweakes that make spotting much better. Coming from a 1080 resolution screen I must say spotting became easier with Rift S
  21. Personally I just say, if you want to sit in a desk with a screen or will you sit in the cockpit of the plane you fly? In GB it is a no brainer for DCS witch have a great VR expirience I am still a bit inbetween. I like sitting in my pit eith my panels a great deal too. But fly VR there too
  22. Are you sure you dont have to [alt]+[tab] to get mouse working? it happened to me once ir twice. Then another program was active and mouse did not work
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