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  1. If that is what it takes I go for it too. But I think it would be neat having a pit there. Miss it in the A 20
  2. Well it should, like G suits is a factor. But Idk any way to check that
  3. No.322 will attend this server with a few people around fnbf time about 19:00 CET if I remember correctly. I hopE many more will do this so we can make war
  4. I have to laugh a little bit. After defending this attribute here, I went down and flew a mission achtung spitfire. I was on a 109 six and went into a massive endless blackout. And I was apparently loud in my protest and frustration since my wife came along and asked whats wrong. Talking about meeting oneself in the door. But still it was my own wrong doing
  5. In order to enjoy GB I simply had to transfer to VR. This sim fantastic flight dynamic and feel of flight. And that is what I want the full taste of. Being able to easily look behind you is a minor issue. Because you can by turning a bit witch real pilots did. The feeling of sitting in the cockpit is simply breathtaking with newest VR.
  6. This would be the cheapest allied medium bomber to make only bomb aimer cockpit as extra. It will bring back big bombs to LW side too
  7. Well I cannot argue about that. By late lw bomberpilots looked for other jobs. Some unsuccessfully converted to fighters or got transfered to places like Norway where they still could be used. I still think time era around Bobp allied medium bombers had great importance. We do not fly Bodenplatte missions online. No sp either. To me leaving bombers out make this sim less interesting. And by all means, if you want fighters only do not expect more than average 160 people on mp world wide anytime soon. Bombers bring in objective focused people.
  8. If a combat flight sim developed to be fighters only. It will in my mind be a very shallow meaning to it. Look at Boobp. You have those bringing bombs and you have those bouncing them. Very repeatable scenario. I love flying in this game. But my interest in aviation is more to it than eye candy and easy kills. So I advocate the fact that even for a hard core fighter pilot a good mix of every type of plane is needed, and the lack of medium bombers due to no production will make this in my opinion sidelined with DCS.
  9. Well then it is not a medium bomber. That was my point. Still hope for level bomb capabilities down low on MP it is just another big fat target
  10. Only if it have levelbomb capacity. Fact is the selling point for latest packs are hotrods that is cheaper to make and as it happens most popular. The idea was not getting any expensive cockpit building. And they managed that by offering Mossie and Arado. I just hope there follow a bomb aim device with the Mossie. Then we have a Medium bomber. With great potential on allied side
  11. This campaign is a real treat. only gotten to mission 5 because I do only one a day. So I follow the career time line. Expectation for every day. I havent enjoyed a campaign so much since I started one of my first in old IL 2 back in 2002
  12. Yes. I am too un patient for free hunt. I take a fighter and go for targets and look for enemy to and from target. I am fed up being prey flying low and heavy. So I have noticed I return with too much fuel. Now I take just enough. And have to return in a set time.
  13. I fly with and extra ammo. But very little fuel. If getting attacked I will be a bit unstable recovering from attack and spray and pray when I counter
  14. I not seen this. Is it a first person combat flight sim or strategy game. Looks awesome
  15. Your choice, not taking your medicine, is not helping your perspective in life
  16. With this settings I can abuse the engine within its time limits when needed. Out manouver any LW plane as long as I can see them. it is a absolute joy to fly when at low speed out turning a 109 then accelerate behind the passing 109. That is if the 109 miss you on first pass. I actually do better in P 39 than any other if light weight
  17. This is the only way to decide. Both got great aircraft. In my opinion Kuban map is better. But if you want to fly early war BOM is the thing. Mid to late BOK
  18. I am under impression some people believe we are flying real aircraft. Or capable off doing so. G force impact is another effect we have to live by, how it impact us will never be like the real thing. Being able to manouver in a dogfight required strength and endurance, while we think it is funny, many pilots experiencing a dogfight said after a couple of minutes they wanted it to end, even if it meant they loose it. It was painful. While the only thing we risk is straining a finger. To me these boundaries mean I have to think of one more thing while flying, it simulate piloting and I like that.
  19. Well I used VR, but I think it was some issue with Rift software and nvidia new driver. At least I read somewhere that newest driver caused something. Also had a problem with oculus update. I did not relate my problem to GB software at the time
  20. I hear they talk about subscription price every month. Anyone able to confirm that?
  21. Internet connection, and you got to play fps like you are outside yourself. If you go in too tense or do anything to beat the shit out of a kid annoying you your dead. Fps is a mine field. You simply need to not care and stay allert at the same time. Anything that moves need to be processed and id in micro seconds. I spmetimes was better with pistol than automatic rifles.
  22. I always admired Canadians for putting some engines on everything required labor... Wait was that USA Alaska.
  23. It took me two hours to learn startup and basic weapon system. Deploy that cool rocket that sink ships. It is true you can utilize very complex parameters for bombing. But I never gotten so far. Viggen is the first full fidelity plane module I probably will learn completelyIt speaks to me, If I ever will learn one of them. I can do A 10 C and Harrier I learned navigation and startup only and a few weapons. But I am sure I firgotten a lot already
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