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  1. That was the start of the dispute. and canada followed that logic. And it went quite wild. Canada fired up a little
  2. I see no reason not to buy dead stick and 2020. I simply wait out this prebuy until I know for sure what I am getting. I will simply ditch cfs games all together if I find this interesting enough. But probably wont until it is fully evolved
  3. I have no problem with full access for all maps on mp. I just find it hard to swollow that “ mp only” guys should have rights to deny SP players access to payware. That is the case not opposite. I give a damn what other people do. And so should they
  4. I have not used it and will not. My wife giggling in the background will prevent me from fully enjoy the sim
  5. My sister in law had this condition. She was medicated to death. She saw and heard things. And I had to wrestle against this raging bull many times when she tried to hurt her mother. Your condition might be easier, but for me this condition colored all the years of upbringing of my kids. She loved my daughter with Down syndrome. They had a special bond, so I seen what this condition can do with a person. This is why I sometimes write you must start to take your med’s. I know those pills put you down and flat. I know they bring on other bad things, but sometimes I see you need them. I really do like your presence here, it will take you a long time finding friends in other sites. Just stick around. We are here for you
  6. There is many airports just not in payware standards. I will fly bush planes and choppers when they come. Heathrow is just a one off thing for me. I am pretty sure I be starting on Standard. The extra light planes is not really that big deal because you get a lot of them in standard. But I am a cessna fan, that plane is a legend. And I fear I should have all cersions of them I love it. But it is too light in resistance. I need a bit more resistance in order to get the right feel for it. You know my wife wont let me buy a real plane, she is convinced someone gonna find me inverted on a mountain ridge or tangeled in the woods. I got a pretty good budget for this hobby. But I spend years figuring out what I want. I bought honeycomb for this sim together with VR. Now VR is pretty much over for me with Tobruk coming. It is yoko time
  7. I always overpay. But for me this is not only a software choice. This is the end of a road. I will probably uninstall Box donate my honey comb yoke. Park my rift s and buy this. it is 4 k€ worth of hardware. I also renew my helicopter gear. And donate my old ones to the poor. They work great but There is a upgrade So I wont buy this until I am sure of what I want. I never go half harted into this hobby. I lost faith in WW 2 cfs I dont think my interest will be fully committed. Some flights here and there. New tobruk
  8. Yeah. True. Even though site owners can do what they like. I sense a disturbing stench of censorship I don't like. All though Raiids post are something different there is no harm in them
  9. I havent the faintest idea where you should post. I would love to see how ED coped with your “interesting topics” But it is clear that your post , or at least most of them dont fit the bill on flight sims I like you, you seem to be a honest kind man. You should find a site for alternative thinking people.
  10. The problem and disagreements started when MP fanboys wanted to deny SP players collector maps. I feel now that they try to turn the table. It is the same as always, people shoot down things they wont be pleased by And therefore shall no one. As @Feathered_IV said. I am more focused on improvements than maps and planes myself. I do not fly much anymore. Gameplay in MP is not for me and there is only that much to do in SP. Ambitions for this superb game is not tuned on same frequency as mine.
  11. Xplane got a weird trackir setting. I still not quite sure what to do. The envelope of use for me is still not clear to me
  12. This has been up resonantly. Jason said a gift could be regifted twice. But many more said it cannot be done, it is restricted because people have sold their gifts before ( imagine 🧐 how low can people get?) Anyway. Your best bet is support, they do reply, normally within hours on workdays.
  13. Well I sm back and forward on this. I see 3 planes of interest extra except from the two versions of cessna. Caravan is on standard together with the cub. I have a vague feeling I be good on standard version
  14. Now I am hyped on the Syria map.
  15. I am going to fly a 152 around the world
  16. Worse they bought bobp. Get bon for free and better ac to go with it. I think the devs have a marked in sp collector maps. If their map maker is available. I find that pretty appealing flying Hurricanes Spits in early western theatre
  17. I am very disappointed they did not make the caravan. I really liked flying that plane. Damn. They did a lot of small crafts in that list
  18. Don’t listen to that badboy. We love you
  19. Yeah I will watch what I get with the bug one. And see if I can do with standard Yep 3 of those extra planes are cool. Need the big pack
  20. Do you have to take him seriously in all things?
  21. Naah. Need to get used to trackIr again. Tobruk will be out
  22. Cessna time. Im ordering the big pack. wont miss a thing
  23. I have been thinking a lot on the A20. I would say we lack a realistic environment for it. If they tune down something it will be wrong the other way. I know what training video you refer to, what said in this is mostly to avoid cadets lawndart It was for a while nightfighter in the Pacific, until Black widow arrived. Not quite up for the task but yet functioning. I find it a bit too fighterish and yet very stable. Compared to P 38 it is a bit lazy but not too far apart in maneuverability and that is wrong
  24. Took me 3 years getting accustom to the HE 111. It felt like a helium baloon in the start
  25. Well I see no restriction if they sell singleplayer maps not for use in MP. It is the biggest part of customer base. The most silent too. Might very well be a business
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