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  1. Many thanks for the update, look forward to it.
  2. Fantastic editing. very enjoyable and the rhythm of the music spot on
  3. There is one used for sale at SimHQ but the seller is not replying. In ATAG site there is two who want to sell it. They say it is a pain in the ass to program and when its done , you might have to do it again. It look awesome but it had or have problems
  4. Sorry about that, we change our geschwader name and now our website did the same Here are the new web page address : http://www.lehrgeschwader1.net We still looking for pilots for BOS and CLOD . In essential we like to fly all types of German planes and it would be great if you did the same Best Regards Hans Jaeger
  5. This was art in all known forms there is .Great video
  6. And we from LG1 join in on the Merry Christmas cheering
  7. I had an impression that I actually could get more speed in the *Lagg, And for the first time I could get to an 109 by turning inside it. I had absolutley no problems flying the 109 and take on the Laggs. But now I felt I stood a chance against the 109 in a lagg. I dunno maybe just me getting better in engine management
  8. Well I still fly right in the ground as I did last time But I flew and shot down 7 Laggs together with my wingman and still got ammo left. So I cannot see any difference in gun damage. A short burst made them vapor some cannonhits on the wing and it blew off. Small hits on engine and you got ablack smoke and vapor . then it just a matter of time until their engine stop
  9. I worry less about the damage model since it is so good in ROF . The major thing lacking right now is the lack of a DM on the propeller. The bending of these are the first you see as a pilot when wheels up landing.
  10. In clod the absence of TrackIr is deadly. My guess it will be in this one too. You cannot do flightsims without it I do not fly without it. The matter of fact I got one spare just in case. But that was bought when I thought my old one was gone
  11. Thx for the vids. I have seen this kind of wobbling flying on gun cams from the war. The last guy you shot down. The dramatic turn he took and the hits he received . It looks so real compared to the real thing http://www.liveleak.com/ll_embed?f=858de4f10bba
  12. I don't know how it works in BOS. But in IL 2 you could see the difference in AI only planes and those meant to fly. If you made a AI only plane flying you had a plane almost impossible to take off or land if you did nothing to the FM. I am not sure of this but the FM for AI and the FM for us is two different things, I might be wrong about this. But that was the way it worked in IL 2. Witch by the way got far better AI pilots than DCS and CLOD. I get that the AI we got here are giving me hope, to me it seems like the AI in 109 take advantage of its climb and in the LAGG they know climbing is the worst thing to do. Flying dogfight with 109 in a LAgg I saw it vital to just fly on after the first head on pass and force the opponent to make another head on attack. Because you can not get him by turning in and follow. It is too early to deem anything but I actually got very optimistic about this after my first test last Sunday
  13. Well I hope this game bring a lot of full servers, it is some here I rather not fly on the same server with
  14. Oh I might have to test this further. I have leo bothnar usb cards hooked up to a real ww2 Bobcat bomber trainer ac They work fantastic with the game but could only get the flaps to work one way. Came home sunday so I had only a few hours to try the game for the firs time I will try out when it open again
  15. I suggest a better setup for the use of hotas. Like flaps you can not set that up on one hotas since you got flap up and flap down
  16. What and why does this benefit anyone at all. Firstly this sim will not live long if the community cannot contribute on side of the developers. Skins must and should be a freeware, and the community itself should be the main producers of it. Look at IL 2 still alive and well, thanks to dedicated communities. Learn from it. And ok we have to pay for every plane update coming and this I can see it will probably make sure of a descant support in the future. But THIS NO F*ck NOOOOOO!!!
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtKIp6cEobU Here is a 55 minute film with films about Zersoerers among them ZG 26 Horst Wessel over England, Desertwar and Russia. Do not mind the Nightfighter title. The 110 was a important AC for the germans but since it was taken out of production in favor for the ME-210 and most 110 went to support the Mediterranean campaign it was not many in Russia. This does not mean it isn't important in this arena, it did a lot of important jobs in Russia.
  18. http://www.polygon.com/2013/8/15/4622252/plague-of-game-dev-harassment-erodes-industry-spurs-support-groups I have encountered this among friends in different forums, the very own flight sim community turning against development of a new game. I did not know this was as serious as this article. But I think we all should think about this
  19. I wish some day flightsim online campaigns would take recourses into the game. Like you only have so much spare parts or fuel so you need to bring in more if this airbase shall be operative. I will gladly take upon me the task to fly freight planes to do such a task. And I bet those freighters would be priority targets of the enemy. If such a scenario would take place the sim would have even more challanges since, the commanders not only have to pick a target, they have to think of logistic´s as well . But of course that means that all sides need a transport AC
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