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  1. My greatest fear is a total arcade game that looks good. 
    I suppose that is better than if it looks bad. 
    As I remembered the first game it had for those days a at least believable fm. 
    If it gonna be without any feel of flight I cool off pretty fast. I like the crew managing stuff but firmation flying, takeoff and landing must in some way resemble the real thing. If not they loose the people original interested in it in the first place

  2. 6 minutes ago, Stoopy said:

    One week to go

    First time I havent jumped right away into something. 
    I just do not have the time. I can only fly one thing. Now it is cod. DCS and GB has been weeks since I touched. 
    I will possibly join in at some point 

  3. Thank you for the Wellington. I have sooo little time flying so the only flying I do is wellington over Tobruk. 
    Being a long time away from cod I regard myself as a newbie. 
    I relate to so many stories abut Wellington crews and their sacrifice, that fir me every minute in it is enjoyable. 
    Beautiful cockpit. Thank you for the flashcard. They are very helpful, I have so many questions, but will restrain myself until flying it more

  4. Well I was trying to be positive. I find this game pretty appealing , BOB and channelmap very popular and that is it. 
    I think once Europe missions start popping up it will increase interest a great deal. 
    I am currently underway investing in better screen and secondary screen for this game. So I am positive. If my post was understood as negative, I do apologize. 

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  5. On 8/6/2020 at 9:54 PM, Bemused said:

    Meh. Came over from IL2. Interface is beyond clunky but navigated that using manual. Got keys setup, clunky again. Followed manual to get 109 F4 in air then everytime I tried to raise gear started shaking like an earthquake. Back to Sturmovik for me.

    It require more knowledge to fly cod and a minimum of interest. 
    I am on thin ice myself when it comes to mastering the more sophisticated features in this game. 
    I love the prospect of learning , being good at something , basically all the things GB lack. 
    I have nothing against GB, I love flying there too. But giving a review to someone asking for a honest opinion , while at the same time showing such ignorance in every sentence is in my mind pathetic. 
    you give no one a favor

    On 8/7/2020 at 3:49 PM, Sokol1 said:

    Anyway, this Flashcards (English version) was updated today, download and drop in the folder, or where you want.




    Flash cards are well done but still advising the old fantasy: Switch magnets.


    At least for CloD planes, e.g. Spitfire Mk.I-100 octanas in 5.0 is just require Open Fuel cock and hit I key  for engine start.

    Ye select engine fuelchock , have throttle exactly right push start button. By pushing the start button the program will put magnetos on by itself. You can choose to do it yourself. 

    What I like most is the piloting of aircraft the lack of auto level 

    you can set course on autopilot on bombers and trim it to climb. It just more complex, need a bit more patience in learning process. 
    It is better for me, not for all. It all depend on what you like to do. 
    For squadrons with ambitions it is a way better software than GB in many aspects 

    With success, something I really hope it will be improved 

  6. Latest time set for VR is 2021. Buzza said it is possible but will take time. 
    He also urged to give good reviews on steam. Because if 5.0 is not successful, it wont be continued. 
    I can understand that statement, the heavy workload they had getting 5.0 must have been exhausting 

    Personally I do not miss VR. I rather buy two new screens one for instrument

  7. 4 hours ago, Buzzsaw said:

    And by the way guys.... if you like DESERT WINGS - TOBRUK, please write a positive review on Steam.


    We will not be able to continue this project unless TOBRUK is successful.  😉

    I never done that before. I give it a try. I watched war guru review on it. 
    He aced your product and pointed out a feature I have not seen. All the campaigns. 

    Personally I have ditched the VR goggles and buy two new screen‘s 

    I will dig deep into the Wellington before I do anything else. 

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  8. Just now, Buzzsaw said:

    Hello LuseKofte


    You can go over the normal takeoff weight, but I would not suggest more than 50% fuel at full bomb load.

    Ok but I had a long haul to Tobruk with it and got to return and land with only 25% fuel. 
    I found aileron trim to be animated correctly but trim opposite. I also flew with -2,9 boost on left engine and 2,9 boost on right. 
    Altitude on bombsight only goes to 5000 feet and velocity only to 60 mph. 
    I am a bit confused. Is altitude in meters even it say feet. And speed of 17 mph equal 170 mph? 

  9. I do not like the idea flying with VR controllers. I spent a lot in the hardware I have to get the right feel. VR is to me second step in immersion. In fact I prefer flying without VR sometimes. 
    I do not like latest gen planes either. This is why DCS is more my thing. 
    But it looks like a well made game

  10. Well I haven't really flown that much. 4 instant action in wellington and 3 takeoff attempts online in wellington with 1 successful and a following climbing test with full load. 
    I simply find the feeling of not knowing what the hell I am doing , very accurate. 
    I decided to buy a small screen for instrument reading until further commitment. I simply like this a bit higher level of knowledge and learning curve needed. 

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  11. I hardly can bring myself to care. I fly planes not suited to defend one self if spotted online. So I hardly fly online. 
    The little I do fly this game is scripted campaigns and a little coop. 
    There are many good online missions, designed to make people care about objectives. If you try to have that in mind flying online , your a champ in my eyes

  12. 56 minutes ago, tovarisch said:

    was referring to the lighting in general. Please compare with the Beaufighter. I know about the instrument lights, but  I meant  the ambient light or diffuse. It is too dark and I think it is a disappointment after the hard work on the cockpit.

    I think the light will be too bright outside. If you light up the cockpit more. 
    I am in the process of getting a screen small enough to fit my pit and then get instrument on that

  13. I have tried and mostly failed making sense of the instrument on wellington. 
    I actually find it refreshing not flying in VR but Compass and simply reading instrument and flying is pretty hard. Before I had this add on that showed instrument 

    on a second screen. Can someone share where that link is? 
    Also are there made one for the Wellington?  I find the plane very good and the cockpit well made, it is just too dark, and with trackir the compass is very awkward to look at


  14. 1 hour ago, CountZero said:

    in world we living no one cares mutch about victims, maybe if they are ritch or famous then people care for some time.

    This is a subject that easily can change

    it might be “in” taking selfies of areas of catastrophes showing instagram that you care

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