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  1. 2 hours ago, Jason_Williams said:

    It flies and it needs an FM and DM so I added it to the list. It will be a fun addition.



    It is a neat detail and give us another challenge. 
    Historically important flying object given highest priority by H himself, making it almost obligated, And much appreciated. The fact that so many after all got intercepted or shot down by flak saved a lot of people. 

  2. 1 hour ago, No.322_Red_Cat said:

    plane. Obviously, one person's recollection doesn't equate to the whole truth, but I suspect that the 'flip 'em over and send them back' thing has a large element of propaganda attached to it.

    Might well be, in one docu however my understanding was that flipping it was common, and shooting it was a risky business. 
    The blast was able to damage or take the plane with it. 

  3. 5 hours ago, Goffik said:


    Care to elaborate, since you didn't bother answering the second part of my question? BoX doesn't have a native Oculus mode, so how do you get it to play through SteamVR if it's not a Steam product? The only other way I know is OpenComposite but that is not an option for everyone.

    Steam vr make a impact on fps. Open composite is far better in my experience. 

  4. 12 minutes ago, CanadaOne said:


    I don't die every landing. :angry:


    But the Huey does. :biggrin:


    I'm having a hard time landing that thing, but I'm getting almost good with the Harrier. Even pulled off a few carrier landings. That **** is fun!

    Well I am taking a break from GB and planning to pick up on the Harrier. It seems you are ahead of me on it

  5. On 1/15/2020 at 1:39 AM, CanadaOne said:

    The Huey sound is really cool.


    I still suck at landing though. :angry:

    Flying choppers with a regular sim joy stick require a technique not common for chopper flying. Also doing it without a collective. 
    I have a proper chopper hardware and the good thing about DCS is your choices in hardware interface can make all setup work. 
    Landing a huey no matter equipment in a proper way is not hard if you spend time training on it. If you do not have that time available, do not be too hard on yourself, just aim to not die on every landing. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Dogbert1953 said:

    Knock $20 off the pre-sale and i will buy it, but $10 is not enough of an incentive.



    This is out of the question conserning the company's need of funding. 
    I pre orded this pack because I cant wait for final release. I need the tiffy, ME 410 , Mossie right  away. 
    Your perspective is lacking the understanding that they have a business to run. And it also miss the fact that this software compared to all other software in same category With this level of quality is cheap

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  7. Well that is my point. Russian P 39 pilots preferred to take away the wing mounted 30 mm in order to compete with BF 109 in all manouvers. Including speed. Fuel tanks and designed weapons are placed as part of the design. Added weapons add drag and weight that will affect speed and maneuverability. 
    Just look at what happened to 109 development a some point power of engine and added weight make the design old

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  8. On 2/26/2019 at 7:44 AM, AndyJWest said:

    While I can sympathise with a request for the Seamew, no WW2 aircraft simulation would be truly complete without that marvel of British engineering the Blackburn Roc.



    I'm fairly certain this wasn't actually designed. Just cobbled together out of left-over bits. There is obviously some Defiant in there, and the fin seems to be a Spitfire tailplane mounted sideways. The engine is clearly from a Gloster Gladiator. No idea what the wings were from. Possibly salvaged from some Yank trainer or something. The tailplane was whittled from an old church pew by the West Norwood Boy Scouts Troop. The front half of the fuselage was obviously assembled from various bits of scrap metal found in a railway siding in Didcot, while the rear is an abstract piece of modern art by sculptor Henry Moore. We'll never see its like again...

    Blackburn Skua was one of the first from UK to shoot down German plane a HE 111 

    I guess adding a turret and testfly it gave it the name Roc(k)

    Skua is one of many planes only a mother can love, but I really like to have one in a sim. 
    Blackburn factory made a lot of planes. They always had a “charming” approach when it came to beauty

  9. On 1/16/2020 at 6:33 PM, Count_de_Money said:


    yeah, would have to disagree with you there..


    In VR the spotting is a mess. I can barely spot the aircraft when it's in a turn, however if it's flying straight to/from me - forget about it. Especially the ones on my six... I simply can't see them until they are 100meters behind me... and shooting..

    Have you tried This. It does not solve all problems but it sure improves spotting

  10. For most accurate compensation I usually just take away the weight I am gaining. Add the fuel needed to go where you estimate trouble. And that is it. But for dogfighting it is a bad idea to add anything with pylons or extra drag. 
    Adding guns do something with planes balance. 
    And reducing fuel would or should not compensate that. If you ad pylons your strategy should not be dogfight, it should be bouncing

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  11. I take a bimber and try to outsmart defending fighters. 
    or I take a fighter with bombs and fly over defensive or offensive areas of interest. If there are enemy fighters below I jettison my bombs and have a go. If not I bomb something. 
    I prefer using. 
    P 40/39/47/38, Lagg, I16, Spit, Tempest BF 109E7, 110 for this

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  12. I read some books about Russian aviation. 
    their engines was not worser than others in lifespan as I understood it. 
    Klimov engines fitted in IL 2’s was pretty good and powerful. I believe the first flyable IL 2 now flying in US got one running but not in use since Allison engine is easier to maintenance and get parts. 

  13. I was planning fir using this mostly for bombers and JU 52. I got it and tested it yesterday. 
    I found it to be very accurate, you do not get better smoothness among 1000$ range. 
    I did react on the lightness in aileron movements compared to elevator. 
    Elevator seems to me to be quite similar to real cessna resistance while in normal flight. The ailerons should have had more resistance in my opinion. I do not fly for easier I want realistic feel to it. But its smooth accurate controls made me forgive that. I am now rebuilding the pit so I can implement the yoke into it. 

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