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  1. Well this is the only time click pits make sense. But we wont get it, it is time Luke come and beat his dead horse. My point is the principe and negativity among users about it. I am well aware of the capasity problem , but in my opinion it is up to developers to take care of
  2. In dcs it saves you from a lot of key assigns. It is not for immersion. I simply cannot comprehend the negativity against it. I almost smell excessive fanboyism. I say thank you to everything I get, then I choose to use it or not. Because all clickpits being fsx fs 2020 clod or dcs you can choose to assign buttons too. clickpits prevent you from forgetting wtf you assign for that purpose in that plane. but in the software we have here. You can not assign buttons to a specific plane, you do it for all. And that is supported by jokers like you. I find it to be a very poor solution myself
  3. I found the Click pit together with vr for P 47 in DCS very helpful. I have no «feelings» of any sort against clickpit I just know it aint gonna happen.
  4. Maybe it is the JU 88 that got 28 internals. I might confuse with clod that had 10 + 18 internal bombs. Thanks for the corrections
  5. I find the fact taking 16 100 kg bombs or 28 50 kg bombs on A 20 or HE 111 now make a lot of sense. And that is a good thing. Planes fly better with internal bombs
  6. This has been discusses since the very beginning. All agree with this
  7. I wonder the same about Tobruk. Anyway , I will buy this campaign asap. Looks like a really good one
  8. Not exactly a fighter, but still an interesting variation of the Me110: it was the ground atack/bomber Bf 162 Jaguar and was completed in the spring of 1937 as Messerschmitt Bf162 V1. Except for the fuselage, all parts corresponded to the Bf 110B. In September 1937 the Bf162 V2 (D-AOBE) was finished. The Jaguar had a 3-man crew and proved very fast and the flight performance was good.
  9. To fly it properly in our sim. Keeping every thing in order. It is very well modeled in our game. But of course there are no consequence to abuse it either Is this the Swiss one that crashed in Switzerland a couple of years ago?
  10. Well all I have to do is open the windows. Those mosquitos are big and numerous enough to suck blood 🩸 out of anything for free
  11. This is s good advice I am still in Stalingrad since I hibernate for a bit. But as soon as I am in the seat this career will move on. It is very good
  12. I was wrong. Hind over Syria will haul me in
  13. I like ai in coop. You get bounced they do surprise you. As long as your mates are human I have a lot good things to say. But once you are committed in a dogfight it goes in everlasting left turns
  14. Take a photo of a bird in the sky. You will pretty much not noticed it in the photo but you saw it clearly. I think it is not only pixels that is the problem. That aside I find level bombing very frustrating if above 5 K you spot the target and see it is not hit. But just when you are about to push bomb release the complete target turn to destroyed target. Also the size of targets do not fit at distance. Just take a look out the window while flying
  15. Yeah I will tune my Trackir and fly Tobruk and fs 2020. DCS and VR will be third choice for a long while.
  16. I was following a small camera drone climbing and I swear I could follow it longer and better than this game. This leads me to believe we can not expect spotting to be like real life ever. What we se irl can never be duplicated on a screen or VR without a editing program taking care of every frame we see
  17. Well I am a long time user if clod and GB. I go down in flames in both not knowing what hit me. Same in DCS, at some point I stopped blaming the software , I am just rubbish paying attention. Just ask my wife
  18. I am good fighting luftwaffe ai with p 47. Ai coming down as a surprise, disable my ability to fight but I get a chance to land in a field. Against AI P 47 is better than what I am able to do online. I guess it is my confidence or lack of it making me bad
  19. I read they aim VR to be implemented by mid next year I guess that depends on how this sell. I believe they know the importance. For me it is just too good to miss with or without it
  20. I got to dig up my TrackIr. This is gold. I bought it
  21. Damn. I am sorry to hear this. Wish you all the best.
  22. It is one thing all these combat flight sims need but lack a great deal. Counting myself . The attitude needed in order to stay happy with it. No combat sim deliver all things you or I like, one have to play with the cards dealt. Ace of spades or a lousy two. Like it lack what you want, it might have things you do like
  23. Well I have seen the difference on a early A 3 and a late war version of a A or F Fw 190. The late war version had very bad fitted panels. There where no signs of effort smoothening rivets bolts to make it as aerodynamical as possible. Can inferior metal and less production time be a cause of more weight? Personally I have no clue, but late war planes serving in Luftwaffe suffered in terms of quality. I just are Not sure if that involved A 6
  24. There are many experiences those pampered ww2 pilots did not have to deal with.....
  25. I had to ask for it. And then I was alone in a 22 together with bubbletops
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