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  1. It take very short time to start the game new installer remove useless files. I start up DCS 10 time faster than GB now after 2 patches ago. it must be your pc.
  2. Well I try it out. I kind of like having a hard time. Then I get good at it. Only when you messed up big time you remember and can do it blind
  3. 216th_LuseKofte

    Future for VR

    It has advantages. Great feeling being inside the cockpit. But it is not very comfortable. However I miss it the most when wanting to lean forward to look at the instruments in the wellington. Other than that I can live without it
  4. I miss VR and the ability to lean toward instruments and look behind obstacles. but I am buying a extra 13” monitor for instrument.
  5. I love it dearly. And wouldhave bought just this plane for the money
  6. I seem to miss everything too. I am sure I get the hang of it. A damn slow climber too
  7. Trackir works in turrets without restrictions. But view is aweful due to the construction. In bombardierstation the view is restricted because of you can not move head paralell sideways or down. You can only look sideways up and down from a static head. Rendering you to not look forward. Making spotting targets is horrible. I am away from home so I cannot provide screenshots right now. But for me, flying Wellington is a dream I had a long time
  8. As I understand it 1C distribute it like they do GB. They hold the budget. But TFS will get their share. Like developers in GB does. If there is no interest , 1 C pull the plug on it. Is my guess
  9. Any visual improvement will affect performance. but in my mind , any developer need to put a minimum standard on the users. There are many invested big bucks in rigs not able to use it properly because of stragglers with pentium 486 Should be able to run it. It is a thin line, that must be raised every year
  10. This is typical, one can understand the critique of op and @Semor76 very accurate and to the point posts. Then someone come in and defend developers, fine, then people with no interest what so ever like @BraveSirRobin come in with only one intention to stir the pot, making the critique look cheap and as a intention to harm the game. When I fired up the game for the first time in a Wellington all I saw was a bright yellow surface , so bright that the cockpit just seemed to be a black surface. After a while flying I was ok with it , there are areas that is beautiful. I can live with this, but as Semor say , it is room for a massive improvement. It is a legit claim. Having to live with things is the most needed attribute we need in all combat flight sims. And btw, 70 bucks is cheap for the content. No matter your economical situation. It should be obvious that the workload needed to get this done can never be payed with such a small Price People wanting improvements is often the most devoted ones. The title of this topic was honest but in my mind bad put. It would be more beneficial calling it something else
  11. I do not like to sound demanding or ungrateful. I knew already when I saw ai Wellington in first flight all those years that looking out from that plane would be restrictive. The only time I miss VR is in bombardier position. Being able to use all axis to have a look outside. The view is very restrictive parallel sideways. I wish there where a navigator station where you could use the big side windows to look out. I know this is a resource ful task and will not happened. But without outside view observing is very restricted
  12. I have yet to see a combat flight simulator without the need of forgiving attitude. Flying mainly cod now, but active in both GB and DCS , Overlooking weaknesses , bugs and annoying things has become a second nature. For me spotting a target fast enough in front turret in order to get a steady bomb run to target in the wimpy is demanding enough. I miss the glass nose of the Blenheim and Heinkel. Rendering is a huge problem for all these cfs
  13. Very happy for the Whimpy. But your statement intrigue me. It is a very iconic plane. I really wished it could be done
  14. Well my ability too overlook this is probably a product of lack of choices. when I have time I fly with mates in coop. we use a ai leader to steer us to waypoints triggering escort and so on. Then in battlezone he disappear. Having to deal with only enemy ai, witch can be pretty convincing and dangerous in initial engagements. GB is a treat to fly. But to me, the slaughter of favorite US designs. The timers and primitive engine dm. The lack of complexity in all tasks is the slow running motor wearing me down. It is no doubt the most beautiful cfs to fly in. In many ways very rewarding spending time with. I simply have a brake from it. Getting back stronger when Tiffy and Mossie arrive. Love the Tempest, Tiffy is gonna be great , and with no weapon restriction like Tempest always get by mission makers
  15. Me too. I buy it with or without 2020. Because I will fly bushflying only in both anyway. I reslly do not need the entire world
  16. I like groundatrack scripted campaigns in GB. I really do. And so far I like only one career and that is JU 88 over Stalingrad. You really do not have to deal with stupid wingmen in these types. Because GB wingmen must be the most dumb and utter useless things air ever saw. In that aspect earlier IL 2 ai was way better. But I am glad some are happy with it. My flying are now only Whimpy. a bomber demanding more homework than any GB can offer, AI that does it job with no sudden turns causing the rest to collide for so change their mind and tirn the other way. I really apprechiate servercapability in cod and that extra level of complexity. For that I can live without VR and the general more beautiful GB
  17. You will find such funded cfs when playerbase exceed 2020 customer base. remember planes and objects has no dm. it is not comparable. To some degree I agree. But a civil sim with task to do like bush flying. Fire bombers and transport missions are fun. But Tobruk occupy my little flying time. So I have not bought it yet, sitting on the fence and see if my interest increase As a sidenote, I believe GB developers in general have more ambitions than I and many here. I believe if they had more funding, recourses and time we would have all things and more into this game. But currently it is not so, still we receive more improvements than I expected
  18. I know. But I use inhabitated servers for training. And now they are with wimpy
  19. My greatest fear is a total arcade game that looks good. I suppose that is better than if it looks bad. As I remembered the first game it had for those days a at least believable fm. If it gonna be without any feel of flight I cool off pretty fast. I like the crew managing stuff but firmation flying, takeoff and landing must in some way resemble the real thing. If not they loose the people original interested in it in the first place
  20. First time I havent jumped right away into something. I just do not have the time. I can only fly one thing. Now it is cod. DCS and GB has been weeks since I touched. I will possibly join in at some point
  21. Thank you for the Wellington. I have sooo little time flying so the only flying I do is wellington over Tobruk. Being a long time away from cod I regard myself as a newbie. I relate to so many stories abut Wellington crews and their sacrifice, that fir me every minute in it is enjoyable. Beautiful cockpit. Thank you for the flashcard. They are very helpful, I have so many questions, but will restrain myself until flying it more
  22. Well I was trying to be positive. I find this game pretty appealing , BOB and channelmap very popular and that is it. I think once Europe missions start popping up it will increase interest a great deal. I am currently underway investing in better screen and secondary screen for this game. So I am positive. If my post was understood as negative, I do apologize.
  23. I rather hope for more missions on channel map with the new planes.
  24. It require more knowledge to fly cod and a minimum of interest. I am on thin ice myself when it comes to mastering the more sophisticated features in this game. I love the prospect of learning , being good at something , basically all the things GB lack. I have nothing against GB, I love flying there too. But giving a review to someone asking for a honest opinion , while at the same time showing such ignorance in every sentence is in my mind pathetic. you give no one a favor Ye select engine fuelchock , have throttle exactly right push start button. By pushing the start button the program will put magnetos on by itself. You can choose to do it yourself. What I like most is the piloting of aircraft the lack of auto level you can set course on autopilot on bombers and trim it to climb. It just more complex, need a bit more patience in learning process. It is better for me, not for all. It all depend on what you like to do. For squadrons with ambitions it is a way better software than GB in many aspects With success, something I really hope it will be improved
  25. 216th_LuseKofte

    Future for VR

    Latest time set for VR is 2021. Buzza said it is possible but will take time. He also urged to give good reviews on steam. Because if 5.0 is not successful, it wont be continued. I can understand that statement, the heavy workload they had getting 5.0 must have been exhausting Personally I do not miss VR. I rather buy two new screens one for instrument
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