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  1. Blackburn Skua was one of the first from UK to shoot down German plane a HE 111 I guess adding a turret and testfly it gave it the name Roc(k) Skua is one of many planes only a mother can love, but I really like to have one in a sim. Blackburn factory made a lot of planes. They always had a “charming” approach when it came to beauty
  2. Have you tried This. It does not solve all problems but it sure improves spotting
  3. For most accurate compensation I usually just take away the weight I am gaining. Add the fuel needed to go where you estimate trouble. And that is it. But for dogfighting it is a bad idea to add anything with pylons or extra drag. Adding guns do something with planes balance. And reducing fuel would or should not compensate that. If you ad pylons your strategy should not be dogfight, it should be bouncing
  4. All I know is I am going to die a lot in this plane. cant wait
  5. I take a bimber and try to outsmart defending fighters. or I take a fighter with bombs and fly over defensive or offensive areas of interest. If there are enemy fighters below I jettison my bombs and have a go. If not I bomb something. I prefer using. P 40/39/47/38, Lagg, I16, Spit, Tempest BF 109E7, 110 for this
  6. My specs in signature. My fps is good in this map. I use Rift S
  7. Sorry cant find the books. My memory might have failed me. I was sure they where klimovs
  8. I read some books about Russian aviation. their engines was not worser than others in lifespan as I understood it. Klimov engines fitted in IL 2’s was pretty good and powerful. I believe the first flyable IL 2 now flying in US got one running but not in use since Allison engine is easier to maintenance and get parts.
  9. Well I am almost finnish with my helicopter/ fighter/ transporter/ bomberpit. Testing this evening
  10. I was planning fir using this mostly for bombers and JU 52. I got it and tested it yesterday. I found it to be very accurate, you do not get better smoothness among 1000$ range. I did react on the lightness in aileron movements compared to elevator. Elevator seems to me to be quite similar to real cessna resistance while in normal flight. The ailerons should have had more resistance in my opinion. I do not fly for easier I want realistic feel to it. But its smooth accurate controls made me forgive that. I am now rebuilding the pit so I can implement the yoke into it.
  11. Yes I have seen these before. Thanks for sharing. I love them. They blew me away then and it blow me away now. Fantastic pieces of art
  12. I did not expect this, weird flightsim forum community. I am sad to read this, I got a son in pretty much same situation. Loneliness is a common thing these days. I got friends, just , by choice do not see them much. I am tired by people. I dig in when having freetime, go to the mountains or photo trip with wife. Nature make me much kinder, reflection there makes sense into your life. Go hunting and live by nature a week , you at least need to do something so a depression do not hit you hard. I think you already are depressed, that bring you into a state of hopelessness. You need to know things will be better
  13. Yes we do, I also have Sunderland on first place, but I had limitations in cocoit and AI gunners in mind
  14. Since this is a cfs. I want this, but it need logistics around it subs to hunt or forrest fire to fight or Recon mission.
  15. Got them all. I just feel a need to say: This is very generous of you. All I can say is that people you gift to seems never to forget it, you will be remembered a long time in gratitude
  16. It is just great. I wish for a followup. Great atmosphere , realistic compressed timeline. I restarted the campaign because in a mission I got greedy and selfish. I left the group and escort mission and followed a couple of “one O’nines. Lost a couple of mates while I was away and just got like” how stupid can one be” mood. I had promised myself I would be the new guy with less experience and follow my leader. And do my job in a team. Swearing at myself , gotten two 109 that in these circumstances did not mean anything. I aborted and deleted the campaign in shame. Restarted it fresh and are now away at work just 3 mission in. And really looking forward to getting home
  17. Getting attached to ones virtual life is key to fully enjoy a sp career/ campaign. Risk is frustration and quarrel with wife when things go south
  18. Do they go after sound too? I bombed a train at night with PO 2. Gunners on train did not shoot before I passed the train and had dropped the bombs. This was a simple QMB mission
  19. Plus for Rift S : cheap, good spotting if tweaked according to advised. Plug and play, no need for base, no need for external sensors, no need for highest performance pc, good resolution, easy sturdy buildt. minus: field of view is a bit narrow. Scuba mask vision. But despite that far better than screen 2 d playability. You improve deapth vision and aim better tracking than trackir
  20. That would be nice, but its not even in the list. It would be a miracle if that came first if at all. To be honest I want the first thing to come to be a P 47 Razorback with a engine that is made of iron and the wings properly attached. That would make me truly happy. It going to take more time than the P 51 and G6 so I think This is correct
  21. Mosquito is and was a target for night fighters. The JU 88 was a target for allied night fighters, both A and night fighter version. I see absolutely no problem in a night fighter scenario with the plane set we are getting
  22. In my opinion this will not be a popular mp scenario. I attended servers rhat have morning light. Or evening. In Cod night. They are all the same, people wont fly. I believe this will be great for coop, singleplayer and a few like me in mp
  23. Well I read some articles about ME 262 pilots. Those not officers and had no experience flew just a few times. Out if two I read about one flew 3 missions in the ME 262 the last of them was to get to a US airfield and surrender but got shot down on the way there, but survived. I dont think there are any historical reasons for getting promotion. While bobp do not give any impression of it LW Was pretty much finish by then. Low on fuel and senior pilots. Always flying in airspace not controlled. A total mess
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