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  1. My earlier point was not a critique of DM in general. I have no doubt a burst of 30 mm have devastating effect. If a wing fell off a bit too early or the plane disintegrate. I find it just a bit boring. Correct or not is really hard to tell. How a plane goes kaput is basically less important, kaput it goes. This pack has shown me what I knew all along, I like early war better. I know the weapons in this sim is more effective compared to cod. But whos right is not for me to say
  2. Dont mean to be a smartass , but he can read the quotes 😬
  3. Do not think many got a cd dvd reader in their rig anymore.
  4. No it is the impression you get from a bombers point of view. While it is totally ok seen from a fighter hunting them. Personally I found a solution for this. Dont fly in late war servers and prioritize SP
  5. To me it does not matter. I feel we are in the beginning of fully enjoying the new maps. when the bright heads of this community get sorted. We will have massive fun both online and sp
  6. Fixes dont bring much money. New releases do
  7. I am all for SP , but current career feature got some critique as is. I wonder if this is to be revisited before FC finally get it
  8. I guess this is one of the cases that one simply got to say” it is what it is” I find it very annoying flying P 47 in particular.
  9. I got s old i7 2,8 ghz with a 980 ti 18 gb ram in it. Is that good enough as server
  10. https://www.militarytimes.com/off-duty/military-culture/2019/11/09/everything-about-blockbuster-midway-sinks-faster-than-japanese-carriers-at-midway/#.XcbOJw6P1fM.facebook
  11. Well I can tell you the target rich environment has moved on. He became tired of being target practice to 30 mm equipped fighters looking for a heavy loaded P 47 😬
  12. Well the amount of lost lw planes lost that day only due to fail navigation alone is not possible to duplicate
  13. I am very happy for this, but it shows that people migrate between games. These numbers are not seen in the lobby where you find maybe two almost filled servers and rest is diwn to 10 I wish for more populated servers that make you choose timeframe you like to fly for the day
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