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  1. After a while a pilot would have a personal aircraft. And reading books about both allied and axis pilots my impression was they got the adjustments they wanted on this specific plane. Some time other pilots flew it but I haven't read read about problems a guest pilot had to these personal planes
  2. I have not always been onboard with the ways devs choose to go. But I know by their statement that this map have taken a huge bit of budget and they are very proud of it. I must say I am liking it myself. One thing that has won me over is the games continuance improvement and we can agree there is a lot to desire left. This is why I think giving critique for lack of improvements is in fact a case of lost perspective. Compared to other developers devs here does that all the time
  3. I am not sure but I believe Germany got a ban or at least did. As I understand it the site ban on this symbol is of respect for some countries law not a policy in the site itself
  4. Looking at real damage on photos and what we got here. If you overheat the oil it stop within 30 sec. same happen after a bullet in one cylinder. there are pictures and written statements that it could fly with one cylinder/ piston shot off with loss of massive amount engine oil. I think we are looking at a simplified dm not specific divided between radial engines and water cooled engines. It is no doubt that the sensitivity of engine is bullshit. I think in some way it need to be made more reliable as it was known for. I fly P 51 and it goes down just as fast but in one piece not in small bits like p 47. So things are just opposite of what I expected. And I find it very unbelievable and problematic. it is to me not the fact that it cant take 30 mm. It is more like you flying a plane known to take the pilot back but we fly a glass I accept being shot down. But the way it happened is just way off. Hope it get fixed when they make razorback
  5. My flight sim equipment maxflight stick collective 1,6k rudderpedals 0,5 k throttle selfbuild from a trainer 0,5 k pc 3,5k panels 0,5k rift s 0,3 k now 8 years back 3,5 k in pc 0,7 k in yoke But if I had not done this I would have spent it x 1000 in flying lessons and rent on planes or more to be able to back seat a Spit. Expences is relative. But this game is cheap
  6. If you arf in VR and no mirror. Never. It simply too hard. Needless to say I die a lot not knowing what hit me in mp
  7. I find them not that long. Rather like 5 take offs and death in mp. I use the time navigating and enjoy the flight. Put a little realism to it by actually let me believe I am there. But I guess I am not a average user of this sim
  8. Props are proportioned to the power of the engine. It swallow as much air the engine allows. Germans used very wide props. It is a amazing piece of engineering. adjustable props allows for more effective climb acceleration and cruise speed.
  9. I definitive like GB better with VR. Smooth and dandy. I changed favorite planes too with VR for some reason
  10. The Malcolm hood did make aerodynamical problems for the P 51
  11. Well in old il 2 I did some sub hunting. Remember Iam the guy flying PO 2 for two hours getting to a target most likely to be destroyed before I get there. Or I become a easy target practice for a lucky 109. In old IL 2 you could have a sub in periscope depth and on surface. Both nearly impossible to spot. One need a radar working getting it interesting
  12. I like a cannon equipped too. But would appreciate a bomb sight version too. I know it is a lot to ask for, but one can try. I agree in this
  13. Atmosphere is the one thing lacking in career. It is important for SP and anyone not only interested in killrates and dogfights. I am well aware that 90% of playerbase in WOL that take off directly from spawn point will be annoyed by have another thing to crash against after all they do hit every second plane taking off in the runway. Insight of what priorities the devs should take is only in the hands of the dev’s themselves.
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