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  1. I do not have PPL. But flown a lot of local club owned planes with instructors. These planes do not pull G on purpose at least with me in controls. I guess trying to do so will only get a solid wack in my head by instructor. I only had minor negative G worth mentioning. I guess you need plane buildt for that. What bother me is spotting ground targets. Normal cars are in rl easy to aim at from distances you cannot see in game. The rendering is bad, The size is bad abd I guess it is difficult to fix.
  2. I fly the I 16 a great deal. Dunno why, it simply appeal to me more than the one in GB in VR. But any improvement, is well, a improvement. What we like better vs another game is not interesting, what is, is the fact we do spend time in both for a reason. I am happy for those finding GB perfect and flawless. To me it simply do not cover all my desires, but the things it cover it does well. I guess I can say the same about DCS, the modules I fly I love, and that is it
  3. This topic must stand as a monument for community highest wish. We demand justice for US medium bombers.
  4. Both are my kryptonite. Both got legendary service for RAF. I am going for a role play as a Hurricane pilot first. After that I think it will be 50 50. I am not going to be better in any of these,
  5. I can see this feature can be understood as overdone. I never flown heavy G’s myself and I have nothing to compare with. Flying the Tempest I get blackout all the time, and I cannot stop it when it starts. Easing the controls do not help once you start going dark grey. But despite Slowly getting my confidence murdered bits by bits I am still ok with it, knowing it act like small effective law enforcement miniature cops against unrealistic maneuvering.
  6. I do not think the JU 88 gonna be flyable. But if it did, I would never look back
  7. [edited] Found these on DCS screenshot
  8. Bombing is a more or less accurate thing. Same with unguided rockets. Left rocket fire first, if you are close aim a little to the right
  9. It is a neat detail and give us another challenge. Historically important flying object given highest priority by H himself, making it almost obligated, And much appreciated. The fact that so many after all got intercepted or shot down by flak saved a lot of people.
  10. Might well be, in one docu however my understanding was that flipping it was common, and shooting it was a risky business. The blast was able to damage or take the plane with it.
  11. Steam vr make a impact on fps. Open composite is far better in my experience.
  12. Out of Curiosity with no alternative intention from my side. Why do one want that?
  13. Well I am taking a break from GB and planning to pick up on the Harrier. It seems you are ahead of me on it
  14. Is this available in all countries ? I feel I miss out of pretty much all good stuff
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