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  1. I bought vr mainly because po 2 and ww1 I really liked flying with vr in those
  2. You have to read Bodenplatte is a prepurchase. It not yet out
  3. I am baffled by the crippling effect VR have to some. With old Rift I preferred screen most of the time. I get new Rift S coming and is not sure I bother to install it yet. Now I get afraid. It suppose to show instrument much better and I am afraid I never will fly with screen again. As far as I know DCS is the only one that is plug and play while Great Battles need 3 party siftware to run it. And it run it well.
  4. By this point any seaplane would do. PBY is waaaay up there
  5. Actually trackir can be a bit disadvantage when new to it in regards of spotting. You need to be aware of things not suppose to be there. Using trackir you need to scan the surrondings by try to keep you head still for a moment in all directions. Moving your head will make you to overlook details. Trackir is a advantage once you spotted a plane. I wish I could help you in regard of improving fighter skills but I am probable worser than you
  6. I read a lot or lets say available lecture of Norden bombsights. Less about german types. I do not want to bring up other flight sim as a example because I find developers here more than capable to judge such things. Norden type bring in too much input and data not feasible in this game taken the gameplay into account. I am simply looking for a bit more realistic feel to it.
  7. Yes I agree that there where a altitude regulated autopilot aswell. But the autopilot we got today is simply too smooth. If we got a two stage one with non altitude directed and a bombrun with altitude hold it probably would work better. I know this will make things harder and it is controversial. I would not recommend changes in this system if there is no support among the users. But how can we know without raising the question
  8. I can gladly change to PE 2 if need be later in the week. I probably fly with VR on this one so I guess staying high is a good idea
  9. Yes I am aware of it. I tried to like fighters. But like in real life there are fighter pilots and there are those who are not. I am by now after 29 years of IL 2 sure I am not. So I can only advocate my perspective on how I think this brand should be. At the same time accept the fact that most would not agree
  10. I read about a pilot in US normally flying P 51 for a foundation. He said he flew P 40 when he wanted to have fun. I wonder if a P 40 in altitude airshows are displayed is a better airshow plane? I got the feeling that was what he ment by it, but cant be sure
  11. I spent a considerable time being negative and then go over to a make do state of mind like I have in DCS. Thing is thinking over it there are not a lot of things that need to be changed in order to get a real ww 2 expirience. I finally figured out that changing the bombaim interface is probably not a option but there are things that can be done with the autopilot. If you get it a bit more slow to react like they are even today. And only keep it to directional axis not altitude. Let the trim take care of that. As it is now the only challenge you get is late rendering of target. You can hit a ship from 5 k if you know it’s approximate position. I found ai to be better wingmen in campaign now. And that is a huge improvement. This game is so very close to be perfect that it is almost frustrating. And cheers to the developers for the continuous improvements that we do get. I am not giving critique, this is meant to be my input on how to get things more immersive
  12. It could be done workable for a sim at the same price. Too me a good working instrument panel with switches are more realistic and immersive than VR. But a whole lot more expencive
  13. If that happening I going to throw my phone out the window witch I wont bother to open beforehand in anger. I am a big fan If you have anything that includes a useless plane . I will utilize my incredible capacity for uselessness to test it.
  14. That information is believable. And I know a lot of creditable similar stories. I just dont trust photos with inadequate information. Sometimes I think people find them on Pinterest and just add text
  15. As I said. Even if you find a picture saying it flew like that on interweb. It does not mean it is true. I found another picture with a couple of cylinders shot off. It contained info about pilot , place and time. Such information would make the photo more believable.
  16. You are right. It would in huge radials aswell. But you can fly for a while distance depending on engines. A double wasp wright engine works well with multiple pistons or cylinders not working. The torque and power would probably tear off the piston from the shaft if it get stuck and it can fly for a remarkable distance. In fact this is the plane that can pull it off. The reason I doubt this can fly for longer distance is the hub and propeller itself. I do not think they could operate for long with that vibration
  17. I wonder if they can make a LI 2 and you can go into equipment and choose C47 engines and instrument
  18. That is the easy part. You go in your profile log in and install
  19. Anything not a fighter for that beautiful map would suit me fine
  20. LuseKofte

    DCS news

    Yes but like in GB I never get to the landing part
  21. Ill say kuban could be anywhere. I would buy that beautiful map if I where you. It got A 20 and P 39 in it. Not a waste of money at all. You will be restricted for thetime being to servers who got Bobp planes if you only buy that.
  22. LuseKofte

    DCS news

    Time make me hesitate even touching some if the new carrier modules. Time availeable simply prevent any serious simming in GB and DCS but suddenly I got the urge
  23. What a cruel thing to do. Saying we get two collector planes and not saying what. Bet they did it for holiday lecture
  24. Also I found multiple explanations on same picture on different sites. I find interweb very unreliable if one are after facts
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