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  1. This would be the best gift in a century
  2. If you arf in VR and no mirror. Never. It simply too hard. Needless to say I die a lot not knowing what hit me in mp
  3. I find them not that long. Rather like 5 take offs and death in mp. I use the time navigating and enjoy the flight. Put a little realism to it by actually let me believe I am there. But I guess I am not a average user of this sim
  4. Props are proportioned to the power of the engine. It swallow as much air the engine allows. Germans used very wide props. It is a amazing piece of engineering. adjustable props allows for more effective climb acceleration and cruise speed.
  5. I definitive like GB better with VR. Smooth and dandy. I changed favorite planes too with VR for some reason
  6. The Malcolm hood did make aerodynamical problems for the P 51
  7. Well in old il 2 I did some sub hunting. Remember Iam the guy flying PO 2 for two hours getting to a target most likely to be destroyed before I get there. Or I become a easy target practice for a lucky 109. In old IL 2 you could have a sub in periscope depth and on surface. Both nearly impossible to spot. One need a radar working getting it interesting
  8. I like a cannon equipped too. But would appreciate a bomb sight version too. I know it is a lot to ask for, but one can try. I agree in this
  9. Atmosphere is the one thing lacking in career. It is important for SP and anyone not only interested in killrates and dogfights. I am well aware that 90% of playerbase in WOL that take off directly from spawn point will be annoyed by have another thing to crash against after all they do hit every second plane taking off in the runway. Insight of what priorities the devs should take is only in the hands of the dev’s themselves.
  10. I could do much more damage with this setup than lowflying counterparts and obtain a longer life span
  11. No But I have serious problems about this us/ them attitude around. True there are people advocating for focusing on VR improvements, but I do not think they mean to ruin it for all else. Most provoking thing I seen was a tread about VR server only , because TrackIr got advantages of owl neck. Now these kind of self centered opinions is not shared by VR users in general. We are not a group within a group. We are part of GB community. So polarizing it down to we are evil is bs. We simply prefer VR despite its disadvantages gamewise, I get a great deal of advantages in the deal
  12. I personally can not understand why we could not make the A 20 we have into a English version Boston. there should not be a bigger issue than changing the mg on the defensive side. I guess it is not as simple as I think, but it should be far eadier than making new turrets
  13. I be far more happy for a B 26. I usually climb up to 6 k meters and drop my bombs on larger targets 4 to 5 K on smaller. This got to do with target rendering and spotting. This is hard enough from these altitudes. I do not mind a heavy or two. But I find it a bit demanding to do so knowing there are a lot of medium bombers lacking in game we could utilize in a much better way. personally I would liked a JU 188 better than 88 g6
  14. Razorbacks give me a excuse for being a lousy spotter. personally I can not explain my affection for the P 47. And Razorbacks in special. They jus look meaner and cooler. But I know Razorbacks had advantages over the bubbletops. I never seem to remember what. They where however favored for some sort of missions
  15. In the long run... Have no chance but this battle I can take
  16. I have my own battle in November....
  17. This is sort of my view too but problem is this So getting it even more realistic is this I use VR by choice, it got a lot of advantages. And some dis advantages. I personally give a shit in both categories. I do it for being inside a ww2 aircraft. I do not want more advantages than realism allows
  18. I think they choose BON for 3 reasons. 1. Too many people oppose another east front pack. And this would make a west front expansion more popular. 2. They figure it can be done with less budget than other popular theatre's of war. 3. They can deliver it relative fast It will also probably expand customer group. If they continue to improve and stay on as a stable provider of aerial combat experience We will grow
  19. I agree, the one feature pilots adored their P 47 for was the fact that they got home again in it. it could take enormous amount if structural damage from flak and still fly. There are pictures enough around in the web to prove that. However I do not think they ever met opponents the way it does online in game. I get blown to pieces in it when flying alone with a lot of bombs. And everytime a lw come a long fully loaded with 30 mm. I love the P 47, but getting atomized 99% of the time gets boring
  20. It gonna take time, pre buy give funding to improvements on what we already have. This is why I pre buy everything from the very beginning. My guess is we are going to have the 109 first then the Typhoon Fw, razorback p 47 , the bombers last
  21. DCS have a much higher happy to crying like a baby ratio. In no other sim I have felt such a feeling of accomplishment and then in a split second of frustration you choose not to uninstall it , because it is much faster to just trow the pc out the window
  22. Then we agree, I like some major (to me) important features in cod better. But over all GB is the one I fly and prefer. Time issue, VR, overall good flight models make me prefer GB on. Daily basis
  23. I dl dcs at same speed or faster than GB however, I am always afraid those updates ruin something I find precious, because they tend to make new problems
  24. I do not think you are. In order to judge that you need to look beyond your own nose, and consider a lot of other factors than what you yourself believe is most important. Your continuous attitude of know all things make me suspect you are quite finnish with learning. I grant you this however, you are correct on many occasions. However in your battle against cod and all other brands make you bias and not trustworthy
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