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  1. LuseKofte

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    You only need oil in enough cylinders to still run the engine. And fuel got a big part in cooling the engine. one of the reasons they are thirsty.
  2. LuseKofte

    Lancaster VR "game"

    I loved the first one, really nice. You really felt like a Captain tendering your crew
  3. LuseKofte

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    Milo Morai Radials got a funny way of working, It is not only air that cools it down, fuel does too. P 47, Hellcats and likes flew long distances with heavy oil leak. I am not a expert on this matter . But it is sure a lot of surviving pilots to tell the tales. I personally think that even if a substantial number of pistons dry out and seas t o work, there are still other cylinders that do work and have oiland manage to propel the aircraft. It is not like a inline engine
  4. LuseKofte

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    I read somewhere that a projectile had knocked off a cylinder on a P 47, and it still manage to limp home
  5. LuseKofte

    Lancaster VR "game"

    British and their Humor / attitude. It is gold listening to these guys, their correctness and well British ways. It simply would not be the same with 8. th . Magnificent really
  6. LuseKofte

    DCS news

    I think I like the Mig 21 even more than the SU 25´s . I only flew it offline and had no use of the radar , but it simply its gorgeous. It is one plane I relate to, read a lot about it and even if I do not fly it much . I cannot think of having DCS without it. Being neighbor to the country of Viggen , it bring pretty much the same feeling and usage
  7. LuseKofte

    Spitfire Mk.XIV poll

    Typhoon should be there, counting earlier models it is the longest serving Ground attacker over low countries and France
  8. LuseKofte

    How To Change Ingame Name?

    Last time I changed my name( removed a squad tag, ) I did it in profile , not in this forum , but where you have your purchases registered. And it shows in game
  9. LuseKofte

    TAW: Hunting Giants.

    With swedish Folk music no less. First time I seen that.
  10. LuseKofte

    Lancaster VR "game"

    I tried to explain this to a Facebook group, the fact that Bomber command and US bomber groups had the heaviest losses in % of all services, Even counting Omaha Beach and all the other Amphibious landings. They called me a liar. Fantastic find, I have heard the audio before, but it give more atmosphere seeing it too
  11. LuseKofte

    DCS news

    Some planes got a fair deal of campaigns, others just the one. But to me it is currently enough to have fun. I do not know why, but the campaign and SP in general is much more interesting than in GB series. To me at least. Well I look forward to Havoc over Caucasus , but so far I only enjoyed Seadragons in this game as a Campaign, I am not saying this for critique toward GB, it is currently how I feel about it. I am an expert in forgetting modules after a while , but again the learning process is one of the things I appreciate . But to be real good in one module , I think one have to more or less stick to it at all times
  12. LuseKofte

    Dogfights of WWII DVD's For Sale

    I would have bought them if I was closer, I seen most of these episodes, but I am sure some slipped away
  13. LuseKofte

    The Game Screenshot Thread

    @Semor76 You make DCS beautiful
  14. LuseKofte

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    Well we need the early Spit , Hurricane , Some french types BR 20 Some 3 engines Italian planes . You would need the DO 17 and Blenheim
  15. LuseKofte

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    How do you know, much be nice to know all the things you do. People might surplice you, I for one do not believe you and Jason got all the answers, however I do believe Jason has a strategy on how to run a business and follows it. That is completely different than knowledge. I think when all this new stuff is over, it might be wise to go early / pre war. After all this game engine was made for lighter planes