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  1. I tested war thunder once, flew a russian double decker . I might have been in arcade mode , because everybody stopped in the air and turned almost with no speed and accelerated like a spacecraft . I did not, because I flew it like a simulator, within its supposed envelope. I was dead meat in a few second . But the cockpit was nice and 3 d model as well.
  2. Keep the Bos key , gift it as you please I need it not No problem
  3. LuseKofte

    il 2 1946 mods

    I never liked to choose, make two versions if in doubt and have UP 3 on one and HSFX on the other
  4. You got it I gift one to you If anyone have a friend in need of a BOS standard , please let me know . @bubo942 I accidentally sent you the Battle of Stalingrad copy as well. Either you free it for a gift yourself or do what you like with it, it is out of my hands Both should have received a P 40 though
  5. -2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad - Standard Edition purchase ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** Send gift P-40E-1 Collector Plane gift ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** Send gift I found these in my profile, I given away a lot of stuff, and I have o use for them. Anyone interested I gift them
  6. Yeah, that was quick, Astonishing speed for delivering this and bug fixes , I am impressed as usual. Many thanks
  7. crap. If I was more into jets I would have flown BMS they say it is good
  8. The word Dynamic campaign is the one getting my attention. This is for sure something I buy
  9. LuseKofte

    Remove spitfire, it's OP!

    This is a guy used to steam out in internet, he is not worth a second of sympathy
  10. LuseKofte

    New pilot here

    Cant get any better advises than above, only left thing for me to say is join a friendly group and fly as little as possible alone in public servers. And welcome
  11. LuseKofte

    Remove spitfire, it's OP!

    So they do exist I have given Bodenplatte and multiple planes away, and all that got it was very nice about it. I would never give anything to a prick like that
  12. LuseKofte

    AI A-20B for the BOBP career

    We could use the A 20 can't we?
  13. No I do not have a problem with auto level , I just happens to want a proper auto pilot on planes that had them. I really do not mind if we still have that A button. And I do not think such drastic events would occur like emptying the servers. A is needed as long as we do not have the auto pilot. For bombers that is. The fact that people cannot provide their drinks and go to the toilet before taking off is a minor issue in my mind. That is being less organized than me, and that is not good. If you aint better than me when it comes to logistics , you really need help
  14. LuseKofte

    Should IL-2 Battle packs have more planes?

    New planes do not make a difference in the long run, if we are not talking about a new genre of planes like Recce etc. What matters in a simulator is the little things and improvements . Sometimes we had these surprises , and almost all patches bring important improvements witch I for one many times are more happy for than new content