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  1. I believe and it is just my general idea of it. There have been cheaters out there, and maybe still. If they make wonder woman view there might be another way to cheat
  2. It is for custom settings. You can make cool guncam film with it. No full real server will have it
  3. It is far better than cv1 for me. It was the one I waited for. I did not go for index since it demand more from my hardware in special in DCS and my current space do not allows for distance to basestation. worth it? I birrowed a CV 1 for month and prefered two screen instead. Now I prefer Rift S I guess if your satisfyed with CV 1 it is not worth it. Audio Is great in my opinion. The sound is in the lining in your forhead it is not all surronding you so my wife can ask me stuff and I hear her. if you want to be in a world alone headphones are needed
  4. I tried to fly with virtual desctop and mission planner as a background to the game and my controls froze up. And I had to close missionplanner in order to get back into game I miss two screen setup when it comes toflying over clouds in wintermap. Waypoints tend to be obscured. have anyone done this successfully
  5. No I was thinking about several choices. If all files named the same you only can have one picture in same folder
  6. Do this mean you only can have one photo each aircraft?
  7. A lot of bailouts ended up colliding with the plane. I saw a picture of a crashed JU 88 with a bump on his stabilizers where a aircrew smacked into it. The pilot shooting it down reported he had seen it happened. during a dogfight over London a Hurricane pilot saw a tailgunner in a BF 110 hanging in his parachut attatched to the tailfin. He reported the pilot attempting to climb from cockpit to the tail to free him. I think it is a painting of that somewhere too. awesome video.
  8. I had to learn German bombers all over again just now. With balance tipped over to red side I now am able to fly blue. I respect the way you think I do the same. In order to reenact ww2 aviation I need to try to do things as realistic as possible no matter if it serves the gameplay
  9. I believe like all new things in this game it is subject for changing my problem with fighters is not my bad aim or lack of aerodynamical knowledge. It is simply tactical understanding. Or lack of it. I am a bomber pilot I go at the target and blow it up. I always choose the wrong angle or time to engage. If I fly with someone who have these skills I am doing fine, while I before the attack must restrain myself thinking what the hell are we waiting for
  10. Ha ha I dont need vr for that. But I too fly vr now. I read a book I owned for years about a german ace. He also did tours as a instructor. Late war most bombers was disbanded and their pilots got other jobs. Some was successfully transitioned to jabos, but those transfering to fighters ran quickly into problems. they flew too perfect, simply could not make the maneuvers needed in order to survive in a fighter. I think I am one of them. I really had to go well over my comfort zone in order to notice the new g lock. If I had not read about it I never would have noticed it
  11. I hate the idea sometimes that we cant have “make do” planes. why everything has to be historical. But taking it too far I will hate even more. I really wished for a Typhoon and would be happy for rockets on Tempest. Because I fly it as a Typhoon. Lovely aircraft. But asking for it is beating a dead horse
  12. I fly VR so when I say this it is not to start a quarrel. I spent a couple of years on the fence before I reluctantly went for VR. In my case a Rift S when I made the choice I already considered the drawbacks. And there are many. I could use a second screen for mission planner. what you guys call bs zooming is indeed needed. Because what we see in VR or screen is not what the real pilots saw. We hav targets rendering insufficiently and landmarks are blurry at relative short distances. This is why zoom is far from a cheat, it is a bad compensation for virtual problems compared to reality. In bombers and recce they had binoculars too for help. I am not in favor for “compansate” VR users because it do not seem to be more ff out in servers. It shows no signs that VR disadvantage is greater than the advantages
  13. I am all for a more realistic behavior on servers. people say they are seeing it happen. I am good. But if there is a justified complaint about the g force limit, some form of evidence are needed for devs to see. Nothing going to change before someone do.
  14. Many thanks. Now I can climb with it. Used to red bombers I am not used to getting 44 buildings in one run
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