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  1. LuseKofte

    For Dev ,producer and 3rd party contributors

    Nice one
  2. Well this plane will be my favorite, I like to fly around doing nothing occasionally, and this is what I use BOK for. This plane suit for just that
  3. LuseKofte

    More Po-2/U-2 combat variants?

    Medivac for JU 52 is already at hand, In PO 2 you need to model it for being believable
  4. LuseKofte

    Engine management

    Yes it also gain a balance among the users, those better at multitasking and used to more complex simulators might have a chance against those only want to move the throttle and dogfight. To me , the lesser complexity the game become more like a FPS game. But then again, I think this is what the developers want
  5. LuseKofte

    I said I would support....

    I do not doubt it, and the fact not owning TC means no badge for it... I hate to admit it, but having all the badges it would be kind of wrong not to keep collecting them πŸ˜„ I must be more childish than I imagined. Up to now I bought it all for support and the fact that I like flying now and then, this pack is the only one I have no interest of, but that is because I never tried out tanks
  6. LuseKofte

    Where do you rank IL-2 Great Battles?

    Unfortunately I lost a great deal of interest in MP flying, COD because of lack of time, and BOX because of how the public servers play out. And neither of these two offer long run interest in offline flying. GB lack of complexity and a total lack of offline feature in COD . I really like the flying itself in GB, but there is no sense of growth once you learned the basics. So I find myself flying DCS choppers. So how to rate GB? It is a great MP dogfighter experience , best CFS game atm, the FPS aviation top of the world. But if you are not into FPS and dogfighting personal growth and learning-courve is flat. DCS offer a long lasting learning curve despite its faults and keep me busy enough, that said GB fills a gap between WT and simulators that was greatly needed
  7. LuseKofte

    VR Fever Is Cooling

    Well VR to me was a choose between immersion of a real life cockpit or VR , clicking of real buttons and real throttle made me hesitate using VR, now I got a rig to run VR and tested VR out . I still feel immersion is greater using the pit and buttons and not the VR. But I fly a lot DCS , BOX series and FC coming might win me over for the little time I use in this game. OR is cheap used in Norway, it is simply not of interest atm. But again, it could be my lack of interest for Great battles and not VR per see making me not buying it yet
  8. If FW 190 ever was my favorite the A 8 was the one making it. It will be awesome to fly it
  9. LuseKofte


    There where data for the Zero based on a refurbished crashed Zero i Aleutians and countless DocuΒ΄s telling about it. Finding them might be another issue. I however is satisfied by making it as authentic as it possible could be based on informations available. I think this should not be the thing tipping it over
  10. LuseKofte


    As do I, but I can't expect them to do something they haven't mentioned doing. Battle of Midway was a start, the Okinawa as next was a leap to long for me, I am all for New Guinea and some Beufighter/ G 20 action there
  11. LuseKofte

    Calm down !

    In all this you have to remember we are in a community that really believe they bought a plane and not a pile of pixels , they think one they payed their 60 bucks they own the world. We are the most demanding customers in the world. We want a simple program with easy startup and shutdown , and we will not accept the pixels we fly behave in any other way than we in our mind believed they would. If I in my daydreams think I am Hartman I simply won't accept the fact that anyone I encounter do not end as burning wrecks after first pass We cannot accept the fact that making a software worth 60 bucks to the consumers have restrictions and limitations. However I must admit 777 Studios have impressed me in their ambition to try . Buy the game here , it is worth the money, even for me not particular keen using it atm. I know I occasionally will. It is cheap at ful price, exceptional I would say compared to what you get for the money
  12. LuseKofte


    Well I have been doing this since first release of old IL 2 and those arcadish ones since 1996 . IL 2 had its latest patch 17 years later so I got time, I am in this for the duration. I accept waiting for it 3 to 5 years, but I would like to know if there is a genuine ambition to go there , or they have abandoned it. So I know what one can hope for
  13. LuseKofte

    I said I would support....

    Unfortunately he was not, he was the first to sign on so he had his name 3 times, I also promised him a key next month. So if you take care of it, I will give a couple of keys to other signed on instead This case is closed. I have sent the key and two other from this tread will receive keys within a month without any further notice. Those receiving the keys better use them. I have gifted modules that still not have been activated, and that bugs me
  14. LuseKofte

    I said I would support....

    If you please could, Because I have a couple of others I like to help too. The draw was done by my wife, she have not the fainted idea what for. The member chosen will receive the key just about as I am finished this post. Those signed in later than midnight got a slightly lesser chance and those within the timeline got their name twice. I hope I can help more at a later stage, I find it beneficial having a active community and I normally never really out of funds. But this oil leak thing on my camper nag me, it could cost me a new engine.....