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  1. There was at a time more than one Mauser weapon company. Same goes for Walther good luck with your search. I am giving my wife a start at this with dna analizes. It can be very helpful. A company called my heritage provide a world wide service. And the more use it , bigger chance of finding more. Got a friend that found several relatives in Greece and us
  2. Well I returned my OR to owner and was about to buy a Oddesey + , but several have said the Oddesey without + is better for simulators. I can not find too many brands new here in Norway so I am really open for suggestions. The OR never really got to me, but I have a feeling Flying Circus with slightly better resolution VR would be awesome
  3. I worked with two colleagues with Aspbergers and a neighbors son . The two colleagues is very good crane operators and very much liked by the customers. I had some dramatic scenes together with others when we use their cranes. But knowing the diagnose we simply apologized for the equipment not lying where we found it and moved on. In my experience , the importance for people around a person with Aspbergers is that they know. It is very seldom a issue , but when something come up we can deal with it and make the situation easier for everyone. In this forum pretty much all , me included have acted like we had a diagnose. I have many times wondered if I have been properly depressed, I had similar experience . For me all is good or it is all bad. I do not seem to have anything in-between. My wife is a professional health care person and usually get me up when I am down. But here in the inter web she kind of have no control😬 Anyway I appreciate you are openly talking about this, we all can learn from it. in special me coordinating/ being foreman to some with the same diagnose
  4. Maybe not relevant. But a RAF pilot was selected to fly ww2 planes and commented that it was strange flying actively with the rudders. I do not know for sure , but to me it sounded like you do not use rudders that much flying jet.
  5. LuseKofte

    DCS news

    I read there is a lot of bugs on the latest update. Anyone have a input on that? Random ctd and such
  6. A plane no one can intercept, a great mission scenario? Maybe but not really good for gameplay. That said I rather have it than 262
  7. Yes I miss squad flying. But personally I have no time for it and can only devote to ad hoc flying time Rendering myself to lone wolfing and repetitive demise in mp. This ultimately put you in SP category. And that department got little to offer in this game. Some scripted campaign and qmb. Career mode do not inspire me much
  8. It is not typical. To me multiplayer in this game is more a counter strike type of gameplay. It is too many only after personal killrate no mission objective at all. It simply do not attract people with aviation or history interest. Nothing wrong with the game its self. When it comes to fnbf it is another story, the use of multiplayer and organized event it can be very interesting
  9. LuseKofte

    DCS news

    .....end a sentence? Form a sentence? I get it, I have that problem expressing myself in English writing 😬
  10. Still at work. Good luck everyone. Wish I could be there
  11. I think this would be possible for some planes. A wish for a more comlex pilot environment and dm is not a new thing. I find wishing for it do no harm, at some point customers wishes might be the very thing making a sim brand able to renew itself. As a member in this community you shoul not shoot down any suggestion from other members. You might not agree with it, but rather contribute on how you think this sim would be better. I believe some community wishes are seen and might be taken into account on a crossroad
  12. Here is tha missionplanner You can share your mission to as many as you like with password. But it require a extra screen , and possible not as good for VR
  13. I am away for work next 3 weeks. The latter week actually going to Bergen and take home a boat I bought and my daughters stuff
  14. He was not in any way taking advantage of his unlimited ammo and when I fired at him he replied with a red flare and went away. So I do not think it is a cheat. Something just hung up
  15. LuseKofte

    DCS news

    What keeps me afloat in DCS is helicopters, my eternal love for the MI 8 and campaigns that to me are interesting. I like feeling of having to educate myself in order to operate the craft. The procedures it is being a pilot. You can almost feel you are on your way to work, for good or bad. I simply feel more like a historical pilot. If you look at a result on cfs vs reality concerning ground targets. DCS is more realistic. If you look at the combat simulation itself GB is waay better NB! For not starting a new feud I must add that this is how I feel about it, not a proven fact
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