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  1. Now,( lifting my eyebrows) this got me to lift my eyebrows
  2. Yes it is a winner. But I have too many planes I do not use. Several month I sat in a winner named P47 I told you, it is the level of complexity that decide difficulty. I use the editor to change aircraft on existing missions. That is very easy. Missions in campaigns, many of them extremely well made. All you do "click" and you can test it with another ac I TOLD YOU ! In your level of missionbuilding. DCS will be a handful Oilfield campaign with good voiceactors is just phenomenal
  3. I do not mind spending the money on FC 2. But I think I will restrict any purchase both in DCS , MS and GB. Simply because if it do not make sense for my interest , I won't buy. GB has moved in favor for fast spit's and BF 109's for too long. I rather watch whats next, before I buy anything. DCS I kept interest in choppers, jets not do much. WW2 not at all. So I buy Hind and Kiowa nothing more. MS well have not seen anything that really intreague me. So I stick with what I got. None of them has done anything wrong, it simply just not my cup of tea
  4. Lost planes after last update. They are in the content manager as uninstalled. And update 0mb until I restart the game , then I can dl it again. But still say uninstalled. It is bought modules like the L 19. Yet I have the Bleriot. In the markedplaced it say I own them. And they worked before
  5. It is relative cheap to buy, but costly to operate just like Harvard Very good plane pilots say even used in conflicts in Africa as a weapon platform
  6. Nope, I am igor zBokkerski getting wipped by a ai I got fed up turning circles with in a inferior plane
  7. Is the typhoon under costruction? I have had a blast with the Honeycombe yoke so I sold it to a needy person. When my new Fulcrum yoke come I will fly again. I hate flying bombers with a joystick.
  8. I find early soviet planes to be painted by a very lazy guy, and he got away with it. And that calls for respect
  9. It might be, my point is. I do not even trust my sources. But how the pilot really operated , in my mind what I wrote made sense. What was adviced is another matter. I get more survivable hours in servers in a HS 129 and a2a kills for that matter with less flying hours than I get in a P47 and IL 2. But I normally get only 1 or two tanks with it on a mission.
  10. If we cant get a PBY, how about this? (Tekst copied from a historic FB group) Only one prototype PBY-5T(Twin) Catalina was built and flown in 1944. Due to the vast distances covered in the PTO and noting the 4-engine design configurations of the Japanese Kawanishi H6K (Allied reporting name 'Mavis') and H8K ('Emily'), Consolidated incorporated two PBY-5s from the New Orleans Consolidated Vultee plant and integrated the additional fuel tanks for the four Pratt & Whitney R-1830-82 Twin Wasps. After a few trials and circuits, despite the promising range, the disadvantages of the co
  11. In books I read that touch HS 129 included magazines like Flypast. They went in enemy territory and attacked in direction straigh towards own lines regardless how the target was pointed. The losses due to ground fire forced this tactics, this way they had a chance getting to own lines if hit. JU 87 G2 pilots aimed at deck behind tower, but often in guncams you can see they went for the side and tracks. I have in many years taken documentaries for truth, but older as I am, I grown a scepticism to them. They are like magazines, they mirror a subjectiv opinion of the editor
  12. As soon as my new yoke arrive I will yet again fly JU 52 I will definitely fly C 47 if available. But there are improvements needed for a genuine game related use of them. What we have now is more make do solutions. Making a real gameplay about supply, paratroopers and recce duties, would make this game pretty exclusive.
  13. I am always using my phone. I do not see the bars. Wtf is the point with them anyways. Just remove'em all together
  14. You sat in this plane, however they had a jet stuka on the drawing board. With a prone pilot position. It was abandoned when D day came , because the idea was to use them against that fleet. Oleg was pretty obsessive getting what could be right ,right . Old Il 2 had one in sitting configuration. Search the Web there are pictures about it
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