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  1. Naah it is your skills. I know looking at myself that its hard to be as unbelievable good as me. Unbelievable how many times I said to myself “thats ubelievable”
  2. Tested a supercarrier mission as flight 3 Awacs taking off. Ground crew running about and talk to each other. WOW
  3. Impressive I am going to donate just for the effort
  4. In Qmb I take 109 down first by deflection shooting with smallest calibre then shoot it down with one HE shell. This happen all the time with no exception. so unless it is a internet problem you talk about I am very very confused
  5. I do not use any mods myself. I use VR for good or bad. I am not able to comprehend peoples obsession on what others do. No matter context. This debate about a zoom mod and tech chat and all other related issues. As long as things pass cheat control people should be allowed to do what they want with their own game. And server owners should sort out what allowed on their server. And the rest of us just play.
  6. More like high performance aircraft with huge propellers and retractable gear. Gull winged Stukas and corsair did not need full length on Their gear to get prop clerance
  7. Tell that to the ufo maneuvering inconsiderate 109 jockey’s
  8. I can start another topic and let this infested topic die. I am no fan of inaccurate cheat warnings myself. I believe he will stop this campaign of his seeing the gratitude from this community. However I am stuck in this new setting witch have made my experience much more beautiful. And smoother. All this make me suspicious, what am I missing why do I spot easier, the game run smooth with no stutter at even 50 to 60 fps in my Rift S when mates with screen get shimmering in horizon at 4xmssa and I havr none with 2xmssa Can I get even better spotting?
  9. I have issued a note of worries to Canadian health authorities. You need help, it is hope. You can eventually go and take a beer with mates. Hang on
  10. I love the Tempest too, but the Tempest hate me. It seems to lawndart right after I take a ill timed nap.
  11. Making a 25 mission campaign and do not fly the game. I guess at least one of us having fun with this. Anyway. I was pretty sure these bars where gonners. I only look at this forum in my phone where they do not show. And I am pretty sure devs mentioned it
  12. I hope it means a bit more complex dm modeling Yak 9 T have reboosted my liking to P39 and Lagg 7
  13. Got hit by he 111 engine seize after a couple of minutes. Not always durable
  14. Does it really matter? I was under impression they would atop issuing them
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