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  1. Well getting it unblocked is not easy. I still have not made it. I am not used to this dos command In fact this task is more complicated than I bother to follow, It is two full pages of dos commands and checks I find this as a evidence that MS software very shortly will be flying out the windows with the hardware containing it. Thanks for the tip, Mike . But this going south , and I will attempt a refund. When Microsoft is able to make a software that contain a download button followed with a start button, I might pick this up again. And I end my conversation here, and start one over at MS ticket and forum
  2. You are not that much depending on ai in campaign on missions I fly. In KA 50 you get your mate to do exactly what you want him to do within meters. If he get shot down, you simply put him too close. In other modules thay do take away some airdefences. I have not flown ww 2 campaign. DCS got commands that works and that make the difference
  3. Cod is very good if you have a evening to fly it. But for a mission DCS is by far best
  4. Yeah. I might As well start updating dcs. I really need something to fly
  5. This is the problem. Now I have to find out how to run as a admin in dos command. Terredo is not qualified and network blocked. Pushing fix did not do the trick. This really is frustrating
  6. You really made a bad choice there. Bok would be smarter. I will see if I can let that slip pass and upvote you.
  7. Hydrolic damped non centering stick make all the difference
  8. Oh I have asked. Like «why did you park your plane where my propeller is?» «why did fly exactly where I was shooting?» “Why did you fly into my bomb” Anyway, if FC 2 is not announced we will not have it. Made me hope they do announce it. It is really a part with great potential
  9. They have a sim and their operative system wont let it install so I have to reinstall their operating system. They can go and fuck themselves two times for wasting my time with this crap. I do not mind bugs and teething problems. But having a operating system chosen because I want sims in it, and only that. They are not able to provide that system to cooperate with their own sim. Then ask the customer, who have spent one day reinstalling their sim to spend two more days to reinstall win 10 and their sim To me that is out of the question. I rather blow my pc with 🧨 than accommodate their incompetance
  10. I did. Thanks. But seems like Arthur is on to something I did not find there Edit: I gonna ask for refund. It say I have to uninstall latest update from windows and then reinstall windows. Having a sim demanding that if I ever going to get new stuff is fucking out of the question. this is redicilous
  11. I cannot find any chat support. They havent yet
  12. At least some do. Say down load , available 0 B . not up to date like those in standard
  13. I simply cannot understand it. Un installed it reinstalled it. Again just standard, says I own deluxe premium download and install from markedplace Still get just standard. This time I let it go where it suggested. I am out of ideas. I so fed up by this crap. I cannot even find where it installed to.
  14. It actually made me hope for more early war. That is my thing.
  15. Well have come home. Uninstalled GB and let msfs install where it want to. I hope this will make use of markedplace more smooth. I am visiting my daughter and msfs is downloading while I am here. then we will see
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