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  1. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Sorry Tip and everyone, cannot make it tonight , Work over my head and beyond
  2. beta testing???

    Yeah but there is no opinion , only a testimony of no interest . But I was not specific thinking of you. I appreciate your opinion in this forum . Quite funny replies and a lot of good input, so I do not mind your opinion at all
  3. beta testing???

    What bugs me most is people that is not interested in Blitz nor original COD stir the pot. The same people act the same way in DCS related topics. And at the same time act like police if it is done on Great battles oriented topics. If one is not interested, one should ignore the topic all together. My wrong is responding on such behavior They really should be ignored ( note to self)
  4. beta testing???

    My problem with that particular video was not what he said about the simulator per se , because that can be said about all the sims around. What you must look for in any review in this genre is more the agenda behind it. This hostility between the simulator communities has grown very tiring , and it is so obvious that this video is based on this crap. But as said before he had some good points, well known points , Issues you simply have to live with. Like in all other sim/ game. Defending all aspects of DCS , COD and Great battles is doomed, they all got something we all want to be different
  5. beta testing???

    It was a honest question , your post simply was a example on behavior yourself have opposed to in this site
  6. beta testing???

    That is fine and dandy , I am sure they can make due without your precious money, You post however did not inform or enlightened anything. You continue to do this sort of shit post toward anything not related to BOS series. It do not even provoke anyone, so what is the purpose. You are very quick giving people a wedgie if they conduct in the same way against Great Battles series. In fact giving a slightest negative opinion in this forum is really starting a shitstorm
  7. Thank you very much great job , I like to thank for the scripted campaign that came with Kuban map, just tried 3 missions and I really really liked it.
  8. Bailing out in water : always Killed?

    That is IL 2 Sturmovik Cliffs over Dover, and if you choose outside view this is how it looks. I am not sure when the air sea rescue was organized in UK, but I always believed and heard and read there was one during Battle of Britain. The Walrus was operational , and one of the pilots there was a NCO pilot dumped there for being drunk on service. I know they got fast patrol boats also, but not sure if they operated in that time
  9. Cliff of dover bf109 f-4

    I really like to fly Tiger moth and non combat planes just for the heck of it. But for this I now find BOX and DCS better. So I do agree that if they are given a purpose to fly I will fly them, but not otherwise. My guess I will be flying PO 2 a lot for relaxing in BOX, all though I got a much more knowledge and sort of familiar view on the Tiger moth. But the truth is for such flying scenery is a must, and when you are used to better graphics other places you go other places. For me North Africa will be very interesting for this kind of flying
  10. Cliff of dover bf109 f-4

    Yeah, for me too, yesterday it was news to me, but today I vaguely remembered it was something about it long time ago
  11. When can we expect a Fa 223 ?

    Would have been interesting wit a couple of choppers
  12. Cliff of dover bf109 f-4

    Actually I would like a 108, pretty cool aircraft
  13. TFS Update: Tobruk v.2

    My biggest obstacle in COD is flying alone, I have not yet survived any lone wolfing in any server . Pretty dangerous in BOX too based on my experience
  14. Cliff of dover bf109 f-4

    I was sure I saw a F2 once, not too long ago
  15. Two hours for nothing.

    I like to look at it as a comunication-button to my co pilot I just happen to use [A] button when I let him fly