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  1. servers are greyed out and say 3 rd party graphic mod is restricted. Problem is I do not use a mod of any sort
  2. I honestly did not notice any big changes. Flown it just a few qmb mussions. Other than my engine seized after a few hits from behind. No damage on engine cowling nor pilot. And I managed to do the same myself with poor management. It climb better in my opinion. Can not follow A 8 and marginally the 110 G2 ai’s lovely plane to look at
  3. This is a idea, I just find no way to get recon planes seaplanes transports economical feasible. If U2 and JU 52 was not
  4. Sense of humor ..... he knows how to get one going
  5. The nick he has say it all, this is a very angry man. Svarte helvete is something you utter when you bump your little toe into something hard
  6. It is a awkward view and pretty annoying if I remember correctly from old IL 2. never the less I prefer it. But I flew it a lot with outside view. It just looks right. I am sick
  7. Anyhow a lot of people make donuts with fighters all the time. And they all do it due to lack of patience. I read P 47 is a hard case in real life. P 51 got its quirks too. Not always the easiest to land and operate in real life as I understand it. It is hotrods and should not be plug and play to get right. If not accurate modeled it might very well be historical problems.
  8. As I said some airplanes need to have their tailwheel straight before you throttle up. Others need tail wheel lock. I did not mean offensive in other meaning than you are pretty sure it is the games fault not your operation of the aircraft. You need to specify what plane you struggle with. You post is far too general, no plane act the same. wind is a big issue in this game I see you mention the 190. Stick all the way back activate tailwheel lock. hs 129 need to have manual prop at 0% and tailwheel straight. Carefully handeling. Ju 88 is tricky. You need to look at the instrument Pendel to react and always keep your tailwheel straight before takeoff
  9. Good flying. I like the P 40
  10. Norsk? Please specify what plane you refering to. many of the taildraggers need to have their tailwheel straight before starting take off or locked. Your offensive attitude , and your perspective on the problem need to be corrected. Always think it might be you before going public with a accusation of faulty programming. As I see it no cfs get ground handling correct in special if there is wind.
  11. I specific noted not click pits But it is all just theory. As many stated this topic should never been made. For many reasons , but for me the reasons are. Single player: only a few scripted campaigns intrigue me coop: PAtrick Wilson is the only thing keeping me playing and the upcoming bon plane set curiosity. MP: no longer of any interest. So I guess I am desperate.
  12. Well that is the thing you simply Do not wire money for 1 to 4 years and see how it goes. And that is not the case. if it was we would not have a new dlc every second year but in every 20 year
  13. You are right, the question might be utter nonsense, and if I firmly seriously wanted a plane made I would contacted directly. But it still Would be interesting to know if one could use alternative funding of improvements. I been on a project for 3 weeks in boiling hot weather. 20 degree celcius. Now at home and freetime we got 13 and overcast. I am not made for hot weather myself
  14. Ye I think your right. But with the speed they develop map and planes. Pretty soon planes might be the moneymaker
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