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  1. I am a hardware freak myself. I am awaiting a Fulcrum yoke from UK if trade agreement with those isolationist is finalized. Of course they did not manage deliver it before new year. I am not able to fly bombers with a stick.
  2. I got almost the same grip but I cannot go back to "normal sticks" I just got this. It is a 12 kg brute with as much self centering and resistance you want in all axis with the help of adjustable hydrydraulic dampers and rubber bands for centering. If I chose desk sticks with extension your setup would be my choice
  3. The demand for new stuff is not beneficial for this sim in all things. But new stuff fund slowly progressing improvements. Latest patch was in fact a huge improvement of the game. This is really where developers impress me the most. I am actually looking forward to FC 2 most now. I have partly becomes a want new stuff guy
  4. I agree vulch is entirely different case than airbase attack. Vulch is a failure mostly a result by the side getting vulched fighters. Their not doing their job.
  5. I will check this out. Many of the bug comments are 6 month old. One would expect some fixes by now
  6. I definitely need to fly this sim. Haven't touch it in a month.
  7. Changing planes in quick missions is my kung fu way to fly what I like. Some quick missions are excellent fast fun.
  8. I will buy it ,despite it's relative young age, it's already a icon, but too me , like 109's got little to no charm. They simply are effective killing machines
  9. I will buy it. But I am no fan of those high tech glass pits. I want Hind It is not difficult to hoover. But it is easy to get stalled. People have problems with it when slowing down and get into hoover. You explained why you had no problems. Nice and easy does it I never really manage to replicate that cool smooth catch-up again. So I guess it was pure luck
  10. The KA 50 is the most stable. And it should be considering the design. I managed fly MI 8 with a yoke. But it need a very planned way of flying. Any chopper require a great deal of training but once one get it it stick. It all depends on hardware. I have controls made for chopper simming. But general idea is to start with flying with only thumb and two fingers. Do not overcompensate and take of gentle. Adjust rudder and stick just when the chopper is starting to get neutralnothing is more satisfying like your first slingload This is my first attempt filming a slingload hook up and it is my best and smoothest so far ever. It is normal to go back and forth a bit
  11. It was earliest possible career for IL 2 in BOM. I died after 7 missions AAA took me. I start again asap taking less chances. I really never liked career, but now I do, at least this one
  12. It is a match for ai 190 and 109. But that is a fact in GB too. I got a soft spot for US designed planes. They where rough something not modeled in GB. In any of them. P 40 P 47 is simply not behaving like pilots said it did in any way, they do not bring you home again. I like DCS P 47 FM and DM better. And believe it is closer to the real thing than GB. I simply just do not use it, I rather take the IL 2
  13. I do not think this new found sensibility of yours belong in a DCS forum @AndyJWest Making sense is absolutely forbidden territory here. If my purchases after all these years would followed that logic, I still would have owned only the A 10 C 😂
  14. Hi and welcome. I had this game, since the first day. I loved it with and without VR. DCS and GB is not really competing in other ways than time available for flying. I have ups and downtime with both these games. If you choose to be active here , you will find this forum to be very much more friendly than ED forum. For me after latest GB patch my Rift s run equally on both games. I fly choppers in DCS and my absolute favorite is MI 8. But Huey is great. But I like the MI 8 campaigns better. Thank you for your point of view, I need this game and I need DCS. For several different reasons
  15. I had 4 careers for bombers 3 for attackers and two fighter careers going 9 to 10 month ago. I deleted them all due to ai behavior both friendly and enemy. Since then something definitely has happened, it is like night and day Now I have one. Flown six missions. Going for two today. And I consider restarting it and take hard . This was the purpose of my post. I managed 153 missions survived back in the old days before I taxied into a wingtip with my wingtip and my plane exploded. I want to make sure I got the most realistic settings. How dence and how difficult should it be and still survive as and aaa snipers
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