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  1. You are right, the question might be utter nonsense, and if I firmly seriously wanted a plane made I would contacted directly. But it still Would be interesting to know if one could use alternative funding of improvements. I been on a project for 3 weeks in boiling hot weather. 20 degree celcius. Now at home and freetime we got 13 and overcast. I am not made for hot weather myself
  2. Ye I think your right. But with the speed they develop map and planes. Pretty soon planes might be the moneymaker
  3. Well I am not sure how serious I could be about this. I always wondered how much funding needed to get one done. I look at it like just getting a PPL , but knowing myself I soon get fed up flying in circles, and it will end up with all the boats I owned. One get rid of the neucence and workload of owning technical stuff. I would probably not spend the money on a module in this game, simply because there are other options comming along other places and FSX got a pretty good B 17. But I would like to know if a alternative funding of planes for this brand is available or even possible. It is in fact possible to get more collector planes out there if the devs would have a set amount of money they know they get
  4. Well I would like to know if it is possible at all. I do not believe I get a price at hand , and not getting to be taken seriously. Because you do not approach such business in full public. I am not sure I would but been thinking a long time about it.
  5. No, I do not mean with click-pits. I mean a so called “boring“ unpopular plane like a bomber or transport. Even a Recce plane. What if I ordered one? Like a HE 115 and financed it with copyrights still owned by 1C . Could I afford it? Quality: Realistic historical autopilot. More realistic bombsight interphase if bomber is chosen. 777 buildt a bomber for a customer. It has been done. What is the price? Funding a airplane not expected to be a commercial success. GB got its own niche of quality. Excellent in many ways simpler in other. Not a standard I would disagree on knowing the commercial demands. If one forgot those demands for one build. Could it be ordered ?
  6. Yes I read them for sure thanks 👍 not the china thingy though, I wont touch that plane. Your work is deeply appreciated
  7. The simplified bombaim interphase needs to improve. Fact is the directional autopilot. Make it possible to bomb a ship from 6 K There should be a navigational help and more historical correct autopilot. Crew aid on navigation over clouds and in darkness and a bit more difficult realistic way to settle the bomber in bomb run. in order to bullseye a target things must be perfect
  8. I do like the E 7. But the rest just give me a feeling driving a electric car. Just sit in and push the throttle
  9. I can confirm the number 10 is correct canada sent me this So congratz to the winner
  10. The share effort in presenting this campaign give me high expectation 👍
  11. I really hope for this, but I got both previous ones and I would not say it contained complex systems and flight model. In order to stay on pair with todays standard , they must up the game a little on that part
  12. Some years ago someone gave away his account. Selling it is probably not quite the same
  13. Due to no flying for a month. I cooled off the interest a bit. I imagine Harrier time will get me into it again. Long tome have passed since I sat in that pit. Nice maneuvers Andy. I envy your persistence
  14. I would love them both being flyable. but looking forward to this non the less
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