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  1. Yes I think you are right. I have partly redrawn my statement and conviction of the fault in P 40. I always liked it but hated the hard time limits in it. But at the same time developed a instinctive skill on how to not blow the engine and still being able to utilize it. I still think the limits are to restrictive and dramatic. But I think the plane mirror well what it once where
  2. I always had a weak spot for B 26 but B 25 make a bit more sense as long as we get level bomber version and hard nose version. If only levelbomber version Ilike the B 26
  3. Stalingrad is the first pack it contain most bombers. Kuban add A 20 and HE 111 H 16 Moscow Add JU 88 witch is just great. It is a hard choice I gifted you Moscow and Stalingrad. the licence key are sent It is the base of great battles and should be owned. If youbuy Kuban you will have a blast As a return favor, plz give the bombers a shot learn them and enjoy them we are far to few flying them
  4. Yeah I agree. Truth told I miss my enthusiasm for both. I mean it is ok, but right now I just do not fly much anything. Kind of wandering about get serious on x plane fora bit
  5. Yes you are right you can exceed the manifiol pressure by about 20 but you get the same effect by exceeding it with 5 to 10. But the more I think of it, I have to say I am in the wrong track here. One of the reasons I like the P 39/40 is that I kind of developed a inner clock and feel on how much and long I can abuse the Allison. I guess start thinking about it, it is a loong time I have blown a engine. And those millions of dollars I spent in engine blown to learn it is actually well spent money. I think.
  6. Yes manifoil pressure damn I simply wish for a bit more elegant solution. Thing is the more I fly P 40 and read about it the more I like it, I admit I was disappointed when flying it the first year or two. Now I like it, the one and only thing That confuse me is how easy it get total failure, because my impression of allisons was quite opposite.
  7. Well after flying it enough. I do not mind the restrictions either. But it get a arcadish feel to it the way it is. I find it excellent modeled compared to the 109. It is what you expect it to be. After reading about it. But still I like engine damage to have more parameters than rpm boost timer and heat. It is sort of locked to the clock
  8. No because Jason was very general in his wording about engine dm on the video And in last DD they refered to the problem of glass engine. And I assume P 40 is among them. At least I hope he not only ment the radials on fw 190 and P 47
  9. You should stop using tech chat. In special when referring to engine performance. The Allisons on the late version of P 38 is different than a early war P 40. You need to look at the instruments and read rpm and boost. While you cannot exceed 45 boost on the P 40 in this game you can fly continually with it on the P 38. And the devs already admitted that P 40engine limits and endurance are wrong. So comparing them is also wrong
  10. Reading the translated memo I find the P 40 pretty accurate except the glass engine. The glass engine is confirmed by the devs and we can expect improvement. I do not think a 35 hour timer will be implemented though. Anyway I flownit mistly in Wol and offline. Taking away weight like guns and fuel make it a really good fighter. Even with my inpatient style I manage to win some victories with it.
  11. Do not get me wrong. If I was to buy I would done exactly same. I use to dream of a Harward. But reading about it was daunting. Fuel economy to the roof and pretty expensive. It sure look fun
  12. I always wonder what cost it is to operate one of those. It is defenatly a good cheap plane to buy. I
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