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  1. I remember DD tag. Did you have a guy with nickname DD_Bloke? I think i flew with him few times in my early Tempest days.
  2. Ahh, red baron 1. Or Chuck yeagers air combat.
  3. Nice to see you all, i think might vaguely remember seeing some of your nicknames in the olden days. Though i do admit i was hoping to stumble on some old acquitances and opponents Especially those who i talked to on war cluds teamspeak:)
  4. I've jumped into Great Battles just recently, but years ago (might be even a decade...) i played a lot Il-2 1946 mainly on WarClouds server. I was a member of 79Vraf. Any of you guys frequented it as well? I wonder if i'll meet some old friends... (edit: spelling corrections)
  5. I was browsing through advice regarding p-40 engine management and there is one thing i am wondering about. How throttle setting in inches translates to throttle percentage? Does it directly translate between inches and % at all?
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