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  1. Hi all, as I delve further into this great sim...just wondering about the utility of the Gyro compass in the p40 series...given that to my knowledge, these don't have a course setter? Have watch a YT on using the gyro in the Brit a/c..setting up an interception against an enemy fighter..any pointers on how to use the Gyro compass in general with the P40s, navigation, interception, etc??
  2. Thanks Redwo1f..done. Initial impressions. Two thumbs up!. I will get many hours of "fun" with both Blitz 5.0 and Desert Wings...well done TF!
  3. Well pushed the button on this one..after initially griping about price.....bought off the IL2 website...guess wait until a key turns up?
  4. Re the map, just by way of comparison, check out the Persian Gulf map in DCS, a game of similar "vintage" to this one. There may be underlying technical issues with CLOD that dont allow that sort of look, however. Now back to TF Blitz...good job on 5.0!
  5. Thanks for your first impressions, Belmont. Will get this perhaps down the track. Kudos to the developers for their dedication in reviving the original platform and improving upon it. However, in my somewhat humble opinion, given that this is an add on, I find that the price being asked is somewhat steep. The full price is close to 100 AUD. Thats typically the price of a newly released title. I would have thought around the 40 AUD mark may have been more appropriate, but thats just me. In comparison, MS 2020 is coming out, with what looks to be ground breaking start of the art features, with the base product being priced similarly to Tobruk...just my 2 cents...
  6. Hi all...title says it all...well almost. Thing is, I cannot progress from this mission, despite meeting what I think the goals are, eg, today, I destroyed 3 AAA, shot down a 109...down on ammo, I bugged out for home and landed sucessfully...so heres the thing. At the screen, I get a mission failed? Despite following the prompts throughout the mission...couldve it been the bugout that did meet some script that caused the mission fail? Cheers in advance...
  7. Good info...will stay away from it until I have suitable hardware...
  8. Chiming in to this thread...am information gathering as to whether I can add VR to my system. Primary games are IL2 and DCS flight sims. Current hardware is dated but dont really wont to drop a big dollars on hardware. Win 10,Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz, 3901 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s), AMD Rx580 GPU, 8GB Ram. With my Freesync monitor I get great frame rates on high settings. Very happy there. Is anybody else using a similar system with VR? Would not expect to get stellar frame rates on my sys. But playable without detracting from the experience? If so what VR headsets are out there to suit? Have noticed the Rift S
  9. Have escalated this to Steam. Can't play any Steam game. Wait and see what the response is. Gut feel it's a Windows/Steam conflict of some description.
  10. Have turned off AV in Windows Security and still no joy. Admin all the way. Uninstall. Reinstall. Over and over again. Followed instructions to the letter. Thank goodness IL2 comes with its own installer. Otherwise I would be screwed. Fingers crossed the next iteration of CLOD will come with its own installer. No more steam.
  11. From event viewer. The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Launch permission for the COM Server application with CLSID Windows.SecurityCenter.WscDataProtection and APPID Unavailable to the user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM SID (S-1-5-18) from address LocalHost (Using LRPC) running in the application container Unavailable SID (Unavailable). This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool. Have added exclusion in Windows Security. Firewall is OK. Have uninstalled, reinstalled. Nothing is working. Very baffling. Steam Client problem??
  12. Hi Whenever I attempt to run Blitz from Steam it causes my system to reboot. Event manager says its distributed com error 10016. Any attempt to regedit as per fixing distributed com error comes up with access denied regarding permissions changes. Any help most appreciated. C:\WINDOWS\system32>tasklist /svc Image Name PID Services ========================= ======== ============================================ System Idle Process 0 N/A System 4 N/A Registry 120 N/A smss.exe 412 N/A csrss.exe 604 N/A wininit.exe 712 N/A csrss.exe 720 N/A services.exe 784 N/A lsass.exe 828 KeyIso, SamSs, VaultSvc winlogon.exe 936 N/A svchost.exe 1000 PlugPlay svchost.exe 372 BrokerInfrastructure, DcomLaunch, Power, SystemEventsBroker fontdrvhost.exe 540 N/A fontdrvhost.exe 532 N/A svchost.exe 848 RpcEptMapper, RpcSs svchost.exe 1040 LSM dwm.exe 1108 N/A svchost.exe 1172 gpsvc svchost.exe 1264 NcbService svchost.exe 1344 ProfSvc svchost.exe 1352 hidserv svchost.exe 1476 Schedule svchost.exe 1496 TimeBrokerSvc svchost.exe 1504 EventLog svchost.exe 1508 lmhosts svchost.exe 1648 UserManager svchost.exe 1708 CoreMessagingRegistrar svchost.exe 1716 nsi atiesrxx.exe 1772 AMD External Events Utility svchost.exe 1796 Dhcp svchost.exe 1892 NlaSvc svchost.exe 1912 Dnscache svchost.exe 1976 Themes svchost.exe 1984 SysMain svchost.exe 1992 CscService svchost.exe 2000 EventSystem atieclxx.exe 1460 N/A svchost.exe 2124 netprofm svchost.exe 2164 SENS Memory Compression 2192 N/A svchost.exe 2232 AudioEndpointBuilder svchost.exe 2240 FontCache svchost.exe 2356 DispBrokerDesktopSvc svchost.exe 2536 Audiosrv svchost.exe 2656 StateRepository svchost.exe 2664 DusmSvc svchost.exe 2672 Wcmsvc svchost.exe 2796 WinHttpAutoProxySvc svchost.exe 2892 WlanSvc svchost.exe 2972 ShellHWDetection spoolsv.exe 2228 Spooler svchost.exe 2564 BFE, mpssvc svchost.exe 3144 LanmanWorkstation svchost.exe 3552 AppHostSvc svchost.exe 3560 DiagTrack svchost.exe 3568 DPS svchost.exe 3576 Winmgmt svchost.exe 3584 DeviceAssociationService svchost.exe 3608 TrkWks HeciServer.exe 3616 Intel(R) Capability Licensing Service Interf ace svchost.exe 3624 SstpSvc svchost.exe 3632 stisvc svchost.exe 3640 CryptSvc Agent.exe 3648 EaseUS Agent svchost.exe 3656 WpnService IUService.exe 3664 IObitUnSvr Jhi_service.exe 3708 jhi_service McNeelUpdateService.exe 3716 McNeelUpdate MacriumService.exe 3784 MacriumService mysqld.exe 3824 MySQL svchost.exe 3880 TapiSrv MsMpEng.exe 3896 WinDefend SMSvcHost.exe 3936 NetTcpPortSharing mqsvc.exe 4012 MSMQ svchost.exe 4028 WdiServiceHost svchost.exe 3908 LanmanServer dasHost.exe 4176 N/A svchost.exe 4208 iphlpsvc svchost.exe 4416 RasMan svchost.exe 5076 SSDPSRV svchost.exe 4412 Browser svchost.exe 4628 PolicyAgent svchost.exe 5884 NgcSvc svchost.exe 5924 AppXSvc vds.exe 6140 vds svchost.exe 3468 camsvc svchost.exe 3548 lfsvc svchost.exe 3488 wlidsvc svchost.exe 6308 NcdAutoSetup svchost.exe 6404 FDResPub svchost.exe 6412 CDPUserSvc_5b72c sihost.exe 6444 N/A svchost.exe 6500 WpnUserService_5b72c taskhostw.exe 6704 N/A svchost.exe 6848 TokenBroker svchost.exe 6888 TabletInputService ctfmon.exe 7028 N/A WmiPrvSE.exe 6828 N/A svchost.exe 7200 CDPSvc TodoBackupService.exe 7228 N/A explorer.exe 7408 N/A NisSrv.exe 7692 WdNisSvc svchost.exe 7756 cbdhsvc_5b72c SearchIndexer.exe 8048 WSearch svchost.exe 8080 NgcCtnrSvc StartMenuExperienceHost.e 8120 N/A dllhost.exe 7920 N/A RuntimeBroker.exe 8236 N/A SearchUI.exe 8408 N/A RuntimeBroker.exe 8748 N/A ShellExperienceHost.exe 8896 N/A ApplicationFrameHost.exe 9104 N/A SkypeBackgroundHost.exe 6684 N/A MicrosoftEdge.exe 8464 N/A YourPhone.exe 6692 N/A SkypeApp.exe 6664 N/A browser_broker.exe 9416 N/A dllhost.exe 9544 N/A RuntimeBroker.exe 9636 N/A MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe 9752 N/A MicrosoftEdgeSH.exe 9780 N/A SettingSyncHost.exe 10020 N/A RuntimeBroker.exe 10072 N/A schtasks.exe 10184 N/A conhost.exe 10196 N/A audiodg.exe 6652 N/A SearchProtocolHost.exe 1104 N/A GoogleCrashHandler.exe 10292 N/A GoogleCrashHandler64.exe 10308 N/A RuntimeBroker.exe 10460 N/A RuntimeBroker.exe 10564 N/A svchost.exe 10616 wcncsvc svchost.exe 10712 LicenseManager svchost.exe 10756 ClipSVC smartscreen.exe 11008 N/A SecurityHealthSystray.exe 11064 N/A SecurityHealthService.exe 11108 SecurityHealthService RAVCpl64.exe 11188 N/A svchost.exe 2928 Appinfo ReflectUI.exe 3436 N/A SkypeBridge.exe 10284 N/A svchost.exe 6644 WdiSystemHost svchost.exe 10652 PcaSvc OneDrive.exe 9492 N/A BingSvc.exe 9268 N/A TomTom MyDrive Connect.ex 9100 N/A Steam.exe 11392 N/A BrStMonW.exe 11652 N/A BrYNSvc.exe 11740 BrYNSvc CCleaner64.exe 11812 N/A TrayTipAgentE.exe 11896 N/A jusched.exe 11952 N/A RadeonSettings.exe 12060 N/A ReflectMonitor.exe 12108 N/A WmiPrvSE.exe 12196 N/A svchost.exe 12276 wscsvc AMDRSServ.exe 2144 N/A amdow.exe 11688 N/A steamwebhelper.exe 3752 N/A steamwebhelper.exe 10896 N/A SteamService.exe 11432 Steam Client Service steamwebhelper.exe 8316 N/A steamwebhelper.exe 12312 N/A steamwebhelper.exe 13016 N/A steamwebhelper.exe 13036 N/A steamwebhelper.exe 13072 N/A chrome.exe 11928 N/A chrome.exe 10336 N/A chrome.exe 11456 N/A chrome.exe 12660 N/A chrome.exe 12684 N/A chrome.exe 12912 N/A chrome.exe 2824 N/A svchost.exe 13528 BITS WmiApSrv.exe 13868 wmiApSrv chrome.exe 10508 N/A chrome.exe 2704 N/A UninstallMonitor.exe 4400 N/A chrome.exe 3480 N/A backgroundTaskHost.exe 13948 N/A RuntimeBroker.exe 11080 N/A RuntimeBroker.exe 13708 N/A svchost.exe 13752 OneSyncSvc_5b72c, PimIndexMaintenanceSvc_5b72c, UnistoreSvc_5b72c, UserDataSvc_5b72c RuntimeBroker.exe 9196 N/A svchost.exe 12428 wuauserv AUEPLauncher.exe 9312 AUEPLauncher AUEPMaster.exe 6320 N/A LMS.exe 6512 LMS SgrmBroker.exe 12000 SgrmBroker svchost.exe 1732 UsoSvc UNS.exe 14272 UNS AUEPUF.exe 1372 N/A WmiPrvSE.exe 4316 N/A SearchFilterHost.exe 7492 N/A cmd.exe 9512 N/A conhost.exe 3540 N/A WindowsInternal.Composabl 6508 N/A tasklist.exe 13776 N/A
  13. Very sad news indeed. If I remember correctly, a great contributor..particularly regarding FMs...
  14. Well said Novice...I just finished flying the stock RAF campaign in CLOD Blitz and had a good time...(Yes, the final mission was a bit..hmmm..done to death years ago that topic)...May both sims prosper and go forward...I may go back to BOM even if some one can point me to a good mission pack, campaign etc for that... Happy New Year to all...
  15. Since any company not profitable goes out of business, its self evident that 1C-777 is profitable. Full stop. Period.
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