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  1. Come al solito un lavoro semplicemente magistrale Titus As usual a simply masterful work Titus ;)
  2. I worked hard to make these skins because I hadn't found any around the web, except for a while ago which depicted the "9 Group, 4 Stormo, Italian Co-Belligerent" .... So I decided to get to work and create a package that portrayed the various skins of the P-39s that served with the Italian Co-Belligerent, and then with the Italian Air Force. But I encountered many difficulties during the realization, so an angel who came from who knows where crossed my path giving me a massive help on the completion of this work, and that's why I will never stop thanking "SARFlytitus" as if it hadn't been for his help, this package would never have seen the light, and that's exactly how we can say that a style collaboration was born "Jagger – Richards, Lennon-McCartney and so on ..."😈😁🀣🀣 Wow guys anyway don't tell him anything I owe him a beer heck ... only one? πŸ€”..😏😱😱😱 Have fun folks πŸ˜‰ http://www.mediafire.com/file/yj1fh2nftvca8a9/P-39_Aircobra__A.C.Italian.rar/file
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