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  1. First of all, I thank the organizers of this event who have given way to compete in this category and not only in the sim. A huge huge thank you goes to my ITAF Squadron who "supported and endured" me throughout my journey as a beginner "filmmaker " What about the competition has come to an end, and I honestly did not believe I would reach this result, this makes me hope for an even more competitive future and my next goal for the new edition will be to unseat IRRE_FlyPlatypus from the throne 😁 joke. ..nothing to complain about the judgment of the judges really a fair and balanced result.
  2. The ITAF Armored Division goes on the attack 😁
  3. I'm not very good with the camera but I try too I think this is what I have done best for now ...
  4. This video pays tribute to the millions of dead of the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War. WWII
  5. And I think back to the phrase that Mussolini said, we will break Greece's back ... If only that idiot had thought that part of southern Italy was the daughter of Greece, perhaps he would not have made that wicked choice ...
  6. This video is just a tribute to the ferocious city of Stalingrad for its strength and tenacity during WWII. I ask your forgiveness if you notice mistakes in the video, I'm not a videomaker, much less a director ... I improvised because I felt I had to do it. Thanks to my ITAF flight group for their cooperation https://www.tuttovola.org/ and 1C Game Studios, and all of you pilots of hell 😁
  7. How long will they be available on the market?
  8. Come al solito un lavoro semplicemente magistrale Titus As usual a simply masterful work Titus ;)
  9. I worked hard to make these skins because I hadn't found any around the web, except for a while ago which depicted the "9 Group, 4 Stormo, Italian Co-Belligerent" .... So I decided to get to work and create a package that portrayed the various skins of the P-39s that served with the Italian Co-Belligerent, and then with the Italian Air Force. But I encountered many difficulties during the realization, so an angel who came from who knows where crossed my path giving me a massive help on the completion of this work, and that's why I will never stop thanking "SARFlytitus" as if it hadn't been f
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