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  1. So bought it, have not played it, but its "totally" worth it, and the complaints are not valid? Yeah....makes total sense. Oh wait...no it does not.
  2. For the price you need to look at what you are getting and NOT getting. If collecting planes and maps and flying mp on low count servers, or flying quick missions is your thing than bos will fit the bill. And more planes might come, but nobody knows what's after bom. To some, not having good sp content or easy setup coop, makes the new planes and maps worthless. Why have 20 supercars when you can only drive them on a go cart track? Again I don't personally see the justification of the price tag, but some here do. I don't see at all like IL2 originals expansions. Its the same thing over a green map and new planes. It's missing innovation that would make the price worth it, IMO.
  3. Sometimes playing a handful of player made missions that are not "connected" just does not compare to what the op is looking for. A good campaign is way different. But no, nothing in that area has been done. Nothing like that anytime soon will be done...if ever.
  4. First off I have never played on an atag server in my life. Second I have not played any Sim in months. Want to check my steam profile for proof? Why are you even brining that up in the first place? And how is it clear I have no time for this Sim? You know me? Then use ignore and stop taking it to off topic for your mini rants.
  5. Oh. So you have to love this game in order to post here? Can you show me that in a sticky? No? Then how about using ignore or let the moderators decide. My point is valid in my first post on this thread to the topic. My like or dislike of this game does not change it.
  6. So let me break this down 1 People asking why no updates laltely apart from maps and plane pics. 2 I post something about Loft in essence saying nothing but new maps and planes will be different, and that is why no other updates have been posted. 3 More than 3 people decide to go OT in order to get personal because I don't worship the game. I can't wait to see where this goes.
  7. And coming from this guy....lol. No loyalty from me to any Sim. Then again I sure don't suppress my opinion about ones that are good or bad...that seems to make some people here sad/mad. I find it funny.
  8. [Edited] Again bash the poster, ignore the post. This kind of stuff is why its hard not to check these forums now and then...so entertaining.
  9. Really? Not sure. How about some links, so I can see for myself. Otherwise its vapor. I find it funny that even though Loft said basically nothing will change some folks tend to ignore it. Easier to try and bash the poster than address what is posted I guess. Very defensive folks here.
  10. Maybe because there are no changes being made beyond a map and planes? Pretty simple really. Nothing is changing. Didn't Loft say on the 15th that people buying BoM buy it because BoS is good/right? Why mess up that wining formula...
  11. That's why a starving man eats bark, because its all he has. Does not mean the bark tastes good. This common statement really looks like people are giving a pass to development issues and dumb decisions because they are starving. We don't care, we can look the other way, and oh well it could be worse. Not sure how I would feel as a developer of people played my product because there is nothing else new in the arena. Wouldn't it have been so neat if BoS was so dang good in all areas that people who didn't normally play flight sims even wanted to check it out? Yeah...that would have been neat. But people who keep making the excuses for the shortcomings can continue to nibble on scraps of a game....I mean its the only one right?
  12. Really? And please do tell why you think a dgen style campaign is "not far off" from what is in BoS now? It sure has not been from the devs. They have stated over and over, and even after the BoM announcement that the campaign will stay as is. They have also stated they are happy with the campaign as is. Also show me where anywhere it has been stated that a true dynamic campaign can be made with this engine. As far as I know it cannot be. Just those two things make me wonder how you can see progression. What did I miss? Where has anything been stated that the SP campaign is being worked on? Would love to read it.
  13. I was hoping a new sim game released in 2014, with the IL2 name, would have a real campaign. I was hoping that even if it was not great at the start the devs would make it a priority to implement it, not say it is what it is, deal with it. I was hoping that when I use a pencil and notepad it would be to take notes, coordinates, and other information....not to write a mini story campaign for hollow SP campaign. So no, making a campaign with a pencil, dice, and other silly tools does not do it for me. I would love to say something positive about this game.....and I have. It looks good and the FM is decent. My list is done with the positive. You make it sound like it is my fault I cant find anything else to praise. Truth is, I have not seen anything else that's good. If you are so distraught by my un-rosy outlook on BoS and its future, maybe nudge Zak to give me my refund he promised 4 months ago. As I told him I would have nothing to say about BoS if I don't own it, so that's one less person that would have to read comments from.
  14. Seen it. Show me a set of mission strung together to make a large scale campaign, where air battles actually matter, and carry over to the next mission.... link that. I would be more than impressed. I dont play MP, sorry. Been there, done that, got the hat. Seems I am not missing much in that area anyway.
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