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  1. That’s exactly what I hope to get in a month and a half to two months (VKB ultimate w/ 200mm S-extension). My X45’s trigger got messed up for the umpteenth time, and seeing that the most accessible (to me) X52Pro is $200 msrp (not even mentioning the insane prices Warthogs are demanding on the bay), getting a VKB seemed the logical choice. I’ll fix the trigger for the last time, failing that, I’ll try the 2 decade old Logitech wingman with broken FFB as a stop gap until I can order the VKB. Since I only fly IL2, I thought about getting the KB12 grip which brings the price down to $35
  2. It used to be that (a mere 1.5-2 months ago) you’d pay only $400 premium for a prebuilt with i9 10900k, evga FTW3 3080. Unfortunately now, not only do you pay a much much higher premium, but also expect to wait until at least till mid summer to get it (brand/model also not guaranteed)... Buying new PC/components is a very unfortunate situation to be in right now, and even worse, will be the situation for the foreseeable future.
  3. Let us also not confuse bluntness with honesty either. GTX960 is the absolute minimum required for rift. And there are forum members still run VR with their 6th generation i7 judging by their signatures. I gave my opinion and my experience with G2, there was no bending of reality involved.
  4. @[310th]310thCopperhead, I think it would be a very frustrating experience to have VR running on your system. If I remember correctly, your graphics card might be the absolute minimum required card for VR. like you, I had bought this reincarnation of the game quite some time ago, but never ran it as my circa 2014 CAD laptop (what Dell calls a “mobile workstation”) was not running it. I’ve run 1946 on that laptop with 10 year old x45 and ch pro rudder pedals. I bought a desktop (10th gen intel i7, Rtx 2080 GPU) specifically for VR and G2 is my first (and only)
  5. Almost sounds like the player stats file (don’t remember the exact name) is wrote protected. I’m sorry I can’t think of anything else.
  6. I resemble that comment! Pricing is really weird that their exchange rate between USD and Euro is 1:1 but it seems they’re actually applying forex rates for any other currencies 😳
  7. Just out of curiosity, why did you select VR3 over XR3? From all I’ve seen, what I’d like to have is the XR, though not at that price! I have to say though, if there were two “money-no-object” things I’d buy, one would be the XR. Their “green screen” camera overlay is out of this world.
  8. Well, he could have. I don’t claim to know the part he played in it, but as the owner and founder of the company I believe he would have had a say in the sale/acquisition of the company.
  9. That actually makes me wonder how VKB handles warranty claims.
  10. Just in case, how does one back up their key bindings, cockpit saved positions and such?
  11. Yeah, I think I might no matter what. I’m pretty much set on a gunfighter MkIII with a K12 grip, and I’m hoping TECS can plug into its black box, consolidating all VKB stuff into a single USB port... if not, I’ll have to invest into an external powered usb hub of some sorts, which I’m 100%certain will wreak havoc on my OCD 🤪... Of course having the trigger on the X45 getting sticky again for the umpteenth time is not helping.
  12. I know! That’s why I have a list of “dburne approved hardware” to balance my checkbook. You have to know, while I’ve only joined the forums recently, I’ve been regularly lurking in the VR section for over two years waiting for VR headsets to go through initial growing pains. What I now need is for VKB to hurry up and release the TECS* so @dburne can give us his review before I order that one or the Virpil. 🤓 * Premium ARC with the electronic/software detents please Don, thank you in advance.
  13. I know right? @dburne is the biggest enabler on these forums 🤣. Hardware manufacturers need to recognize this and start offering him free testers. I thought I was ok with my x45 and ch pro rudder pedals, but reading his posts made me realize I need a mangoos throttle, and a stick to go with it, and an mfg crosswind with damper set and while I’m at it an rtx3090, instead of the 3080 I wanted! (for which, by the way, I’ll need your associate code at some point in the future Don, the way the queue is going, not a near future though).
  14. I will give that a try as well. Right now, I have the top priority controls on the hotas, and then things like open canopy, wheel brakes, minimap etc, on the steering wheel.muscle memory helps a ton with the steering wheel,so I’m set. What I’d use voice attack for, is the actual keyboard bound commands like pause, communicate to the squadron and things like that.
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