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  1. Hi Sokol The adapter to mount the Warthog onto the VKB FBM base I have (FBM Mk III) just looks to me like a plug adapter. I'm not doubting what you say for a minute I know how knowledgeable you are and you've provided me with a lot of help on several occasions However I went onto the VKB Euro web page and I now see that the Warthog adapter incorporates some form of electronics The adapter for the older FBM I have has a different plug between the stick and base to the newer models. I think its 5 pin and the new ones are 3, but not 100% on the details, the older adapter
  2. Sokol I'd be interested to know why you think the Mongoose won't work with the VKB electronics. The VKB FBM stick I have has the option of an adapter so that a Hog stick can be mounted onto it, which I'm sure you're aware of. The physical side apart if the Hog can be connected to the FBM base and the Mongoose is compatible with the Warthog base why do you think the Mongoose would be incompatible with the FBM base. Maybe I'm oversimplifying it and don't understand, but I'd appreciate your input
  3. They look absolutely super to me Peterla Thank you so much
  4. Oh I do like that Yo Yo, I'll second please, please please
  5. Peteria That's 2 nice 190 skins you've teased me with
  6. Sketch Many thanks Sir, that was a very generous thing to do and so quickly too If I was you I'd just watch the opening sequence, the bigger the screen and sound system the better
  7. What a GREAT idea I am soooooooo old that I went to see it with my uncle when it came out at a big cinema with PananVision or something, it was a great big curved screen and big sound system. When the opening sequence came on with the 52 flying through the mountains I was awe struck I was just not prepared as a young lad for the assault on my senses that it produced. My jaw may well have dropped too I was quite literally struck dumb and stunned Thought the rest of the movie was pretty pants mind, at the end did they not have a helicopter as I recall? I'd still watch it just for
  8. That is a nice scheme Chandalier Hopefully one of the group who specialize in this field will chime in
  9. Apart from the makers somebody else somewhere had templates for BoS at least All the official skins were posted up a long time back as a package for anybody who wanted them. They were removed from the board PDQ and deemed as cheating. Personally I think some people take this flight simm m'larky just a bit too seriously
  10. Oh an Italian skin luvely Many Thanks Jade that is a cracker
  11. Looks pretty dammed neat to me exactly as it is Spektre. I'm not so sure about the stripes, but I have no idea exactly what you have in mind. Nice and thanks for sharing
  12. Fantastic Spektre Thank You so much
  13. You are a star Panthercules My comment on the P/Panther was not because of any dislike but simply I thought it might be your own heraldic device. Many Thanks for sharing the skins not to mention your time effort and artistic skills
  14. Loving that skin Pantercules, any chance or removing your personal device and issuing a version for the rest of us. I really like the Anti Shipping tail device of the anchor, the ship kills on tail and the general overall design and color of that skin PRETTY PLEASE
  15. Awesome Zargos Merci beacoup
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