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  1. I stopped getting this bug after I removed the controls for mouse view. I haven't noticed any spotting issues since.
  2. I forget about the server browser not showing how many players are on. I think I am as guilty as anyone for peeking at the server list aaaand... just deciding to play something else because they're all empty/close to empty. Hopefully fixing this will fix most of the problem. As far as FM/DM ect... I think the first words out of an aspiring flight simmer's mouth will be about FM/DM issues. Coincidentally, it is also muttered in their last breath of life. I think Hellbender's tomb stone will have some stern remarks about the Sopwith Camel! 😝 Single player fix = PWCG
  3. I disabled the the mouse view controls and feel this has helped (at least with aircraft). I haven’t done much Tanking in VR Recently, but it might be something to try.
  4. That sounds very realistic. Balloon busting was very dangerous because the flak gunners knew the exact altitude and range of the balloons they were protecting. They also had the balloons attached to high speed winches and would lower them at the threat of incoming aircraft. Pilots would usually pull off at lower altitudes because of the threat of machine guns. The other difficulty balloon busters had was the fact you needed the right air/fuel mixture inside the balloon to actually ignite it. Some would pour hundreds of rounds into the balloons with no results. This is why they experimented with things like rockets, balloon cannons, and incendiary rounds. This is why you see some pilots were given "ACE" status even if all they ever brought down were observation balloons. I'm going to have to try this out Gunners... you need to attack from below or above their firing arc (Below and behind is usually preferred). If you hop on their direct 6 the gunner (ai or human) doesn't have to lead to hit you. Not to mention WW1 aircraft only fly 200kph. They aren't difficult to hit. You can change your game difficulty. That should modify the ai skill in SP
  5. NakedSquirrel

    Future for VR

    It is a dated question. Team Fusion is not the original Development team. TF started as a modding project to patch and improve a broken and eventually abandoned game. With the current version (4.57?), the game runs very well and looks amazing. Now they are working on 5.0, which brings a new theater, planes, and features to the game, and they are getting pretty close to release. They are already beta testing VR will not come with 5.0 I'm just going to lazily re-quote Buzzsaw: It's hard to say how compatible the game is for VR. It is a different game engine than the Il2 Battles series. VR compatibility depends on how it renders shadows, buildings, trees, smoke, grass, menus, plane LoDs, ect... All of that might have to be tweaked, re-worked, or completely re-done... and it all has to be tested by testers that have access to these headsets and the reworked features can't break the flat screen version of the game. But as they've said. There is still hope for VR in the future. I'll refer you to an old thread with a first hand account of getting VR to work with CloD https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21356&highlight=occulus You can see VR can potentially work in the game engine, but some heavy code work has to be done to get everything to render properly. Remaking a 3d gauge is some work. Rewriting how buildings are rendered is another ordeal all together.
  6. Is there a way to disable the AI on nonstatic objects? I remember being able to do something similar to this in Rise of Flight, but I might be mistaken. I am asking because there are a lot of objects/artillery that do not have a "static object" version. I would like to intermix static and regular objects into my mission to make the battlefield look big, but hopefully without overloading the server with too many active AI.
  7. FC requires a bit more discipline and care with BnZ than RoF does because of the gun accuracy. You can get sniped from 500m. Understand the speed difference of the SPAD or Se5 vs the DVII is only ~20kph and the F matches the Se5a's speed at around 3000m The big advantage the SPAD and Se5a have is their ability to out dive anything else in the sky. Not just in some shallow putz of a dive, but you can point the Se5a 90 degrees down straight at the earth and not kill the engine. (Just be careful when you pull up) So, in general, the best practice to Se5a driving is to make your slashing attacks, and at the first whim of maybe slightly losing advantage over your opponent to engage the warp drive and get out of there. As always with boom and zoom It's best to fly in a pack. The old Se5a FM from the early RoF days didn't have that ability because the infamous glass engine would over-rev and break. The Se5a we have in FC will lose its wings before you break the engine.
  8. Yes. So fully zoomed in with Migoto I can clearly see the 3d object render into view where it was not rendering.
  9. I've been having some issues spotting aircraft, and not just the normal. "I can't see them against the background" but more of an issue with planes not rendering at all. I think the best example is when playing Flying Circus, I was at high altitude looking for contacts around an airfield. I was able to watch a Halberstadt fly home and land (from a good distance, at least 5-10km away. I zoom in and am able to keep good track of him... Trouble is I couldn't see any of the other 6 aircraft taking off and landing at the same time at the same airfield. The planes simply didn't render until I dove to about 2-3km away I've also noticed issues on the WW2 side for very distant contacts (at least 5km+) where I can see the 'enlarged' 3d models, but once I get into medium range, they no seem to render. I've been zoomed in on contacts that contrast against the sky where they poof out of existence until they are less than 2km away. Last issue I've noticed is ground targets, which on occasion don't seem to render more than 1000-500m away at times before they pop into view. (When I say 'pop in' don't mean I can finally acquire them, I mean full zoomed in on the exact spot of the target and the the 3d models finally populate) I'm running the Reverb. Ive gone back and forth with resolutions of 1080x1200, 1400x1600, to the full 2160x... (Distant contacts are visible as single pixels at full resolution, but are otherwise almost impossible to see.) Wondering if anyone is getting these issues or has found solutions for them. Part of it could be plane based. The Halberstadt is a bomber, so it might by 'default' render further than fighter aircraft because of its class.
  10. I'm guessing it means if you have to hit something vital to actually damage a wing. If it is applied to RoF the easiest planes to see it on would be aircraft with large wings, like the Sopwith Dolphin. Sure they're easier to hit, but most of the wing is fabric and air. I expect you'd have to hit the struts and spars to do any appreciable damage. I know it's only anecdotal, but I don't see the Dolphin or Se5a in FC shedding wings as often as they did in in RoF. Some of the DM patches seemed to be leading this way, but hopefully this next upgrade improves the DM further.
  11. Cool. Looks about right then. They must have labeled it by the elevation because there were no other landmarks. Thanks.
  12. Yea, that's the spot, but it's basically flat. These T34 (~3m tall) are placed around 230m, 240m, and 250.2m elevation on the map, but in game there doesn't seem to be much of a hill there, at least not a 12m tall one. I wasn't sure if it had something to do with how I loaded the height-map. I'll probably pick a different part of the battle to make. I just didn't want to confuse players with the task of attacking a hill when there's no hill to attack...
  13. I was going to make a mission around hill 252.2 Southwest of Prokhorovka, but when I go into 3d View I can't find any hill at the location. Am I loading the wrong height map or was hill 252.2 not actually a hill?
  14. Has anyone come up with a voice attack profile for Tank Crew? I have not made one yet because I'm fairly new to voice attack, and I need to mess around with the menu a bit more first.
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