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  1. Would have personally preferred if we could have stuck with the new balance changes throughout a campaign rather than 1 day to see how it plays out. Seeing and experiencing the balance in numbers between blue and red yesterday was like a dream come true (especially on the first map), but it seems we're back to the good old 2:1 ratio (as of writing this reply). You will hopefully keep trying to improve the balance in numbers.
  2. You can see your remaining lives in your TAW profile
  3. Most of your questions can be answered by simply reading the changelog and the TAW manual...
  4. Log of my sortie is weird... http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=1955&name=FlygFan Says I was killed and destroyed shortly after takeoff. Never took any damage during that flight.
  5. This bug has been in the game for a while. I think it is caused by the bomb hitting the target directly instead of on the ground beside it - maybe check the replay and follow the bomb? I'm not sure if the damage is smaller because of this or if only the visuals change.
  6. FlygFan

    IL-2: 1 9 X 3

    Means a lot, cheers
  7. FlygFan

    IL-2: 1 9 X 3

    And I really enjoyed making it, thank you!
  8. FlygFan

    IL-2: 1 9 X 3

    In this project I decided to go for an outrun/aesthetic wibe with the music and video effects. This video also gave me the idea to show multiple perspectives of the scenes. The footage is nothing special - mostly flights with Hooka in the WoL server. Especially the editing to a long time since i basically had to learn After Effects from scratch. Any feedback is appreciated as usual Enjoy!
  9. @-LaFrench-bexhausted I made it so that you can change between imperial and metric units in Display settings, thank you for the suggestion Feel free to tell me if you find any bugs
  10. Here: https://il2sturmovik.com/account/
  11. Definitely a good idea, I will look into it whenever i have the time.
  12. Yes, this is 64-bit only. 32-bit applications is not supported in MATLAB.
  13. I have now updated the program so that it displays the wind angle, which you input in the bombsight Thank you for the feedback!
  14. Thanks for pointing this out, I accidentally used the "New Heading" instead of "Desired Heading". The correct wind direction should indeed be 107, I'll make sure to fix this before adding it to the program Edit: It seems to be correct now:
  15. Yes, this is only for navigation currently. I could possibly add a textbox where it displays the wind direction you should put in your bombsight if you'd like Edit: it would look something like this: Edit 2: small mistake - I accidentally used the "New Heading" instead of "Desired Heading" when calculating the Wind Direction. The correct wind direction should indeed be 107 for the scenario in the pic, I'll make sure to fix this before adding it to the program
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