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  1. Would be nice if they reacted in the Career mode too though.
  2. My current issue is getting bounced after returning to base with my flight and my flight continues to try to land despite being attacked. Occasionally they start to fight back but then there they are requesting landing clearance again with three enemy fighters swirling around them. Very frustrating.
  3. Not sure if it fits the Kuban timeline or not but it would be very cool to get them on the Havoc as well.
  4. FWIW, below is from "A Higher Calling" by Adam Makos and Larry Alexander the source material of which was extensive first-hand interviews with Franz Stigler himself so I'm inclined to believe that one.
  5. And it might also be a good idea to rebind the save views key from F10 to something harder to accidentally hit.
  6. @ATAG_Headshot apparently I was mistaken about the Corsair. Thanks for the correction. Still, it seems plausible that's what they mean if it's only at high AoA.
  7. Are you sure they are not writing about the gun ports whistling? The Corsair had famously loud whistling gun ports and a high angle of attack would make sense to cause whistling from air flow across the holes (like blowing over the top of a beverage bottle).
  8. I read "Night Fighters: A Development and Combat History" by Bill Gunston which spends much of it's time on all aspects of night combat in the WWII ETO. It is also not sparing with criticism of various decisions made high up the chain that made life easier for German night fighters and likely significantly increased the RAF bomber crew casualty count. It was a while ago I read it, but I think the biggest complaints were the decision to not include a ventral gunner on RAF bomber designs, and to leave some piece of radar equipment always turned on which left a trackable signature that German night fighters could follow. I feel like there may have also been some discounting of reports on the use of schräge musik, but I'm less sure of that. https://www.amazon.com/Night-Fighters-Development-History-Hunters-ebook/dp/B00BS030IA
  9. mort

    No Cockpit?

    As was pointed out earlier in the thread, more options often means an increased QA surface area which means more resources required to fully test builds. Whether or not that would be the case for this feature is not really knowable by anyone without detailed knowledge of the product's implementation. I always see the "the more options the better" and "why not as long as it's an option" responses on threads like this. I get why it would seem that way at first for those that haven't been involved in software development, but options are almost never zero cost and usually that cost is a recurring one.
  10. ... <snip> You sound like network engineers I've worked with but with suspiciously less swearing and none of the really (really) colorful analogies. Not sure if I can trust you ...
  11. I've been too busy trying to keep myself alive and trying to ensure I don't drop my bomb on my own troops or airfield when I ditch it. I'll try to remember to check if my wingmen drop theirs next time.
  12. I have an E-7 campaign going that I switched to Hard/Dense and it has been brutal so far. The last two or three missions we've been bounced before reaching the first waypoint and end up dropping the ordinance and getting into a furball before crossing into enemy territory. At least I'm not far from the airfield for setting down my crippled plane, I don't think my wingmen fare as well. I should note I'm also on the closest airfield to the frontline (in BoM) so I guess I'm asking for it a bit. Still I've been game for these and they are nice and harrowing. I noticed another area of potential improvement before I had changed my difficulty/density settings. My entire flight ended up killed or missing in an airfield attack. Things went fine for the initial run with bombs dropped to good effect and no serious damage taken by my flight. However, they then proceeded to continuously strafe the airfield with guns until they were all knocked out of commission. I'm not sure if we missed some primary objective on the first run that an RTB wasn't triggered or what. It may also have just been a one off.
  13. Neat. FYI, the page title for the Landing tab says "Fuel Data". I noticed as I bookmarked.
  14. If one is willing to assume that within the same dataset the factor by which the values are off is roughly the same for all plane types then you can make comparisons between the types within the same dataset given the difference in values between types is non-negligible. Whether that's a reasonable assumption to make, I don't know.
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